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We all know the premise. In the future, the human race has expanded to galaxies and universes throughout space, and eventually a massive organization takes control and that power usually ends up corrupt. It’s an idea we’ve all seen before, and usually in these tales, the story follows a group of rebels fighting against the oppressive state. This is not the case in Killjoys. Our heroes in this new Space / Syfy original are bounty hunters who work outside of the rule of the anonymous Company, and let me tell you, I have a feeling this show is going to be a lot of fun.

When we meet our two bounty hunters, Johnny and Dutch, it doesn’t seem like they’re that good at their job. Johnny has been strung up and is being tortured for trying to steal a man’s ship, and Dutch’s rescue effort is foiled and she’s caught as well. The baddie threatens to hurt Dutch if Johnny doesn’t cooperate, but Johnny points out that he’s not the one in charge of their operation. Dutch starts firing a concealed weapon, Johnny breaks free, and the two of them manage to arrest the dude … they’re actually pretty good at their jobs after all.

They drop off their prisoner, and when they scan their hands we learn that Dutch really is in charge as she ranks two levels higher than Johnny at a level five. They plan to celebrate their success but Johnny gets a message regarding a level 5 warrant and suddenly bails on his partner. Dutch continues the celebration solo, and tells her bartender friend that she’s convinced that Johnny’s about to do something stupid, and she’s right.

Johnny has gotten himself on a slave ship, where the passengers pay off their debt by fighting one another. He asks if he’s allowed to pick his first fight, and he chooses Kobee Andras, the man from the warrant notification, who just finished kicking the living shit out of a guy in the ring.

Back on the surface, Dutch is visiting with her broker, Bellus, to try and get some work in while Johnny is MIA. Bell has work, but she wants to know why Dutch isn’t working on that outstanding level 5 that she has on her docket. Johnny signed for the warrant on her behalf, and if he did so without Dutch’s knowledge, it would be illegal since he doesn’t rank high enough to take on a kill warrant. Dutch plays it cool, and then uses her (sometimes comical) ship Lucy to track him down.

Dutch finally gets a hold of Johnny’s com, right before he’s about to fight Kobee. She’s not only pissed that he used her name to sign for a warrant, but that he did so for a kill warrant, something she refuses to do. They’re hunters, not executioners. Johnny says he’ll explain later, hangs up, and steps into the ring with Kobee … his brother.

After a surprised hello, Johnny begins to explain his plan to break him out of there, but he’s immediately punched in the face. Apparently they have some unresolved issues to work through. With their fists. Like men. Grr.

While the boys are fighting it out, Dutch is trying to get Johnny out of the fight all together. She tells the guard about her warrant, but he’s not about to break up a good fight for her. She doesn’t have custody until she makes contact with Kobee, so that’s what she’s going to have to do. She runs into another killjoy, Fancy, who’s been sent out on the same mission, and a creepy older dude keeps following her too. In the end, Dutch wins and hits Kobee with a dart that knocks him out before carrying him back to her ship.

Now that they have Kobee (who’s real name is D’Avin) in custody, Dutch and Johnny need a plan to clear his name. Level 5 warrants are a guarantee, so unless they want to kill him, they’ve got to get the warrant dropped or someone else will finish the job for them. They learn that The Company – the anonymous overlords of their sector of planets – are the ones that issued the kill order, and they’ve been on edge recently looking for someone. Maybe, if they find that someone for them, D’Avin will be free to go.

They visit a hippy dude who levitates via meat hooks in his chest (gross), who tells them that the man they’re looking for is Rolly Desh. He was a member of the resistance, but his ideas were too radical so he left. Now, he’s stolen information from the Company, and if he releases it, war will be imminent.

The trio tracks Rolly down to a fancy party on Qresh, but just as they’re about to intercept him, Fancy, the other Killjoy, hits Dutch with a poisonous knife. If a level 5 doesn’t complete their warrant, the kill order is transferred to them. D’Av continues to go after Rolly while Dutch attempts to find Fancy, but instead finds the creepy dude who was following her.

Dutch is convinced she’s hallucinating when she sees him, and soon begins to with flashbacks. The man hands Dutch a red box and says that every time she receives one of them, she’ll have a duty to perform. She opens the box and pulls out a knife, and the man says he’ll show her how to use it as they walk toward a man bound to a chair screaming. She comes to in a garden; the man is gone and she’s been cured of the poison. I have a feeling the history between these two is dark and twisty and probably murdery.

Johnny and D’Av have Rolly cornered, and all three are pointing guns at one another. Johnny attempts to talk Rolly down, but with guards banging down the doors they’re running out of time. D’Av quickly shoots Rolly in the head, grabs the data chip that is hidden in his nose ring, and the brothers make a run for it. But it isn’t long before they find themselves pinned in a hallway with no way out. Dutch to the rescue! The badass woman takes off her necklace, which turns into tiny exploding robot spiders when she throws it, taking out some of the guards; the rest are taken out with her killer fighting skills.

The three show Bellus the video of Rolly being taken out, and they’re informed that D’Av’s warrant has been dropped, but the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) wants to see Dutch. While she’s being interrogated by a man who thinks she should be killed for her crimes, D’Av is questioning Johnny about Dutch. The woman has obviously been professionally trained to be lethal, and D’Av finds it odd, and maybe unsafe, that his brother knows nothing about her past.

When Dutch returns to the ship, Lucy informs her that she has had a visitor. She returns to her quarters, and a small red box is sitting on her bed.

This show is a lot of fun. It’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s not revolutionary, but the dialogue is quippy, the special effects are pretty sweet, and Dutch is a badass chick. I think it’s going to make for perfect summer viewing.

The set up for Dutch’s past promises to be pretty cool, and I can’t wait to learn more about all three of these characters. Although I must admit, compared to the other two, Johnny seems a little boring, but maybe the show will prove otherwise. I’m also curious to learn more about The Company, and the history of the civilization our characters live in. I’m all for a fully immersive universe, and I hope that Killjoys can deliver.

I’m pretty excited to see where Killjoys takes us this summer. Will it play like a procedural space drama (bounty of the week)? Or will the characters and universe take precedent? Either way, I’m on board and super excited to be covering it … even if my spell check really hates these character names.

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