Helix: O Brave New World

Will our people make it off the island? Will Sarah’s baby live? Will Peli get some sanity? And for the love of all that is holy, will we ever find the way to San Jose?? These questions and more are answered in the season finale of Helix.

Day 13
Alan is in an infirmary bed while Julia stitches him up. I guess she’s the better shot? She tells him that he has a son and to think about that in order to stay alive. Except he doesn’t really want it, I don’t think.

Sarah injects more life-saving stuff into her bebe. Kyle continues to radio the Coast Guard for an evac. She tells him to keep trying while she goes to make a deal with the devil.

Amy looks at her melted face in the mirror, angry that Landry saved her. She calls them hideous but he thinks she’s beautiful. She tells him that now she is free to do whatever she wants and that right now she wants to thank her immortal sisters for her new face. Um, you were the idiot who went dancing outside in the killer air bomb.

Peli wheels Anne through the abbey. She comments on her mother’s ability to create a natural pain medication: specifically with cannabis. Uh huh. One of the brothers tells Peli that someone has desecrated the council hall. Anne can’t believe that an outsider found Mother and it was under their feet the entire time. She tells Peli about Ilaria and says he should be the one to deliver it. He’ll do it, but not for the money. He believes he can use Ilaria’s power to reach many more followers. Peli heads down the hidden passage ways to find the roots.

Kyle takes more blood from Soren, who seems distraught. Kyle tries to cheer him up by talking about pizza and video games. They talk about Soren’s mom and Soren thinks Peli should be killed. Kyle tells him there is a system and that Peli will be punished accordingly. The lights go out. Uh oh! Kyle looks for a flashlight and Soren takes the opportunity to run out of the room with a knife.

Day 10963
Julia lies in the same bed that was just occupied by Alan. Caleb says she has been asleep for five days. They talk about her shooting Alan and how love doesn’t make any sense. Caleb admits he hasn’t been honest and that he was also on the island 30 years ago.

Day 13
Peli searches the underground tunnels in the dark. He is attacked by Soren who stabs him in the leg.

Day 10963
Julia questions Caleb about who he is and why he stole her father’s sword. She realizes he knows what the message is on the sword. He rattles off letters which she recognizes as an RNA code, the same as the TXM7 virus. Julia can’t understand why since Hatake said it was his legacy. All he wanted to do was spread immortality, why would he want to kill Immortals? She gets angry and rips out her IV. Caleb says he wants to tell her everything but first she has to answer one question: “Do you know the way to San Jose?”

Day 13
Anne sits in Peli’s office holding the baby. Amy and Landry walk in. Anne wants to comfort her daughter but Amy scorns her. Anne apologizes for the things she has done, including offering Amy to Michael. Amy doesn’t want to hear her be sorry and calls Anne a monster. Anne asks for another chance but Amy refuses to allow her one and takes the baby. Oooohhh Peli is NOT going to like that.

Julia studies Mother as Alan tries to convince her not to give it to Ilaria. Sarah walks in and it’s awkward. Sarah wants to accept Julia’s offer to work in Paris for Ilaria. After all, it’s her best chance to find a life for her baby. They find Alan has left his bed and taken Mother.

Amy wants to hide the baby but Landry says the baby is his friend. Amy tries proving that Landry is a monster by having the baby cry at his face. She leaves the kid in the bunk room in order to attract the zombie moms. Mombies?

Julia and Sarah search for Alan. Sarah says Julia should have just let him die. They hear the baby crying and head to the bunk room. The mombies approach them with knives. Julia has Sarah hand over the baby. One of the mombies takes Sarah’s fetus and she flips out. She tells the mombie what happened with Amy ripping her son out. Mombie sympathizes and returns the jar baby. The mombies let the girls go.

Kyle finds Soren back in the lab and chastises him for disappearing.

Alan pours gasoline on the remains of Mother. Peli threatens his brother with a rather large gun. They have a good old-fashioned fisticuffs. A bro-down! Peli finishes pouring out the gasoline as Alan lies on the floor in pain. He pontificates on the importance of family and then sets the place on fire. Umm, kind of the opposite idea. He takes the bag of Mother and leaves Alan to burn.

Kyle and Soren bag up the cure. Soren says it should be named Olivia. Aww. They smell smoke and hightail it out of there. The Coast Guard contacts them saying they have visual on the fire and are sending in another rescue helicopter. The boys head off to find Sarah.

