Orange is the New Black: Fear and Other Smells

Orange Is the New Black

This week I’m writing about the Orange is the New Black episode “Fear and Other Smells.” Bagged food has arrived at Litchfield and the inmates are miserable. As Lorna puts it, “That’s too bad. I really liked eating.”

Alex catches Lolly in her bunk area. Based on Alex’s reaction, it seems like this is more than enough to make her paranoia worse.

In a flashback, Alex attends her mother’s funeral. After the priest’s eulogy, he asks if there’s anything anyone would like to add and Alex shakes her head. While she’s walking home from the funeral, a guy named Fari who also works for Kubra offers her a ride. Alex talks about how no one showed up to the funeral. Fari says, “You were there.” Alex says that she should’ve visited sooner. When he says that she shouldn’t blame herself, she asks, “Can I blame Piper for not even fucking being here?” He agrees Piper didn’t deserve her and then offers her cocaine. He asks her to come to Paris with him to continue working for Kubra.

Piper proudly tells Alex that she’s bought up all of the ramen in the prison to persuade girls to wear panties for her business. Alex tells Piper she’s freaked out by Lolly and thinks she might have been sent by Kubra. Piper thinks she’s being paranoid and Alex tells her, “Killers don’t look like killers if they’re good at their job.” Piper isn’t remotely sympathetic to Alex’s legitimate concerns and just wants her to convince a guard to sneak dirty panties out for her. She says, “Worse case scenario, you give the dude a hand job.” Alex says it sounds like she’s thought this through and says, “You’re lower on the Kinsey scale than I am. Go for it.”

In a flashback, Alex is too busy getting high at a club to pick up one of her recruits at the airport. She dances for a while and excitedly says what a good idea it was to come back to Paris. She says that she thought it was ruined for her because of Piper, but Piper can’t even dance. Fari sees he has 17 missed calls and they leave the club so he can call back. He tells Alex that the girl they were supposed to pick up got arrested.

People keep pestering Suzanne to know what’s going to happen next in her erotic story. She tells them, “I don’t know what is going to happen and if you guys don’t get out of here, I can’t write it to find out.”

The lovely and wonderful Brook Soso goes to see Healy. He says that he’s noticed she doesn’t have any friends. He says that it’s a good thing and it’s best to keep to yourself in prison. She says that she doesn’t want to keep to herself. She wants friends. She says that the only place she feels comfortable talking is Birdie’s drama class, so she’d like to switch counselors. He says that he can write a recommendation for her for antidepressants. She’s not sure, but he says that people aren’t going to want to be friends with her if she’s moping around “because sad people are depressing.” He hands her the prescription and she reluctantly says okay. He asks, “Hey, wanna know the secret about depression? It’s all in your head.”

Lolly surprises Alex in the yard and starts talking to her about whether a plant she found is poison ivy. Alex keeps looking at Lolly with concern.

In the hotel in Paris, Alex worries about whether Kubra will understand that they cost him money and left him exposed by not picking up the woman who was working for them. There’s a knock on their hotel room door. It’s room service. The room service guy hands the man with them a note. After the room service guy leaves, the man who read the note shoots Fari. He turns the gun on Alex.

Pennsatucky runs errands with the new guard, Charlie Coates. He doesn’t know that they’re not allowed to make stops, so they stop at a doughnut shop. Afterwards, they go feed the old doughnuts to the ducks.

Daya talks to Delia about the baby. She’s ready to give up the baby until she finds out that Aleida made this deal with Delia for money. She admits that this is a lie and that her baby isn’t George’s. She tells her, “I can’t lie for money. I’m sorry.” Delia doesn’t seem sure how to react and just says, “Thank you for telling me the truth.”

Taystee finds Poussey crying in a stairwell, drunk. Taystee tells her that she needs AA. Poussey argues at first that what she really needs is a girlfriend. She says that having Taystee isn’t enough. I feel so bad for both of them. Poussey cries against Taystee and tells her that she’s right, she needs help.

Piper and Alex are playing poker and discussing Piper’s business when Alex whispers that Lolly is staring at her. Piper confronts Lolly and asks why she’s staring at her. Lolly says, “Because she keeps staring at me.” Piper says, “That makes a lot of sense. Thank you.” She tells Alex that Lolly is harmless and it’s all in her head. Alex reluctantly says, “Okay, you’re right.” She looks over at Lolly, who again says, “Harmless.”

In a flashback, Alex is taken into a warehouse to talk to Kubra. He tells Alex that he needs everyone focused in the business and she doesn’t seem focused. She recoils with fear and admits she’s not focused. He tells her that she needs to go to rehab. She says, “Thank you.” He says, “You see? I can be forgiving.” He adds, “I have lots of friends. Remember that.”

In the final scene, Maureen tells Lolly how good Suzanne’s erotic story is. She tells her that she might have to wait a long time to read it because there’s a waiting list. Lolly tells her, “I don’t mind waiting. I’m a patient person.” We see that she’s keeping a log of everything Alex does.

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