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Agent Carter

And here ends another chapter of Peggy Carter’s story. While the future of Agent Carter the TV show is uncertain – we know her story continues within the greater MCU. This is some kind of comfort to those not ready to say goodbye to our favourite Agent (if it comes to that), and those who wonder if this is the right ending for her story.

I have mixed feelings about how this season wrapped, and these feelings are of course heavily informed by what I personally love about Peggy Carter and the stories told around her. The beauty of Agent Carter is how there are so many facets to her as a character, and so many parts of this story, that people can really find their thing that they hold on to with her.

In an episode called “Hollywood Ending,” choosing a big sweeping kiss can hardly be surprising, and something of a fitting choice to close out Peggy’s adventures in Hollywood. But of course, not without a true Agent Carter twist on the traditional gender roles as Peggy as the prevailing hero fresh off a successful mission goes to claim her prize in the subversion of the  “Standard Hero Reward” trope.

Peggy has defeated the bad guys, and now she gets the man – and she has two right on hand to choose from. Much to my dismay (but not so much surprise), she lets Dr. Wilkes down gently before making her move on Sousa. Don’t get me wrong, girl deserves to get some, but I can’t help that feeling that she is much more than he deserves.

Intellectually I get the pairing, especially after Sousa pulled some serious Steve Rogers-on-the-grenade shenanigans back at the rift, but I just didn’t see the chemistry evolving on-screen through the season; it felt like a lot of telling without the on-screen sizzle to back it up. But it doesn’t really matter if he’s the future Mr. Peggy Carter or if he’s just a hot California fling. Our girl saw what she wants, and she deserves to have something good in her life. And since this isn’t even the end of the story we’re not saddled with the finality of “this is who she ends up with”.*

*unless you’re into the Sousa/Peggy stuff. In that case, rock on.

By the end of Season 2, Peggy and team puts the villain behind bars, and fends off the conspiracy for at least a little longer. She makes amends with those she’s fallen out with, and has the perfect farewell with Ana Jarvis. Peggy is moving on from Steve, from grief, maybe California is alright, and maybe the avocados aren’t that bad after all.

I’ve been trying to talk myself into thinking that’s I’ll be totally cool if Agent Carter doesn’t come back. Peggy is a staple in the MCU anyway with a recent appearance in Ant-Man and a possible cameo in the upcoming mega-marvel extravaganza, Captain America: Civil War (everyone else is already in it). So we’ll get more Peggy, but what I’d hate to miss out on is the incredible villains Agent Carter has developed.

I want more Dottie, who grew from being a terrifyingly icy product of the Black Widow program to a very sassy sometimes ally. And Whitney Frost, a super-powered play on brilliant scientist/inventor and Hollywood star, Hedy Lamarr – last seen locked up, with her mobster paramour still dedicated to her.

These women are wonderfully interesting characters, and both Bridget Regan and Wynn Everett were excellent. There is more story to be told in this world and I do hope we get to see it!

One last thing … I can’t help imagining Sousa’s interior monologue through the whole season as an extended rendition of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s “Settle for Me”. The actual song and dance sequence in 2×09 helps with the actual imagining of this scenario.

Just kidding … one more … Agent Thompson has been playing it real fast and loose with his loyalties, particularly this season. He’s behaved in ways that could hardly ever allow him to become a trustworthy member of Team Carter, and the bad guy thing didn’t really take. So that he didn’t make it out alive (probably) couldn’t have been too much of a surprise, but that last scene was a real jolt and will hopefully lead us into a compelling Season 3 mission.

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