Gotham: The Blind Fortune Teller


Last week’s episode of Gotham introduced a new villain and he is twisted. “The Blind Fortune Teller” took us to the circus and it was a madhouse. Let’s dive in.

The episode begins with Bruce revealing that he is still going to talk to the board of the Wayne Corporation about their unethical past, even though Alfred does not think it’s a good idea to mess with powerful people. Meanwhile, Penguin is running his club into the ground by boring people to death. After one man refuses to clap for his mother’s performance, Penguin kills him, which is insane.

In the underground prison, Fish wakes up as its new ruler, and she’s ready to take charge. Fish talks to the rest of the prisoners and reveals that they are all being used for their parts. They are only good to these captors if they are alive, so she has a plan to get SOME of them out. Unfortunately some people might die, but Fish’s pep talk is pretty awesome and the whole group agrees to fight for their right to live.

In a shocking development, Barbara finally comes home, but finds Selina and Ivy still living there. Instead of throwing them out, she sits with them and they become fast friends. The girls even help her pick out an outfit to win Jim back. Little does she know that Jim is taking his relationship up a notch with Leslie at the same time.

Switching to Leslie (or Lee) and Jim, the adorable couple is enjoying an evening at the circus when a fight breaks out between the circus performers. After breaking up the fight, Jim has no idea why the fight happened in the first place, but Leslie has more information. Leslie learns that there is a huge feud (dating back to WWI) between two families in the circus: the Grayson family and the Lloyd family. One woman even reveals that this fight might have to do with the snake dancer named Lila.

After all of her hard work, which mainly consisted of listening to the bickering of circus performers, Jim lets Lee tag along to interview the snake lady. When they arrive at her trailer, her son Jerome is there, but she is missing. Jerome (who is actually the future Joker) reveals that his mother is a bit of a whore, but she didn’t bring her things with her and that means something has to have happened to her.

Jim decides to use Lila’s snake to find her, which is brilliant and a little gross. The snake goes through the circus grounds and finds Lila, dead on a truck! Her son Jerome freaks out and Jim quickly figures out that the Ringleader of the circus knew she was dead. He takes Jim to the place the body was first found and he explains that only the heads of the two families knew she was dead, but they don’t know who did it. Very suspicious!

After the dead body was discovered, Jim moves all of the circus performers to the police station, and Harvey is intrigued by the case. Even though Leslie has been very helpful up until now, Jim tries to tell her to go home, but she is insulted. He quickly apologizes and she stays to see what happens next in the case. After numerous interrogations, they have two suspects: one of the Grayson men and one of the Lloyd men, and both were sleeping with Lila.

In a switch back to Fish, she has a serious conversation with the men trying to use and abuse the prisoners. Fish stands her ground and says that they will release the prisoner on the list if the guards give them water and other supplies. The only catch is if they don’t agree to the supplies, the prisoners will kill one of their own, because they know that they are only good to the abductor if they are alive.

The guards don’t take her seriously and her followers kill the man on their list in front of them. It is sad and gruesome, but it needed to be done. After this act of violence, the guards talk to their superiors and agree to let Fish speak with the head of the organization.

Back to Bruce, the young man meets with the board and lays down the law. Bruce calls them out for their role in Arkham Asylum and the illegal manufacturing of chemical weapons. Although they all lie, saying that they don’t know what he is talking about, they are not happy with the allegations. Bruce tells them to watch out because he is going to the shareholders with this information if they don’t take him seriously. Way to go Bruce!

Returning to the crime at hand, Jim and Leslie are approached by a blind psychic who claims he has a message from the dead that will help catch Lila’s killer. He says that Lila spoke to him from the other side saying, “A servant of the devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters.” Jim thinks the man is crazy, but Leslie loves the intrigue and the clues.

Later that night while eating dinner together (which again is adorable), Leslie has an ah-ha moment and thinks she knows what the message means. The message is talking about a bridge and a garden underneath the two iron beams. Although Jim is not convinced, he gives into her demands to go look together for another clue. Despite his resilience, Jim ends up finding a giant hatchet with the words “The Hellfire Club” engraved on the handle. Jim has an idea of who the real killer is and he heads to the station with Leslie by his side.

Meanwhile at Oswald’s club, Victor pays Penguin a visit and tells him that Falcone is not happy with how he is running things. In order to fix the problem, he is giving him Butch (who we all thought was dead) to help him make the business successful. With some sort of torture and brainwashing, Victor is able to make Butch do whatever he wants, which is terrible.

Back at the police station, Leslie refuses to leave, so she gets to sit in on a discussion with Paul (the psychic). Jim tells him that he must know who the killer is in order to go through all that trouble to pin it on the Hell Fire Club (which doesn’t exist anymore). Paul denies it, so Jim brings Jerome into the interrogation room.

Jim quickly turns the tables on Jerome and reveals that he is the one who killed his mother! They both say it isn’t true, but Jim isn’t buying it. Jim also drops another bomb when he says that the only reason Paul helped Jerome clean up the blood from the murder spot is because he is actually his father! Seriously, so much happened in this episode!

When Jerome hears this information he starts to cry and then laugh in a very creepy way. As he starts to talk, he explains that he killed his mother because she was a nag, a drunken whore who nagged him … yikes. Man he is twisted!

After the interrogation, Leslie tells Jim that she is okay with what happened even though it was scary to watch at times. Jim is happy that she wants to support his career and they start making out before getting ready to leave together. As they are kissing, Barbara walks in and turns around in a huff before anyone sees her.

Tune in next week for the first of five more episodes of Gotham this season!

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