Gotham: Tonight’s the Night

Gotham is seriously heating up this season and Jim Gordon better watch out! On “Tonight’s the Night,” Barbara’s crazy really comes to light as Theo’s shadiness becomes even more obvious. Let’s get started.

The episode begins with Barbara walking down the aisle of a church toward Jim, who is standing at the altar. As she is preparing to get married she sees criminals sitting in the pews, and all of a sudden the priest becomes Penguin! Barbara wakes up screaming, but calms down when she sees her weapons on the edge of her bed. She gets up and finds a giant box that is waiting for her as a gift.

In the other room, Theo is talking to Tabitha about his plan to accelerate the process of taking over Wayne Enterprises. Theo plans to offer Bruce something he can’t turn down in order to buy the company from him and put the rest of his Gotham City domination plan into place. The only thing standing in his way is Jim, so lucky for Barbara, Theo tells her that today is the day she gets to kill Jim!

Speaking of Jim, he is talking to the captain with Harvey by his side as they both tell him that Theo is actually the one responsible for everything that has been happening in town. He is the villain they need to stop, not Penguin … well not Penguin at this exact moment in time. In order to arrest Theo, the captain wants more proof, which Jim doesn’t have.

Just then, Barbara walks into the police station and asks to speak with Jim. During her interrogation, Jim leans in and kisses her! Side note: Lee is watching from behind the glass and she doesn’t look happy. After Jim kisses Barbara, she tells him that she wants to show him something, but it’s not there and he would have to take her to it. He walks out to think it over and Barbara walks up to the glass and gives Lee one of her twisted and scary looks!

Jim tells the team that he thinks they should play along with Barbara’s game even though it is most likely a trap. No one is one hundred percent on board, especially Lee after seeing the kiss, but they all agree. Harvey and Jim take Barbara in their car as another squad car follows them in case anything terrible happens.

In a switch, we see Ed taking Kristen’s body into the woods to bury it. Before he covers the chest that holds her body, he decides to have one last meal with her … creepy. Ed thanks Kristen for uniting his two selves through her murder, but a random hunter then interrupts him. The man gets too close to the trunk and body, so what does Ed do? He kills him, duh!

Back in Gotham City, Silver is reading as Bruce comes to see her uncle. She kisses him on the cheek before Theo walks in. He tells Bruce that although his father tried hard to get rid of the bad things that were taking place within Wayne Enterprises they still exist. After asking Bruce what he wants most in life, which is to find his parents’ killer, Theo reveals he has the name of the man who did it and if he signs over his 51 percent of the company, he will give him the intel. Bruce is very confused and leaves to think it over.

Jim is trying to talk to Barbara as she sits in the back of the cop car directing them on where to go. Jim says he doesn’t want to talk about their past relationship and the wedding they almost had; instead he wants to know things about Theo. Despite Jim’s best efforts all Barbara will talk about is how much she loves him and that she worked really hard on their wedding. As they continue to drive the captain doesn’t like what’s happening and tries to get them to stop the mission.

Harvey pretends not to hear what the captain says after Jim tells him he needs more time. As soon as they stop talking to the captain, Barbara says she still loves Jim and then a semi truck hits them. All of a sudden shots are being fired as the GCPD is trying to save their men from enemy fire. Jim wakes up from the crash and sees Barbara standing outside of the car. He goes to shoot her, but before he can, he is shot with a tranquilizer!

Back in the woods, Ed is returning from his car — where he went to get a saw to cut up his latest victim — when he sees that someone has eaten his sandwich. He gets pissed and begins tracking the blood trail to a trailer in the woods. As he is about to open the trailer, the door flings open and he goes flying backward. Ed reaches for his glasses and all of a sudden he sees that it is Penguin! Penguin drops his weapon and asks for help! Could this be the beginning of a Penguin and Riddler alliance?

Meanwhile in Bruce land, he is very conflicted over what to do about Theo’s offer. Alfred walks in and asks him what’s wrong and Bruce tells him everything. After he tells him the part about having information on his parents’ killer, Alfred tells Bruce that it is no longer an offer — it’s extortion! Bruce starts to break down, because he just wants all of this to be over and he wants to have closure. Alfred tries to lift his spirits by telling him that his parents’ legacy is not the company, it is him. Aw, Alfred!

Jim wakes up from the tranquilizer sitting in a chair in the middle of a church. In walks Barbara wearing her wedding gown, the one she bought when she was actually engaged to Jim, and she is holding a gun. Barbara has officially lost it, BTW. She tells Jim that it is the same church they were supposed to tie the knot in and she even has the same priest (tied up in a chair, obviously) and guests (who are random hostages).

Barbara tells Jim today he is going to die, because if they can’t be together then he needs to die, which is twisted logic even for Barbara. She then starts talking about Jim’s true self and brings out Lee so that she can know the truth about him once and for all. As Barbara is scaring Lee, Harvey is listening to the tape from inside the cop car and figures out that all Barbara was talking about was their wedding, so she must be at the church! Go Harvey, go.

Meanwhile, Lee tells Barbara that she has no secrets with Jim and when she is tested she actually does know everything about Jim’s past, which angers Barbara. She starts freaking out and holds a knife to Lee’s throat. Lee quickly tries to change the subject and compliments her on her wedding gown. When Barbara starts to talk about her dress, Jim breaks free and starts shooting at all of the guards and Barbara.

At the same time the cops storm in and start firing as well. Jim runs after Barbara and finds her upstairs in the church. She lunges at him with a knife and ends up going through the stained-glass window. Jim holds onto her, but she just looks at him and then lets go! When they run outside, Barbara is alive, but in critical condition. Jim then tells the captain the only thing he learned from her is that the former mayor is alive in a warehouse.

As they head to the warehouse to save the mayor, Bruce is at Theo’s house getting ready to sign over his company. Bruce has Alfred by his side as he holds the pen in his hand. Bruce almost signs, but changes his mind about the deal as Jim storms into the house. He tells Bruce to go with Alfred and Theo throws the information that Bruce wants into the fire before being arrested!

They find the mayor and he names Theo as his kidnapper, so Jim can actually arrest him. The only downside? Bruce now has no idea who killed his parents and he is heartbroken. Poor Bruce!

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