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The fall finale of Gotham was definitely a little bit of a cliffhanger. “Worse Than a Crime” showed off a new side of Bruce Wayne, and introduced a future villain. Let’s get into it.

Episode 11 begins with Alfred surviving the attack on him from Tabitha. He hides in a large refrigerator at the dump as Tabitha and her men look for him in the trash. After the give up Alfred finally heads home, too bad Bruce has already been taken by Theo to be sacrificed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fox comes up from the hidden room in Wayne Manor to reveal he has fixed the computer but no one is there. He does however notice that things are askew and goes to the GCPD to report both Alfred and Bruce missing. As Mr. Fox tries to convince the cops to start searching for them at Theo’s house, only Harvey seems to be on board. Just then the captain gets a call to report that Alfred has been arrested and is in lock up.

Switching to Bruce … we see that he is now officially Theo’s prisoner, but he isn’t really panicking which is pretty badass. As Theo talks to Bruce he explains his family’s history in Gotham and reveals the last son of their enemy, aka Bruce, must be killed to bring the Dumont family out of hiding and back to the forefront of Gotham City politics and hierarchy.

In Jim’s storyline, he wakes up at Ed’s place to Ed singing with Penguin after having a creepy nightmare. Although Jim is thrown off he doesn’t act too surprised. Penguin explains that they are all after Theo, so they finally have a common enemy again. As the three begin to plot their revenge on Theo, Lee is freaking out that Jim hasn’t come home. The captain is also beginning to question if Jim is a traitor since he was last seen punching Theo, and then with Penguin.

Theo is talking to Tabitha about losing Alfred when Silver comes in. Theo then challenges Silver to get Bruce to fall back in love with her and then to watch him be sacrificed. If she does this then she can stay in the family and not die, which is pretty harsh even for Theo. Silver agrees and goes to see Bruce who wants nothing to do with her. After she tells him she is sorry for everything Bruce says she can stay with him if she wants.

At the GCPD, Ed tells Lee he knows where Jim is and then sends her to his place. When she arrives there she finds Jim ready to wage war on Theo with Penguin and she is pissed. In order to keep him from being reckless as usual, she claims she is pregnant. Okay, she could really be pregnant, but it just seems like a stalling tactic at this point in the episode.

As Jim is trying to decide if he should fight Theo or leave town with Lee, Harvey gets Alfred out of prison and learns that Bruce has been kidnapped. Alfred wants guns and help from them to get him back. Harvey is obviously on board, so all they need is Jim. Just then Ed starts to laugh and says a riddle, which Mr. Fox figures out. Now the trio knows where Jim is and then they leave to go see him.

Meanwhile, Bruce is preparing for the end by talking to Silver. They have a heart to heart moment and then Silver begins to cry. She decides that she is going to break him out of the jail cell. The two make a run for it, but Theo obviously catches them and sends them both to the cell.

Now that they are both locked up, Silver really goes deep with her talking points. During their conversation, Bruce calls Silver out and tells her he knows she is pretending to reconnect with him but he doesn’t understand why. She claims she loves him, but Bruce knows she is lying so Silver tells him the truth. She needs him to love her back or else Theo might kill her. When Theo comes to take Bruce, he takes pity on Silver and kisses her and tells her he loves her, which magically fools Theo.

Lee and Jim are preparing to leave Gotham as Penguin plans to still attack Theo. Before they drive away, a car with Mr. Fox, Alfred and Harvey arrives so Jim stops to talk to them. Lee can tell by their body language that Jim isn’t coming with her. Now that Jim knows Theo has Bruce he has to stay and fight … yay. Lee understands and drives away.

Jim is on board Alfred’s team and they decide to team up with Penguin’s team to take out Theo. While Jim wants to arrest Theo, Penguin wants to kill him, but at this point it doesn’t matter. They just need to get Bruce out safely. Unfortunately they don’t know how to break into the sacrifice lair, but Selina does! Selina sneaks in, takes out a guard and lets everyone else in. Seriously, she is just the coolest.

While the badass cop and villain crew makes their way into the building, Bruce is brought into a room full of monks. He is dressed in all white and placed on an altar to be sacrificed. The monks begin chanting as the good guys start running towards the noise. Bruce then calls the head monk a fool before he prepares to fulfill the prophecy. Before he can slice Bruce’s throat, Silver screams for them to stop, which catches everyone off guard.

Just then the good guys storm in and start firing. As the battle ensues, Mr. Fox tells the captain that he knows where Jim is right that minute, hoping it will lead to him sending in backup. Back at the scene, Jim is about to get shot by the lead monk when Harvey swoops in and kills him. Talk about teamwork.

Bruce is safe, thank goodness, but Theo, Tabitha and Silver have fled the area. Back at their apartment, Theo reveals that he has two parachutes to use for them to escape, which means Silver is going to be left behind. In a twist of events, Tabitha knocks out her brother because he is pissing her off and saves Silver. As Theo wakes up he sees Tabitha and Silver jump out of the building to safety.

Just then Jim comes in and sees Theo on the ground. He tells Theo to handcuff himself because he is under arrest and then Theo begins to taunt Jim and tells him he is a good cop who wouldn’t ever shoot him, which is great since he will get off again once he is arrested. Jim is fuming at this point so he pulls his gun on Theo as the captain arrives on scene and tells him to put it down. Jim agrees and drops his gun and then the captain says he is also under arrest!

Luckily Penguin storms in and knocks out the captain and gives Jim the choice of letting him kill Theo without any trouble or he can just kill both of them. The next thing we see is Jim and Penguin arriving at the docks with Theo in the trunk of the car. Jim lets Penguin beat Theo with a bat and then grabs his gun and kills Theo himself! As Jim goes back to the car Penguin goes to take care of the body with an umbrella in hand.

Jim walks away from the scene (after clearly crossing the line) and goes to see Lee and tells her that it is over. He then asks her to marry him! Yay, these two are super cute together. Fingers crossed the pregnancy wasn’t just a hoax.

Next we see a van pull up at the coroner’s office and then a body is wheeled into a room to Miss Peabody. She explains that Professor Strange has really high hopes for this body. She opens up the body bag and sees that there is an umbrella shoved in Theo’s mouth!

Last but not least, we see a man running for his life. He hides behind a trashcan when a strange man in a suit comes around the corner. All of a sudden the criminal shoots the man with gun that expels ice! It looks like Mr. Freeze is heading to Gotham when the show returns this February. Let the countdown begin!

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