Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Little Song and Dance

Agent Carter

Agent Carter sends some major love to the Angie/Peggy shippers with “A Little Song and Dance.” Instead of picking up directly from the cliff hanger “The Edge of Mystery” left us on, Agent Carter throws us straight into a musical love letter complete with transitions from black and white to full colour and funky dream logic.

“What You’re Gonna Do Is up to you”

Angie gazing at English from across the Automat counter, asking her what she wants. It doesn’t last long, as the song and dance is apparently about choosing between Wilkes and Sousa, but the one constant is Angie beside her through the whole thing. She keeps coming back to Angie.  The song was adorable, the dance was wonderful, and putting Jarvis in the middle of women with feathers reminiscent of Bernard Stark the flamingo was just a great touch.

But once Peggy woke up from that wacky Broadway nightmare there was real work to be done. In a true-to-form penultimate episode of an espionage adventure this episode was chock full of high-speed chases, last-minute reversals and headache inducing convoluted plans. You guys, this is all to say it was wonderful.*

* With the exception holding over from last time on this bullshit Edwin/Ana sitch.

Peggy, always the hero gets a wonderful turn tearing down Jarvis. His actions have been selfish and reckless. He has never understood really what these missions are, what her life is. Being who she is means living with the consequences and accepting responsibility. If Jarvis wants to continue to be a part of this he has to learn this too. In this scene Atwell was absolutely brilliant. Spitting out anger and betrayal, and frustration that he just doesn’t get it, and I think coupled with a hint of jealousy that he hasn’t had to. When Atwell softened at Jarvis’s confession it actually made me wonder too if I’ve been too hard on him. Her compassion is truly one of her strengths.

There are about a billions twists and turns in this one. Maybe’s that’s all part of the song and dance. Jack’s general smug-face is finally paying off. We know he isn’t world conquering power-hungry evil, but he’s not virtuous fight the good fight guy either. So when he’s playing several angles at once it’s actually very difficult to predict what game he’s playing at. I can be certain he’s not actually gaming after a seat at the council table (unless it was for espionage purposes), but we can’t be entirely sure how far his loyalties to Team Carter extend either.

“A lady who kills people with black space goop”

Whitney Frost has certainly made a reputation for herself. Her desperation for this zero matter, particularly after Wilkes absorbed everything from the rift has to be her undoing. Her seams are showing both literally and figuratively as even her stone-cold-killer mobster boyfriend has to ask her to ease off of Wilkes.

Speaking of Black Space Goop … Wilkes spends the hour trying to contain the volatile force within him and we head into the season finale wondering what the aftermath of zero matter human explosion looks like.

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