Gotham: The Anvil or The Hammer


This week’s episode of Gotham finally helped us to wrap up the tale of The Ogre. “The Anvil or the Hammer” is all about the drama and it is very intense. Let’s get into it!

The episode begins with Barbara waking up at Jason’s house. He wants her to stay with him because he loves her, and Barbara says no. Sadly she does not know that Jason does not take no for an answer. He reveals that when he originally met her he was going to kill her, but then he realized his love for her and stopped.

She obviously freaks out and tries to escape, but the door is locked. Jason quickly catches up to her and grabs her. He hangs her up in his torture room, but doesn’t hurt her. He makes her stay there until she calms down.

At the police station, Jim is on edge since Barbara has gone missing. When Lee tries to put him at ease, he snaps at her and explains that if anything happens to Barbara it will be all his fault. Just then, Harvey comes in with a street thug who might know something about The Ogre.

Jim has no time for nonsense this week, so he threatens the witness into telling him something that he can actually use. He learns that The Ogre was a regular at a club called the Foxglove that always moves so it is totally secret. In order to find out more about this secret club, Jim knows he has to turn to Penguin for help.

Meanwhile, Ed brings two giant suitcases to work with Tom’s chopped up body parts in them … you know, the cop he stabbed last episode! He looks super shady, but he has to get rid of the body in order to make sure that Kristen never finds out, and so that he never gets blamed for the crime. It is totally creepy, but you know Ed will find a way to get rid of the evidence somehow.

Switching back to Jason, he comes back into his torture room and tells Barbara that he doesn’t want to kill her but he will if she doesn’t stop trying to escape. She spits in his eye and he is not amused, but he does seem to like her so he doesn’t do anything about it. He  tells her about his journey of love and shows her the box of pictures of women he killed there. She faints and falls to the ground. Poor Barbara!

In Bruce land, he receives the copy of the key he needs from Selina in the mail. As Alfred goes to identify Reggie’s body, Bruce goes to Wayne Enterprises to do some digging. After pretending to go to the restroom, Bruce pulls the fire alarm as a distraction and breaks into Bunderslaw’s office. Sadly, Bunderslaw comes in and finds him.

Instead of yelling at him, Bunderslaw reveals he knew all about his stunt at the ball and he has been waiting for him to come and look at the safe. He then drops a bomb on Bruce by telling him that his father and grandfather both knew about all of the illegal things Wayne Corp was a part of, but they let it go for the good of the company. Bruce is furious, because he cannot believe his father would look the other way on things like that.

Bruce is escorted out of Bunderslaw’s office and told to think about changing him mind and not to expose them. The man who walks him to the elevator secretly tells Bruce that his dad was a good man and wishes him good luck in his fight. It is very interesting and a little confusing.

In Penguin’s storyline, he puts his plan to kill Maroni into action. He has Butch plant weapons so the hitman he hired can come in and kill Maroni with ease at the bar that Penguin just bought. He chose that bar because one of Maroni’s friends just got out of jail and he always goes there to meet him when he gets out of prison. The hitman agrees to the plan and promises to say secret last words to Maroni before he kills him.

Back to Jim … he gets the location and an invitation to the Foxglove from Penguin, after making him a little mad and promising him a big favor someday. He then has Harvey go undercover because he doesn’t look as much like a cop.

When Harvey is at the Foxglove, he is totally disturbed because it is a sex club full of kinky activities. As the main form of entertainment begins, he can’t take it anymore. He shows his badge and puts an end to the festivities. Jim arrives on scene and they find one woman who knows The Ogre. She was actually his first victim and the one woman he didn’t kill before he began his killing spree. The woman remembers meeting him and escaping with her life. She also remembers seeing a sign for a hotel across the street from the apartment, which pleases Jim.

Barbara wakes up to Jason kissing her and she begins to cry. She thinks she is going to die in that apartment but he reassures her that she is the one, so he doesn’t want to hurt her unless he has to. He asks her who she wants him to kill instead of her. At first she can’t think of anyone, but as soon as he holds a knife to her throat she whispers a name in his ear and the terrifying hunt to see who Barbara said begins!

In Ed’s office, he is disposing of the remains when Kristen pays him a visit. She needs a file from him, which makes him really nervous. She ends up seeing the body but he plays it off and makes her leave. Later he leaves a letter pretending to be Tom to tell Kristen that he left town. She is pissed, but Ed is very happy.

Jim and Harvey arrive at Jason’s place to find it empty. They do, however, find the torture room and it makes Jim even more upset. Just then there is a call at the apartment and it is Jason. He knows Jim triggered the alarm and tells him that Barbara is safe and better off with him. When he hangs up, Harvey and Jim figure out that he was driving across a bridge near a railroad track based on the background sounds in the phone call. As Jim is putting it all together, we switch to Barbara and Jason arriving at her parents’ house!

In a quick switch to the bar where Maroni is set to die, he meets up with his friend as Falcone’s people (the ones Penguin hired) come in with a gift. They don’t have guns so Maroni lets them in. All of a sudden, they pull guns from under the bar, but the guns are faulty and Maroni’s guys shoot at them instead.

Maroni takes the main henchman and tells him that he is going to send a message to Falcone using his body. Instead of leaving the man alive, he kills him, of course. When Butch gets the news that Maroni is still alive, he tells Penguin, but he doesn’t seem surprised. Penguin explains that he hates being under Falcone’s thumb, so now he as intentionally started a war between the two mobsters without any of the blame! Penguin is seriously so tricky.

Bruce finally tells Alfred everything about Reggie’s death and Bunderslaw and that his father was actually not as nice as he thought. Alfred tries to reassure him that his dad was indeed a good guy, but Bruce simply says, “Even good men have secrets.” With those words, Bruce decides that his dad is now part of the puzzle that needs to be solved.

In a quick jump back to Barbara, her parents beg for their lives, but the look in her eyes says that she has no control. Jason says he is doing it for her and then he stabs them to death. Minutes later, Jim and Harvey show up to find Barbara’s parents dead on the couch. As Harvey explores the upstairs, Barbara comes out to see Jim and she looks like she’s seen a ghost.

Jim tries to talk to her, but it is clear she is completely numb based on everything that has happened to her. While they are talking, Harvey gets attacked by Jason and knocked down the stairs. Jason comes after Jim and they start fighting. When Jason finally gets to his feet he grabs Barbara and holds a knife to her throat.

He threatens her life if Jim tries to kills him. Barbara tells Jim to leave them alone, but Jim won’t put down the gun. Out of nowhere, Harvey appears from behind Jason, catches him off guard and Jim shoots him. He does slice Barbara’s throat, which is so scary, but she is okay. The entire altercation is terrifying and intense.

When they return to the station, Lee comes up to Jim and he apologizes for being mean earlier. She forgives him because she loves him and he tells her once and for all that he loves her and would save her first (over Barbara) if he had to do it over again. It is adorable.

The last scene shows, Maroni’s men attacking Falcone’s businesses as he receives the head of his henchman. It is clear that there is now a war between them. The police chief comes into the precinct and tells all the officers that it is war and they are all on call!

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