Gotham: Strike Force

This season, Gotham is full of deceit, mystery and way too many new villains to count. “Strike Force” however is about the good guys … sort of. Let’s dig in!

The beginning of this week’s episode began with Penguin being pissed about the whole Jerome (aka Joker?) crime spree since he had no clue who was responsible for it. He tells the rest of the baddies in town that no one kills, steals or commits any other crimes unless they run it by him first. As everyone leaves the room Tabitha walks up and says that her brother wants to talk to him.

In the Gotham police station, there is a new chief in town … Nathaniel Barnes. He comes storming into that station, and calling out officers who have committed crimes and firing them right there on the spot. After he lets the bad cops go he tells the rest of the station that they are now about helping one another and being a good cop and Jim is totally on board.

Nathaniel calls Jim into his office and tells him that he wants him to be his second in command. He likes that Jim is a troublemaker and a fighter and he wants him to help rebuild the GCPD, which Jim is really excited about because he hates evil, duh. Harvey however isn’t completely on board because Gotham isn’t a city where everything runs on a straight line. This should be interesting.

Meanwhile, Penguin has arrived at Theo’s place and he finally puts together all of the pieces. He now understands that Theo is the mastermind behind everything that is going on in town and he is not very happy. Theo tells Penguin that he wants to run for mayor but only after the city calls for his appointment. This way he has complete control over the whole city and no one would question his involvement in the new murder spree.

Theo needs Penguin to take out his competition in the mayoral race in addition to attacking him, but not killing him, so that the people need him. Penguin says he’s not a destroyer; he is a problem solver so he cannot help Theo with his plan to knock the city down and build a new city his own way. Unfortunately Theo won’t take no for an answer and he reveals that they are holding Penguin’s mother hostage, so Penguin has to do what they say!

In a switch to Lee’s apartment, she gets a call from the new police chief asking for Jim, because everyone knows they are dating, which is hilarious. Jim reports to the police academy to help the chief pick a youthful and unscathed team to help clean up the city. When the team is assembled, the chief dubs them the “Strike Force” and they are to report to Jim and only Jim.

Back to the political side of the episode, Theo is being honored for saving Bruce at the Children’s Hospital Event, when he is shot at. After he “barely survives” the attack he announces that he will run for mayor since the town needs him. Moments later we see Penguin walk into one of the other candidate’s offices and stab her to death. He leaves the scene but doesn’t explain why he is killing people to anyone in his crew, even Butch.

In Bruce’s storyline, Alfred spots Selina waiting outside of school to talk to Bruce and he is not happy about it. In fact, Alfred slaps Selina (for killing Reggie), which is super intense and sad. He then tells her Bruce’s life would be much better without him and then tells her to leave. As she storms off, Bruce comes up and Alfred hands him workout clothes and tells him to run home, since he is being trained after all.

The cutest moment in this week’s episode was definitely Ed and Kristen’s date. After saving Kristen’s life during the office shooting, Ed listens to his bad side and tells her they are going on a date instead of asking permission and she loves it. When she arrives at his house she sees he has cooked for her, which she likes even more. Their night is going great until Ed lets it slip that he’s glad her ex is dead, but according to the note she received he is still alive. Ed panics as Kristen goes to the restroom.

Kristen then hears Ed say something and thinks he is talking to her, but he’s just talking to himself as always. He actually admits that he hears a voice in his head and she somehow understands. They kiss and it is too cute. Maybe these two are actually meant to be after all!

Back to Bruce … we see him and Theo eating dinner together. Bruce can’t focus because he sees a pretty girl outside playing in the fountain. Of course, Theo says he knows the young lady … it’s supposedly his niece, and he can introduce them. When Bruce meets her it is clear that he is smitten. They will be conveniently going to school together too. What’s Theo’s twisted plan for Bruce? No matter what it is, it can’t be good.

Meanwhile, the Strike Force is on to the attacks on all of the mayor candidates when Penguin tells Butch that Theo has his mom and that’s why they are killing people for no real reason. Butch says he will help Penguin find her, but unfortunately they have one more person to kill before they can really start looking for her.

Just then, Victor walks into the other candidate’s office and starts shooting at all his men. When the candidate makes a run for it, Victor follows as the Strike Force appears. There is a big shootout, and Jim pauses quickly when he realizes that Penguin is behind these killings since Victor is his assassin. Victor gets away, one of the Strike Force gets shot (they survive) and now everyone knows Penguin is involved.

After the shooting, Jim pays Penguin a visit and tells him that they have a witness to one of the people he killed and Penguin loses it. They start yelling at each other and Penguin reminds Jim that he needs to back off because he has a lot of dirt on him and technically he owns him right now. Jim leaves and reports to the chief who tells the Strike Force that their next mission is to build a case against Penguin!

In the final scene we see Theo looking at his new campaign ribbon options, since he is clearly in line to be the next mayor of Gotham City now. With Penguin being looked at for all the murders, Theo can easily become mayor and no one will consider him as the villain he really is. Even though Penguin is being blamed for all the murders, which he technically did, all he cares about is his mom, but Butch has no leads on her location.

Tune in tonight to see if Penguin can find his mother before he is arrested for all the recent murders in Gotham. Plus, see if Jim’s past comes out or if he can keep his secrets hidden.

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