Gotham: The Son of Gotham

Theo’s plan is quickly falling into place and poor Bruce Wayne is becoming his victim of choice. This week’s episode of Gotham was full of twists and turns, but mostly it set us up for one of the most intense weeks to come (aka this Monday’s all-new episode). Let’s talk about it!

“The Son of Gotham” begins with a random girl being chased down by a mugger. As he points a gun at her, she begs for her life and then all of a sudden he is gone. He is taken by a hooded figure, aka one of the many monks that came into Gotham City last episode. When the mugger wakes up he is being held by the monks and then placed on an altar, where his throat is sliced, spilling blood and beginning some sort of ritual.

In Jim’s world, he still cannot get over the fact that Katherine Parks (the officer who helped him survive last week’s hitman attack) is dead and he can’t tie Theo to anything that has been happening. Yes, Theo is in jail, but Jim does NOT have a good feeling about his case going to trial. As Jim is trying to focus on getting something more concrete on Theo, he is given the case of the random mugger, who showed up dead, but he doesn’t want to think about anything else besides getting Theo sent away.

Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce are discussing how they are going to get the name of Bruce’s parents’ killer from Silver. Bruce says he is willing to talk to her in hopes of learning what name Theo had found during his research. Selina watches from a tree as Bruce sweet talks Silver. He tells her he will pay for Theo’s defense if he gives him the name he wants. He then whispers something to her and gives her a kiss. As Bruce leaves to go to class, a van watches his every move.

After school, Bruce gets a voicemail from Silver saying her uncle told her the name and wants to take him up on his new deal. Bruce then goes to meet Silver across the street, while Alfred waits for him on campus. Bruce manages to slip away from Alfred, but as he is waiting for Silver the creepy van pulls up and reveal that they have Silver as a hostage. Bruce gets into the van so she doesn’t get hurt and they speed away.

Back to the GCPD, Harvey finally figures out what the symbol that Jim saw at Theo’s house means. It is the symbol for an abbey that housed the Dumont monks a long time ago in Gotham. The old abbey was just turned into a sex house, but not after Theo tried to purchase the land. The two detectives head to the location to investigate and try and figure out its connection to Theo.

When they arrive, the workers and costumers are running out with blood all over them. Jim and Harvey run in and see a man lying dead on the floor when Jim is attacked by one of the monks, who look like ninjas. When Jim stabs the monk, he doesn’t flinch; instead he pulls the knife out and runs out the back. Jim tracks him down, but all he says is something about Gotham being cleansed before he jumps out in front of a bus and dies.

When Lee starts to examine in the monk’s body, she determines that he didn’t feel pain from Jim’s stab wound because he had a lot of self-inflicted wounds that helped build up his stamina. Lee then takes the file to Ed, who is yelling at someone on the phone (it’s Penguin), but Lee assumes it is Kristen. In order to make Lee go away, he tells her that Kristen ran away with her ex and that he is trying to focus on work to forget about the pain.

Following the run-in with one of the monks, Jim talks about what they’ve uncovered with the captain. Jim and Harvey have figured out that the St. Dumont monks believed in cleansing through killing and that is clearly what they have been doing since their return to town. They also learned that the blood of NINE is what they need for whatever ritual they are doing and so far there have been seven deaths including two monks, who look like they sacrificed themselves.

Back to Bruce … he is tied up along with Silver in a warehouse where there are at least three men watching them. The head guy starts to talk and Bruce keeps interrupting, which makes him super mad, but makes Bruce look like a little badass. The man wants to know what Theo told Bruce about his parents’ murderer, but Bruce knows nothing. Silver claims she knows nothing, so the man takes Bruce and drags him away to torture him. Silver screams, but says that her uncle didn’t tell her anything, because he was planning on getting out of jail and then forcing Bruce to sell the company again.

When the man walks back, he is carrying a knife and a rag stained in blood. Silver looks scared, but she doesn’t talk. All of a sudden Silver threatens the man and says if he touches her he will have to deal with her uncle, who will kill him. The thug isn’t scared and instead of letting her go, he grabs her hand and prepares to cut off one of her fingers. Just then she yells out a name … Malone! That is who Theo named as the Wayne family’s killer. After Silver spills her guts, Bruce walks out with Selina and tells the thug that he is good to go. Bruce planned it all!