Sarah takes off to meet Kyle while Julia runs toward the burning sanctuary.

Amy enters the bunk room, laughing, assuming that the mombies have destroyed Sarah. Instead the mombies attack her. She begs Landry to help her but he leaves with the baby. The mombies inflict the same surgery that was done to them: removal of teeth and other mouth stuff. JUSTICE! Also OW.

Julia jumps over fire to get to Alan. All she wants to know is where Mother is. He tells her Peli took it and she gets him out of there.

Peli wheels Anne outside and says he’s going back in for their baby. AWWW. She’s worried she’ll lose both of them but he has to try. He’ll always find a way. HAWT. Speaking of hot, so is the sanctuary. BOOM.

Peli sees Soren and tells Kyle that he stabbed him. Kyle tells Soren not to do that again and then delivers a powerful punch to Peli’s face. “Don’t ever do that either.” LOL Sarah is glad someone finally hit Peter. The trio takes off.

Landry goes outside and hands the baby to Anne. He heads back inside the burning building, calling it home.

Helicopters land on the island as the abbey continues to burn.

Julia manages to get Alan outside where he says her love will kill him.

Day 10963
Caleb continues to ask Julia if she knows the way to San Jose. She finally admits that she does. She tells the story of a road trip she and Alan took. They broke down and ended up getting married. She asks Caleb who he really is. A cool shot of Soren takes over the screen as it’s revealed that Caleb is really a grown-up Soren. He removes his fake eye to prove it.

Day 14
It looks like everyone made it off the island! And into a hospital? Doctors take care of Alan as his former lovers stay by his side. Kyle gives the cure to the military.

Julia finds Peli in a room with Anne and the baby. One of Julia’s Ilaria friends, Claire, is in the room with them with Mother by her side. She explains that she was called, but not by Julia. Peli smirks and says Claire has been more than generous. Julia wants to make sure Narvik-C won’t be released now that Ilaria has Mother. Claire plays dumb.

Military lady finds Kyle and wants to know if she can go ahead and arrest Alan. He tells her to look in the safe deposit box in Atlanta that Alan told him about. WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!

Peli is paraded off in handcuffs. WHAT??? Anne cries (me too!) and he looks back with a smile on his face. Methinks he has a plan?

Sarah paces in a waiting room until a doctor comes out and shakes his head. Uh oh, is Jar Baby dead? She goes to visit a comatose Alan and locks the door behind her.

Day 10963
Caleb draws blood from himself and confirms that Alan and Hatake created TXM7 together. After Ilaria attained the ability to control human population, the men created the virus to kill Immortals. But they also came up with a cure: Caleb / Soren’s blood. Well, Alan did tell him his blood was special. That’s why he has been hidden on the island and will stay there until the virus wipes out all Immortals. Caleb offers Julia his blood in order to cure her. She gives it back, realizing that it’s time to let go. She tries to take her sword and wishes she could see Alan once more.

Day 14
Alan wakes up in his hospital room and looks in the mirror. SILVER EYES!

A commercial for Ilaria food is playing on a TV at some kind of medical facility. A woman is taken to a room and given a once-over. She mentions having everything except a child. The nurse brushes her off but the woman goes on about her desires. The nurse tells her that it’s a 9-month commitment with risks. Huh? The woman goes to the see the doctor in a room filled with sleeping, pregnant women hooked up to machines. Kind of like The Matrix. The doctor turns around and it’s Sarah!


  • Holy crap what a season! I’m still a little confused as to why we spent so much time on tainted honey, only to have the end be about the Mother tree. I guess the honey was a red herring? That sadly took half the season …
  • Who guessed Caleb was actually Soren? It was certainly a twist for me. I honestly thought Caleb would turn out to be the abandoned Peli-Anne baby or Sarah’s jar-baby. Wrong on both counts!
  • HOW AMAZING IS NEIL NAPIER? Seriously, he started out as a CDC doctor wanting to save the world. Then he slowly spiraled to cult leader with the Vector King mindset.
  • I seriously hope Helix gets renewed for a third season because I really need to know what the heck is going on with Sarah in the baby-making chamber. I mean, did her son really die? Is he still in a jar? Is the chamber-of-doombabies just a research facility so she can save her boy?

I NEED ANSWERS. And Season 3. Obviously.

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