Marvel’s Agent Carter: Better Angels

Agent Carter 2x03 Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Whitney Frost Wynn Everett

Peggy and Whitney have more in common than I think either of them would care to admit. Being brilliant, talented, and ambitious in a society that places more value on the way women look than any other asset they bring to the table has affected these women in different ways. Whitney lives a carefully crafted double life that hinges precariously on the whims of her politician husband, whereas Peggy who spent the war bulldozing her way through bureaucracy, busting heads, and taking names, not only earning but demanding the respect of those around her, is less concerned with crafting a persona unless but isn’t afraid to don the mask society affords her when necessary.

“I just get really confused around books.”

The entirety of Season 1 was Agent Carter solidifying her role in the SSR post-war, and post-Steve Rogers. Working from scratch to earn credibility in a government agency that would rather hold onto outdated gender roles than leverage an excellent agent and the expertise she holds. While this theme isn’t new, it continues to be relevant as Peggy takes LA in Season 2.

Agent Carter 2x03 Better Angels Peggy Carter and Jason Wilkes


“I  didn’t know our government had such good taste in secretaries. What’s Your Name Darling” “Agent”

“Ms. Carter …” You’re not going anywhere … and it’s Peggy”

There’s a mutual respect between Peggy and Wilkes that is incredibly refreshing, and only emphasizes their chemistry. They’re still at the circling part of their relationship – the back and forth over who’s to blame for his accident. She was the protector who feels as though she sent a civilian in unaware – he’s a former marine, and a scientist who is very aware he was taking a risk to protect his work. They spar at first, challenge each  other, they’re feeling each other out. They settle on a ”you need us and we need you” with the not so subtly hinted at, “and I really like you too.”

Her concern over placing him in danger echoes many familiar scenes that are usually gender-swapped. Their concern for each other’s safety reads as respectful rather than condescending as they are both willing to recognize the strengths, desires, and agency of the other as independent, competent humans.

Now fingers crossed Wilkes and Stark figure out how to fully corporealize Wilkes soon. Peggy needs a dance partner!

What an appalling surprise!

Couldn’t have put it better myself. There are a whole lot of visitors from NYC I would have put on my wish list ahead of Jack. But it’s Jack we get and he’s spreading is awful all over L.A. Fearing irrelevance post-war, Jack is tempted by the advances of the FBI who want him to turn over evidence for probably nefarious reasons. Jack is weak. Jack does what he’s told. Bad Jack.

Jack also manages to douche it up in his actual job, fabricating a report on the investigation and forcing Peggy to sign her name to it. When met with repeated protests and outright refusal from both Agent Carter and Sousa, Jack straight up forges her signature. Not cool dude.

Things I wanna know & other stuff:

  • What is Whitney’s power exactly? She devours people with the zero matter inside her … then what?
  • Where is Ana Jarvis and her crazy unplaceable accent!?
  • Howard is absolutely ridiculous, he is a menace, and he is an incredible friend and OF COURSE he would recall a kidnapping based on the jacket he was wearing. Plus, you can always count on him to go jazzier.

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