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Orange Is the New Black

This week I’m writing about the Orange is the New Black episode “We Can Be Heroes.” It’s focused on … Caputo? Because everyone was crying out for a Caputo episode? Regardless, there’s actually some good stuff in this episode so let’s get into it.

The episode opened with Caputo having sex with Fig and you can’t un-see it. It is satisfying (although on-the-nose) when Fig tells him, “You fancy yourself a nice guy, Joe, but you’re not. You’re a deeply angry and resentful man. Because the world hasn’t appreciated you the way you think you deserve.”

Alex tries to clear things up with Lolly. She decides the best way to get through to her is to go along with Lolly’s delusion but give her a slight sense of security by saying that she’s a double agent who is also going to work for her.

Aleida tries to spread dangerous rumors about Sophia, using a heap of transphobic insults. At least in the beginning, Cindy and Taystee don’t seem to buy it. Cindy asks, “Who, Sophia?” Taystee says, “Sophia? She don’t cause no problems.” Aleida keeps yelling about how having Sophia in the prison is a dangerous situation.

Everyone in Norma’s group is showering her with gifts because they’re crediting her for the “miracle” of Angie accidentally being released early. Brook storms in and tells her that she thinks she should know she’s being bullied by her group. Leanne almost physically fights her, but Poussey holds her back. When Brook accuses everyone of being a chicken shit follower, Poussey turns to her and asks, “What? Now I can’t help you.”

A C.O. turns Suzanne in for writing her erotic story. When Suzanne tells Healy that she wrote it for Birdie’s class, Healy is very happy for the opportunity to say that this is the kind of stuff they do in drama class. Suzanne doesn’t help Birdie’s case when she says, “She is more supportive of the murder stuff than she is of the sex stuff.”

After Flaca gets the girls who are wearing panties for Piper’s panty ring to organize and demand to be paid actual money, Piper asks Red if she knows anyone who’s in the prison for organized crime. Red says, “Me.” Piper says she needs to pick the brain of a real criminal. Red says, “I was in the Russian mafia. We make the Italians look like guppies.” Piper says she needs her advice and Red says she wants 10% off the top. Red advises her to stop seeing Stella (we’re all with you there, Red) and then tells her how she can pay the girls with money cards.

In a flashback, Caputo’s girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant. Even though she blatantly tells him that it’s not his and that she cheated on him, he says that he loves her and he’s going to cancel going on tour with his band to take care of her and the baby. He insists even after she asks why he would do that and says it makes no sense.

Daya is having pregnancy pains and Maria helps her, giving her extra pillows. Daya asks why she’s being so nice and Maria says it’s because she knows where she’s at. Daya mentions that she’s glad everything is going to be over soon. Maria says, “Not really. You’re gonna have a baby for the rest of your life.” Daya shakes her head and tells her that she’s giving it away. Daya says it’s not right for her to keep a baby when she’s not going to be around. Maria asked, “So, you’re saying I did the wrong thing?” She said, “At least I know that she’s with her family. I would give anything to see my baby for five minutes and you’re going to give yours away to a stranger?” She takes back her pillow. Ugh, I feel so bad for both of them.

Piper tells the girls in the illegal panty ring that she will pay them, but then kicks Flaca out for organizing the whole thing. She reminds Flaca that if she says a word to anyone, she’ll be costing her closest friends money.

In another flashback, Caputo’s girlfriend tells him that she wants her daughter to have a relationship with her real father. Caputo says, “I’m your family.” She tells him that it’s different. He says, “I gave up everything. I took a job in a prison.” He asks her, “You know how depressing my life is? You think I want to work a security job for 20,000 a year? I did this for you!” She tells him, “No one asked you to. I was clear all along.” He says, “I saved you … You’d still be slutting it up down at Patty’s if it wasn’t for me.” She tells him, “Take responsibility for your choices, Joe. Nobody got you here but you. You can’t spend your whole life holding the door open for people and then being angry when they don’t thank you.”

In the final scene, the corrections officers are meeting at a bar to talk about unionizing. Caputo walks in and asks them if they’ve nailed down their exact grievances, if they’ve rallied at least 30% support from the employee base, if they’ve gotten people to sign authorization cards. They ask him to lead them since he knows what he’s talking about. He tells them, “They will call a meeting. It will seem optional, but it won’t be. But, once they have you captive, they will feed you a lot of B.S. about it being a friendly workplace. And then they’ll go into the scare tactics, try and convince you that you’re all going to lose your jobs.” He tells them, “They need you more than you need them.” Bell asks him if he’s in. They all raise their glasses to him and he says, “I could be your guy.” O’Neil starts singing “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Mis. Bell joins in with him. Caputo smiles and gets teary-eyed as he watches them.

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