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A lot happened this week on Gotham and a LOT of things finally made sense aka why Theo is such a crazy man. “Scarification,” was twisted and insane, but really what episode of Gotham isn’t? Let’s dive in.

The episode begins with Theo and Penguin in a meeting, where Penguin has brought him a trunk. Penguin tries to talk Theo into letting his mother go, claiming he would still help him with whatever he asked him to do, but Theo didn’t fall for it. After Penguin leaves, Tabitha opens up the trunk and Mr. Bunderslaw is in it! Theo tells him he needs to know everything he knows about the corruption of Wayne Enterprises and then Tabitha comes towards him with a knife.

Meanwhile, Jim, Harvey and the Strike Force raid one of Penguin’s many establishments in operation to take down Penguin. When they raid one of his places, news obviously gets back to him and Penguin beats up the messenger, which is pretty intense.

While Penguin is panicking about life, Lee agrees to a double date with Ed and Kristen. Although Jim is resistant, the night ends up going pretty well. It is clear to everyone that Ed and Kristen actually work together and the fondue date night is a huge success.

In the political side of the episode, Theo asks Jim to endorse him for mayor, but of course Jim turns him down, because he doesn’t do endorsements. Yay, Jim! Theo says it’s fine, but tells him to think about it leading us to believe that their conversation isn’t over.

Back to Penguin … Tabitha pays him a visit and gives him another task. While Tabitha is there, Penguin starts acting paranoid and says someone on his team must have ratted and that’s how the cops are raiding his establishments. When she leaves, Penguin tells Butch to hire the best arsonists for Theo’s next task. In order to do this, Butch goes to Selina for help with the Pike Brothers, aka the best arsonists in town.

Selina agrees to help after Butch points out that she was one of Fish’s favorites and that means a lot in Gotham City. When the two arrive at the Pike house, Bridgit greets them (she’s the fire guru’s little sister) and Selina is happy to see her since they’ve been friends for years. After smoothing things over, the guys agree to burn down all the places on Penguin’s list and the youngest brother (Evan) heads to a shady arson and illegal materials store.

While at the store, the Strike Force raids the area and eventually kills Evan when he tries to run. Now that Evan is dead, the brothers need their sister, who they treat like a slave, to join their team. She reluctantly agrees to help, since they would throw her out if she didn’t.

When it comes to the first fire, they send Bridgit in and she is all alone, but surprisingly kicking butt. She then goes to a vault where she has to use the EYE — yes Tabitha cut out Mr. Bunderslaw’s eye (which we didn’t see but we heard) and uses it as a key to open the safe and take a knife that is inside. Bridgit does what she’s asked but she ends up getting burned on her way, which her brothers do not care about.

Later on, the Strike Force discovers that there is a pro starting all the fires throughout the area, which is a very interesting twist. They then learn that the Gotham City Book Depository is going to be the next hit, since every place that has been burned down is something owned by Wayne Enterprises, so they plan to stake it out.

Switching back to Penguin, he looks at the knife that Theo wanted him to get and it has the Wayne family crest on it, which sparks his interest. He brings in a specialist and learns all about the knife’s history. So what did we learn? Well, 200 years ago there were five families that ruled Gotham including the Wayne family. When Celestine Wayne was betrothed to one of the five families’ sons, she had a secret affair with Caleb Dumas and they were found out.

Instead of telling everyone that they were in love like Caleb said, Celestine told her family that he forced her and as a result they cut of his arm with the knife! The family then was exiled and the whole Dumas family changed their name. They were basically erased from the history of Gotham City, which is wild. When Penguin asks what they changed their name to the woman says, Galavan, which is Theo’s last name! Now Penguin knows his secret and it’s a good one.

In a quick switch to the Strike Force, Harvey and Jim are camped out by the Gotham City Book Depository as the Pike Brothers and Bridgit prepare for their next hit. Bridget has made herself a fireproof suit and her brothers made a flame torch for this location. When the cops jump out, Bridgit is left alone and panics so she makes a wall full of fire.

One of the Strike Force members tries to take down Bridgit, but she accidentally attacks him with fire. She makes a run for it and Selina helps her escape the scene. Sadly, the officer doesn’t make it through and the Strike Force is even more pissed off. Theo conveniently walks into the station as Jim is fuming over the death of a fellow officer. Jim talks to him and agrees to endorse him if he can promise that the police will have the power to do whatever they need to beat the bad guys, and Theo agrees. This is NOT a good idea.

In Penguin’s final moments this week, he has lost his mind. He tells Butch that he is the only man that he can trust now and therefore he needs him to pretend to be one of Theo’s men now. He wants Butch to become a double agent and to find his mother while hanging out in the enemy’s camp.

Butch agrees because he does anything and everything Penguin tells him to. He is concerned that Theo will see through his lie of Penguin losing his mind and Butch feeling the need to leave. Penguin explains that all he needs to believe is that Penguin thinks Butch has become a traitor. How will he do this? Penguin says he learned from Theo’s past and then chops off Butch’s hand!

The final scene shows Theo coming home to a man in a hoodie. He greets him and calls him Father Creel. He then shows him the knife and Creel asks if he has Bruce Wayne yet. He doesn’t, but according to the Father, their day of redemption after 200 years is almost at hand. Warriors are coming to their aid from overseas and when they do, Bruce will die!

Tune in on Monday to see if Bruce survives, and what happens next for Penguin. Plus, will Jim discover Theo’s true plan to take over Gotham and kill Bruce or will he be too late? Let us know what you think below!

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