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Gotham‘s “The Last Laugh” is the beginning of Jerome’s takeover of Gotham City and it’s only funny to him. This week’s episode is twisted and terrifying just like the Maniax crew is, plus there are some seriously surprising moments. Let’s get into it!

The episode begins with Jim and Harvey questioning any seedy person they come into contact with. When they don’t get the answers they want regarding Jerome and the rest of his crew, Jim throws people out of windows to spread the news that they are coming for anyone in cahoots with the Maniax. It is intense and badass, but it is also clear that Jim is losing his mind a little.

Ever since the commissioner and all the other cops were killed in cold blood by Jerome and the Maniax, Jim has been on a mission to take Jerome down. He won’t even let anyone in the commissioner’s office until her killer is brought to justice. As they are exhausting all possible leads, they discover that Jerome’s father — the blind psychic — didn’t leave town with the circus, so they head to his place in hopes of learning what Jerome has planned next.

Meanwhile, Tabitha and Barbara have begun a romantic relationship, because duh, Barbara always has to mix business with pleasure. When Tabitha leaves with Jerome to tie up some loose ends, Barbara and Theo discuss step two of their plan, which is to regain the city that Theo’s family built while taking down Jim and destroying his life for Barbara. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Switching to Jerome, he surprises his dad at his house and ties him up. He tells him a twisted tale of his childhood where he wasn’t there for him and how he was always beat by his mother’s boyfriends, which was terrible. He then outlines that he is going to plant evidence showing that Jerome’s father was actually responsible for breaking him out of Arkham and then he is going to kill him. Just as he is about to kill his dad, Jim and Harvey knock on the door.

They storm in after hearing movement and find the blind psychic dead, shortly after he predicted that Jerome’s legacy will be death and madness. Harvey runs to the body and accidentally releases the sleeping gas that was placed in the dad’s hand. Harvey passes out, and Jim pulls him out of the apartment while trying to cover his own mouth, but everything goes blurry. Tabitha and Jerome attack Jim before he can kill Jerome, and then flee as Jim passes out.

Lee meets Bruce and Alfred at the Children’s Hospital gala. While Alfred flirts with Lee — which is adorable and sad since she’s not single — Bruce talks to Selina who is there stealing from the rich. As they all wait for the weirdly, highly-anticipated magician act, Jerome sneaks in, takes out the magician, and steps in for the performance. Lee announces the magic act, and Jerome comes out in costume with a masked Barbara as his assistant. From the moment the performance begins, we are definitely on the edge of our seats. The first volunteer they pick is Bruce, which is SO scary. They prepare to cut him in half and Alfred starts to freak out, but luckily Bruce is okay. As the assistant returns him to Alfred, Lee gets a bad feeling.

Next, they pull the Deputy Mayor onto stage and Jerome laughs as he declares no one is getting out alive. As he prepares to throw a knife at the mayor, Barbara’s mask falls off and Lee sees her face. She quickly calls Jim and tells him who is there, and as he is on the phone with her, she is abducted. Just then, Jerome throws a real knife into the Deputy Mayor’s chest and kills him. More villains pop up and start shooting everyone and it is mayhem.

When Jim arrives on scene, Bruce has fled with Selina — leaving Alfred behind — while Jerome has tied Lee up to a spinning board. Jim gets a call from Lee’s phone and it is Jerome saying to watch the TV where he now has a live feed going. He gives an insane list of demands and then laughs at himself. As he is tormenting all of the hostages, Theo jumps up and tries to “stop” Jerome. Barbara knocks him over the head, which makes him look like a hero that has fallen.

Meanwhile, Bruce decides to go back for Alfred, because he is his best friend. When Bruce gets back to the room, he hears Jerome screaming his name. Jerome wants Bruce on stage or else he will kill Alfred! He panics, but Jim comes up behind him at the same moment and tells him that he’s got his back. Okay, he doesn’t say those words, but we all know that’s what he wanted to say.

Bruce storms out from behind the drapes and runs to Alfred as he tells him that Jim is waiting in the wings and to grab the gun in his jacket. Jerome takes Bruce on stage and holds a knife to his throat as Alfred and Jim take out all the rest of the baddies. Just as you think Bruce is a goner, Theo pops up from behind and stabs Jerome in the neck! He tells him he’s sorry about killing him since it wasn’t part of the plan. Jerome really dies, which is shocking and totally unexpected.

In a quick switch, we see Harvey paying Penguin a visit. He basically threatens him and tells him what he did to Jim is not cool. Tricking him into killing was NOT okay and Harvey will do anything to protect Jim. He also tells Penguin if he ever comes after Jim or screws him over he will take him out, especially since he still has anger about Penguin killing Fish. Way to go Harvey!

Back to the hospital event, Lee is safe, and Alfred and Bruce are very happy with their teamwork. Theo talks to everyone and he is now seen as a hero. Barbara flees the scene as Jerome’s body is rolled out of the room, still with a creepy smile on his face. Although they defeated Jerome, Theo is now the face of good, which is bad since he is actually the most evil man in Gotham City at the moment.

The final scene shows other men watching Jerome’s last laugh on TV while beginning to laugh like him. They are all becoming Jerome in a strange way and killing as they please. Jerome’s legacy does live on and it’s NOT a good thing for the people of Gotham.

Tune in tonight for an all-new episode of Gotham! PS: Barbara’s flirtation with both Tabitha and Theo is bound to cause trouble, so keep an eye out for that this week!

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