Gotham: Unleashed

This episode of Gotham was almost too much to handle. The episode was all about Azrael and Arkham’s secrets and it was very intense. Let’s get into it!

“Unleashed” begins with Jim and Harvey arriving at Arkham to search Dr. Strange’s office. Of course he has already shredded all of his documents, so there is no evidence to find. Dr. Strange is clearly one step ahead of the GCPD, which is not good. As Dr. Strange is messing with the cops, Ed returns to his room after stumbling upon the basement experiments and freaking himself out.

Since they cops aren’t going to find anything in Dr. Strange’s office they leave. As Azrael is looking for the real sword (of myths), and killing anyone who gets in his way, we see that the Captain is alive, but barely. That means there is no once in charge of the Gotham police force, so Harvey has to step up and take charge.

After telling the police to keep an eye out for Azrael, aka Theo, Harvey and Jim go to see Tabitha, who is trying to leave town because she is afraid of her brother. When the detectives arrive, they convince her to stay and tell them all her brother’s past and his beliefs. She explains that it wasn’t her brother that was trying to kill Jim — it was Azrael, who is a 300-year-old assassin of myth.

Azrael is a mythical creature that the monks and her family always talked about when they were growing up. He is supposed to kill anyone that his master tells him to and there is a special sword said to have magical powers that he used throughout history. The sword is buried with her grandfather, so she agrees to take Harvey and Jim to it before Azrael comes for it.

Meanwhile, Bruce is over waiting for the cops to do their job and arrest Dr. Strange, so he goes to find Selina and get her help. When Bruce does find Selina she is still pissed at him for telling her to leave Wayne Manor a little while ago, but she hears him out. He tells her everything he knows and he believes her friend Bridgit, aka Firefly, is one of Dr. Strange’s experiments and that she could still be alive. That’s all Selina needs to sign on for Bruce’s mission to sneak into Arkham and save Bridgit and find out what’s really going on inside.

Jim leads Harvey and Tabitha to the grave to look for the sword they need. Once they find the sword, Azrael comes storming in and knocks Harvey out. He attacks Jim and then pushes him outside to finish his mission to kill him, but Tabitha stops him. Tabitha closes the crypt so she can try and refresh his memory.

She begins to tell him who he really is and that his name is Theo. She is his sister and they used to be happy. Tabitha hands him the sword as she tries to prove that he is not Azrael and he actually begins to listen. Azrael realizes that he is Theo, but he also has a flashback to their original mission, which was to kill the Son of Gotham, aka Bruce.

All of a sudden Azrael stabs Tabitha and then refocuses on his first mission, which is unfortunately to kill Bruce. Jim finally breaks back into the crypt to see Tabitha bleeding. She apologizes for reminding him about Bruce and then Jim has Harvey look after her as he tries to contact Alfred and warn him.

As Jim tries to find Bruce, we see Selina making her move at Arkham. She breaks in through the air ducts and runs into Ed in the process. He tells her how to get to the basement, even though he advises her NOT to go there, and then she tells him how to escape.

When Selina gets into the main part of Arkham, the guards discover that Ed is missing and they sound the alarm. Selina gets into the basement and overhears Dr. Strange talking about Theo being Azrael and his plan to move all of the patients out of the hospital in case the cops come back. As they are moving one of the patients Selina makes a run for it, looking for her friend at the same time.

Jim finally gets a hold of Alfred and tells him that Theo is coming for Bruce. Alfred turns around and sees that Bruce is safely at Wayne Manor and then prepares to face Theo with Bruce. Alfred calls Jim back and tells him that he has Bruce and Jim quickly turns around to come and help.

As Bruce is upstairs closing all the windows he sees that one of them is already broken and starts screaming for Alfred. Unfortunately Theo is already in the house and Alfred is preparing to fight him. When Bruce arrives downstairs he throws Alfred a sword and they begin to battle. Theo eventually stabs Alfred and pushes him out the window, leaving Bruce alone.

Bruce runs to the garage and hides before jumping in a car and running Theo over. When he gets out of the car he can’t see him and then all of a sudden Theo uses his sister’s whip to grab Bruce by the neck. As he prepares to kill him, Jim comes up and shoots him. Just then Alfred comes up and everyone is alive … even Theo.

When Theo pops back up, unharmed it is clear that the trio has met their match. Luckily, there is someone who hates Theo more than anyone, who has yet to arrive. Penguin walks up out of nowhere and tells Jim he has been fighting with the wrong weapon.

Butch then walks out and blasts Theo with a torpedo killing him once and for all. Penguin and Butch turn around and leave as quickly as they came. Yay, Butch and Penguin back together again!

In the final moments, Selina has found Bridgit. Sadly she doesn’t know who she is and instead thinks she is Firefly. She assumes Selina is there as one of Dr. Strange’s tests and prepares to fight her. Selina starts screaming at her and tells her she isn’t a test, and that she is there to save her. Firefly doesn’t buy it and points her fire torch at Selina!

Tune in next episode to see if Selina survives! Plus. Dr. Strange isn’t done bringing back villains from the dead. Next on his list: Fish Mooney!

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