iZombie: Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind

Upon salvaging the Utopium they retrieved at the end of last week’s iZombie, they find a small amount that hasn’t been eaten away by stomach acid, which is enough to keep testing for a cure. Major is eager to try the formula firsthand, but Ravi wants to try it on the mice first to be sure.

Across town, Ravi stops for a coffee at his favorite local place, Positivity Cafe, where the owner is sunshine and daisies until she’s smushed out of existence by a falling air conditioner. It seems like a standard ghastly accident, but upon further investigation, Clive arrives to tell them that things are a little less simple than that. Someone had unscrewed the restraints that kept the A/C into the window and it was intentionally dropped down onto the shop owner’s head. Liv is exceptionally cheery despite this development and is excited to find the killer.

Together, they investigate the apartment that was vacant and being shown via real estate lockbox where an intruder is camped out in the shower getting high with a vape pen. She claims to be there also investigating the murder — she works in the cafe where the owner was killed — and Liv remembers her from her brief stint in jail. Clive arrests her for trespassing because she did cut her hand breaking into the building and the screws taken out of the A/C supports were sitting in the toilet bowl waiting to be flushed.

Back at the lab, Major shows up and is eager to get his shot at the cure. Ravi tries to temper his expectations, but seeing the mouse for himself is more than enough. To call it feral would be underselling things, since the mouse now is missing chunks of flesh and is jumping at the side of the cage like a spider monkey. Major and Ravi are understandably not thrilled by this progress.

As per his agreement in last episode, Blaine has begun making payments to Stacey Boss in restitution for product and territory moved in upon. The flunky that he sends to make the pick-up, however, remembers Blaine as “Chinatown” the go-getter who earned his corner by turning the police against their competition and in turn making them effectively work for him — like Chinatown. Since this is roughly the same thing he’s doing with the FBI now, Boss is livid at being played a fool.

Liv and Clive follow-up with the employees at the cafe owner’s business who all truly loved working for her, which they vouch the same to be said of the woman they arrested earlier for trespassing, and point them in direction of their prior partner who sued their late boss. When they talk to him, he assures them that he was right to be suing her as she took his entire business plan and put a “positive” spin on things — thanks to her experiences at the “Beacon Forum” which promoted positivity to the point of cult-like cheer — and besides that, he was in traffic at the time the murder took place. Thus, he couldn’t be the culprit.

Later, at the memorial for the owner thrown by her employees and frequent guests, Liv and Ravi show up to see if anyone has any additional information that might explain the circumstances of her untimely death. While there, the daughter of the owner is cuddling up to a French musician who plays a song in her memory, and in a vision — Liv sees that it was actually that same daughter who was responsible for the stealing of money that their previous suspect was blamed with having done. Liv and Ravi argue that Ravi doesn’t have the harshness required to push the daughter for information about who she was on the phone with at the time of the murder and the alibi for her boyfriend. In an effort to prove himself, Ravi questions both her and her boyfriend about their whereabouts and although they both have excuses, the pair icily parts ways with Ravi and Liv.

At the same time, we see Drake out with the friends he left work early to see and as they’re leaving the pool hall they were at, a squad of cop cars arrives to take them downtown for questioning. After Drake punches and flees an FBI agent (guest star and notable Rob Thomas alum, Enrico Colantoni), the cops give chase and the group end up in handcuffs at the station shortly thereafter. It’s then revealed that not only is Drake lying about his reasons for missing his dinner with Liv, he’s actually involved in a lot bigger picture deceit as he is in fact an agent himself, and working against both Boss and Blaine to inform to his colleagues about what’s what. Talk about deep cover — Drake literally died for his cause.

They check back with the ex-partner of the late coffee shop owner and find out that he was lying about his original alibi when they press him with information that he had at one point recently viewed the apartment from which the A/C was pushed. He tells them that he was actually suffering from the runs at a gas station bathroom downtown and didn’t volunteer that right away out of shame.