Silver quickly says she was lying, but Selina points out that she didn’t say a “fake name” when Bruce’s life was on the line, so clearly this name does mean something since she kept it until she was about to get hurt. Bruce then points out that Selina discovered a file on him in Silver’s apartment, so he no longer trusts her and he knows she was all a part of Theo’s plan. The two leave Silver behind as they walk out like a badass duo.

In other news, Alfred panics when he doesn’t see Bruce after school and goes to Theo’s apartment to look for Silver, who he assumes Bruce went to see. The only person home is Tabitha, which is bad because Tabitha is evil. After Alfred threatens to kill her if anything happens to Bruc,e she attacks him and they have a battle of epic proportions. Alfred gets sliced on his stomach with a knife, but is able to run away. As he flees the building, Tabitha throws a knife at him and it hits him in the back. He falls into the garbage truck he was trying to ride away on and we don’t see him the rest of the episode.

Harvey and Jim are down in the sewers looking into the monk’s new hideout. When they stumble upon the ritual altar, they see another dead body lying there. All of a sudden, one monk comes out of nowhere and Harvey fights him. Luckily Harvey is okay, but the monk is dying. Jim fakes him out by covering his eyes and pretending to be a fellow monk. He starts mumbling about the day of reckoning being upon them.

Jim starts talking to him and he continues to talk saying, “The blood of the nine will wash away the sin.” Jim then cuts his own hand and drips his blood on the monk’s head to “bless him” as he continues to talk. The last thing he says is that all that remains is the Son of Gotham! Before he can say anything else, backup comes, and Jim reveals he is a cop and the man is under arrest.

Jim quickly goes to Theo’s trial after talking with the monk, but the trial isn’t going according to plan. As Jim tries to fill in the captain on what he learned about the ritual, the former mayor takes the stand and lies. He claims Penguin is the one who held him hostage, not Theo. Everyone freaks out, but with the mayor’s new testimony, Theo goes free. Theo then tries to sweet talk everyone and says he has no hard feelings towards Jim and the GCPD, but Jim punches him! Jim is then escorted out of the courthouse and while he thinks he is getting arrested, he is actually kidnapped by two cops.

In a quick switch, we see Selina and Bruce back at Wayne Manor as they talk about their day. Bruce assumes Alfred is out looking for him, so his absence doesn’t scare him. Before Selina leaves she asks him what he whispered to Silver earlier that day to convince her to talk to her uncle. Bruce says he told her that he trusted her with his life and felt tied to her. Selina is thrown off when he says he didn’t lie, but then he explains he wasn’t talking about Silver he was actually talking about her. Aw! Selina and Bruce forever!

We then see Penguin at Ed’s house as he gets instructions to get rid of Kristen’s glasses, which Ed still has. Penguin goes to dispose of the glasses when one of his men arrives at the house. He tells him that Theo is free and Penguin is furious.

Meanwhile, Jim wakes up outside, tied up as Theo and his bad cops stare at him. Theo tells Jim that before he dies he will tell him a secret. Theo is connected to the monks because throughout his family’s lives the monks have been their protectors. His real last name is Dumont and his family used to run Gotham. He then explains that the ritual is not as random as they think and that not all of the victims are random, hinting that the Son of Gotham is a planned out victim. Theo first releases Jim, and then beats him up before telling his men to kill him as he leaves the scene.

Jim is about to die when Penguin and his men show up and take out Theo’s men. Jim is very hurt, so he passes out as Penguin yells at him asking where Theo went. Penguin wants Theo so bad, but Jim has been beaten too badly to respond. During the final moments of the episode, we see that Theo is at Bruce’s house. Bruce thinks Alfred is coming home so he calls out to him, but it is actually Theo. The villain walks in and tells Bruce why he is really there — to take Bruce’s life, duh!

Tune in on Monday to see what happens to Bruce and if Alfred ever makes it back home. Plus, will Penguin team up with Jim to find Bruce and stop the ritual from happening? Only time will tell!

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