Orange is the New Black: Bed Bugs and Beyond

Orange Is the New Black

It’s time to recap Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 2. In “Bed Bugs and Beyond”, the prison experiences a bed bug scare and Bennett worries about his future.

The episode opens with Flaca visiting the doctor, who’s looking at bites on her arm. The doctor says, “Shit!” and hurries away. Cut to: Flaca tells Maritza that it’s bed bugs. Everyone in their section starts removing the blankets from their bed.

A woman named Delia Powell checks in for a visit. When she sees Bennett’s name tag, she says, “Oh, Bennett! Your George’s friend.” When he asks, “George?” She says, “My son, he used to work here, George Mendez.” She explains that his last name is Mendez because her first husband was Cuban, then jokes that she could never resist an accent and apparently that runs in the family. She’s quickly embarrassed and says, “Sorry. That was a coping mechanism.” She tells Bennett that George says he loves Daya. She asks what he thinks. He says, “I … I don’t know. Maybe.” He puts a sincere effort into smiling at her before asking who she’s there to see. It turns out she’s there to see Aleida, who was willing to meet with her when Daya wasn’t.

All of the women in Daya’s section of the prison are stripping their clothes off because of the bed bug infestation. When Bennett visits, she walks over to him and playfully says, “Lady guards only.” Bennett tells her that her mom is in visitation with George’s mother. Daya says that Delia wrote her a letter but she never responded, so Aleida must’ve written her. Daya assures Bennett, “Relax. It’s my baby. Ours. Aleida’s probably just trying to shake her down.” Bennett quietly says that he never gets to see this much of Daya all at once. She asks, “You like it? You’re into big bellies?” He smiles at her until they’re interrupted by Caputo and he averts his eyes.

Caputo tells Bennett he’s asked him more than once to stay away from Daya and yet here he is, when everyone in her section is half-naked. Bennett informs him that George’s mother is meeting with Aleida. Caputo says, “I don’t care and neither should you.” Bennett says, “That’s my kid we’re talking about here.” Caputo says, “This is not Three Men and a Baby. You and Mendez are not Guttenberg and Selleck.” He tells Bennett to let go of his dream.

In a flashback, we see Bennett serving in the army. His sergeant tries to give him a hard time for … being too well put together, I guess? He assures him that he’s not here to mess around, he’s here to save lives.

Bennett gets Aleida to go to the back of the kitchen with him, where they meet up with Daya so the two of them can confront her about visiting with George’s mom. Aleida says they’re mutually concerned grandparents and Daya reminds her that George’s mom isn’t the grandmother. Aleida says she might be and Bennett asks, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Daya reminds Aleida that Bennett is part of this. Aleida tells Daya that George’s mom wants to adopt the baby. Aleida tells them that her other kids turned out well and that she made some good points. Aleida tells her, “Daya, you’ve got thirty-seven months left on your sentence. He can’t do anything or he’ll go to jail too. Abuela’s too old. And Cesar’s guaranteed to fuck up.” She asks Daya if she remembers her year in foster care and if she wants that for the baby. Bennett insists that’s not going to happen. He asks Daya, “You’re not considering this, are you?” Daya says that she’s not saying yes but it does kind of make sense. Aleida asks Bennett if he really wants to make the baby live in a shithole with five other people. She says that the baby could have a real life with his own bedroom and clean towels. Bennett assures her, “Daya and I are happy. You don’t need towels for that.” He asks Daya, “Right?” She seems less sure.

In a flashback, we see Bennett and the other soldiers he’s with filming a video of themselves dancing shirtless to “Hollaback Girl.” This is a real gem.

Daya finds a note from Bennett that says “our spot ASAP.” When she goes out there, she finds a box that says “open me.” It has a ring inside. She turns around and sees Bennett on his knees. He says, “We will probably never be rich. And we’ll most likely live in a place that’s not that big. But we’ll work hard and we’ll love each other and we’ll find so much happiness that we won’t know what to do with it. We’ll share with our kid … our kids …Will you marry me?” She puts the ring on and they kiss. She tells him, “I love you so much” and he reminds her that they still have to be careful for now.

Bennett visits Cesar and Aleida’s kids. He greets him and says, “Baby daddy! Que paso?” Bennett tells him that he proposed to Daya and Cesar invites him inside. Bennett asks Cesar who the woman in his house walking around with a baby is. Cesar says that he’s a daddy again and he knows Bennett isn’t going to tell Aleida. Bennett says he should get going but Cesar insists he stay for dinner.

Cesar insists one of the kids eat his “vegetables”, in reference to his french fries. Cesar takes out a gun and tells him to eat them. He tells Bennett, “I know I look strict, right? But secretly, deep down inside, they’re just happy that there’s an actual adult in charge. Sit down, sit down. Eat, eat.”

In a flashback, a grenade is thrown into Bennett’s group in the army. Bennett has the chance to dive on it, but chooses not to. Someone else throws himself onto it.

Bennett is driving when he stops his car and looks like he’s about to start sobbing. His face turns angry and then he keeps driving.

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