Clive also looks into the alibi for the boyfriend — who claims to have been working in another city over — only to find out that he’s not even really French. He and the girlfriend — the daughter of the shop owner — are both Francophiles in the extreme and the accent he’s putting on is totally bogus. The boyfriend, Gilbert, also has a real estate agent for a mother and cannot be accounted for during the hours she thought he was putting up lawn signs for her.

Blaine is feeling the loneliness while Candy visits and in a bout of poor judgment on both their parts, they sleep together. While hanging out post-sex in just a pair of boxers, Blaine plays the piano and is abruptly kidnapped by Boss and company.

Liv uses her ultra-positive outlook to interrogate Gilbert into a place where he feels obligated to confess to the murder. He tells them that the daughter lured him into the prospect of killing and masterminded the entire plot. When left unattended at the station, however, the boyfriend is approached by the daughter of the cafe owner and once again sweet talked into being the patsy. He now claims to have solely committed the crime and takes the fall for her.

Blaine wakes up in a car with Boss and crew on his way out of town and tries to bargain with him for a second chance. Boss tells him that Blaine has 400 years total prison sentences hanging over his company’s employees head given his deal with the district attorney’s office — he could never team up with someone that so many of his people hate — and tells him to think up any last words because he’s past the point of retribution. Before Blaine can say more than a few snarky comments, the flunky from earlier slits his throat and they drop him in a shallow grave.

The coffee shop owner’s daughter, who is now getting away scot-free, signs over her inheritance to her mother’s ex-partner for $350,000. On her way out of the place, she walks over the street art that distracted her mother some days ago to the place she stood when she was crushed, the same portrait of Mona Lisa that she’d just sketched into the coffee foam, and hops in a cab on her way to the airport.

At home, Liv prepares a meal for Drake and when she thinks it’s him at the door, she opens it to find Major instead. Her positivity is fast draining and she’s already in a dark place about feeling too trustworthy of Drake, but Major has even worse news. He tells her that he’s been keeping secrets too big to be avoided which he was mad at her for doing last year, so he’s ready to come clean. Just as Major’s about to spill the beans, Gilda walks in the door and the two finally cross paths. Major all but flees to avoid the awkwardness of keeping his prior knowledge of Gilda a secret, but on his way out the door he mistakenly calls out goodbye to “Rita” instead and Liv instantly recognizes it as the name of the woman sending him lingerie texts a while back. Gilda has left to take a shower and Liv tears through her room to find the exact nightie seen in the text which she finds easily in her dresser drawers. Liv confronts Gilda as she’s leaving the shower with a swift punch to the face and a very earnest threat that if she doesn’t get the hell out of the apartment before midnight she’ll be burned with whatever else is left behind.

As the episode comes to a close, we find out once and for all that sex with a zombie does in fact transmit the virus as Candy has a taste for brains and a white streak of her own for good measure. In a more surprising turn of events, however, Blaine digs himself out of the grave he’d been left for dead in and interrupts a Girl Scout troop mid-birdwatching to steal a blanket and make his way towards the bus.

  • “Zou Bisou Bisou” is such an oddly unsettling song. Great choice to make things both cheery and disturbing simultaneously.
  • It’s easy to forget this is set in Washington until a cop arrests someone for reasons other than smoking marijuana in front of them.
  • Will Blaine be a zombie again? Probably. Does that answer any of the questions we have about the cure? No. If anything, it leaves us with more questions about what this’ll mean, long-term, for his survival.
  • Sometimes, evil wins. The daughter getting away without any consequences — actually benefitting from the entire experience given the inheritance money — was exceedingly dark.
  • Now that Gilda is finally exposed, will this open up the Chaos Killer dialogue that Major attempted to start with Liv? Surely her next stop after kicking Rita/Gilda to the curb is a follow-up about what exactly he knew about her during their hook-ups. Major can still feign innocence, since Liv seems to think that Gilda found him and lured him into a relationship, which is true, but there is the loaded question of how they met still to be answered.
  • Candy/Blaine is a terrible pairing name and pairing in general. RIP both of their humanity/good judgement.
  • Both Enrico Colantoni and Oscar Nuñez were great in this episode. iZombie’s guest-star game continues to dominate.

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