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This week’s episode of Gotham was a serious showstopper! “Red Hood” showed a modern-day Robin Hood gang and revealed part of Alfred’s past. Let’s dig in.

It begins with a group of men getting out of a van, preparing to rob a bank. The only difference between this robbery and any other robbery in Gotham City is the fact that one member is wearing a red hood in order to “spice up” their heist.

After robbing the bank, the man in the red hood throws some of the money into the streets of Gotham as a distraction and the group of five thieves escapes from the cops. Later that day, the red hooded vandal is meeting with his crew at a garage, when he reveals the man in the hood should be the leader. Just then, another member shoots him and takes over the red hood and names himself the new leader, leaving only four people in the crew.

In a switch to Wayne Manor, Alfred’s old friend Reggie shows up looking highly suspect. The two are excited to see one another after parting ways once they were done serving in the Queen’s army years ago. After Bruce invites Reggie to stay for a while, Reggie has a fun fighting match with Bruce, which quickly turns sour. As soon as Reggie suggests adding weapons into the fight, Alfred steps in and tells Bruce to go to his room … very awkward.

In Fish’s storyline, she finally meets the manager of the insane prison she is being held captive in. When he reveals that a doctor is the head of the business (in which they take people’s organs and body parts for high paying customers and experiments), Fish gets mad and refuses to talk to the manager unless he can set up a meeting with the doctor. The manager decides to treat her to new clothes and food in order to try to reason with her.

Meanwhile at Penguin’s club, no one is having a good time and it is clear the business is in trouble. To make matters worse, Penguin is informed that they are out of alcohol. Maroni owns the alcohol market within that area and he won’t sell them any more. Butch steps in and tells Penguin to watch his back but Penguin has his own idea about how to get booze for the club.

As Penguin prepares to have his men steal liquor while it is being transported, a group of cops halts the shipment. The police tell Maroni’s men that there is trouble with their liquor license and therefore they are taking the truck of alcohol. Penguin watches in anger as his hope for getting alcohol dwindles. At that moment, Butch comes up to the car and says the police are working for him and Penguin is very pleased.

Back to the case … Harvey and Jim find surveillance footage that reveals the red hooded man worked at a garage and they quickly go to check it out. When they arrive they find the man in the fridge … dead. Meanwhile, another heist takes place with the new leader in charge and before they leave the bank he gives some money to the people who are inside the bank … resembling Robin Hood and his men once again.

After the second robbery, the police catch a break when an eyewitness from across the street makes a positive ID of the new leader. Instead of arresting the leader, Harvey and Jim decide to follow him to the rest of the gang. When the red-hooded leader returns to his house one of his crew members is waiting there to take the red hood and become the new leader. He shoots him and then flees with the mask leaving three robbers left in the group.

Harvey and Jim run up to the man’s room and find him still alive on the floor. While he is bleeding the dynamic duo uncovers that there is one more hit left on the Red Hood Gang’s list. They also discover that the criminals are men who weren’t approved for a loan from the banks they have hit and that is why they were stealing money from them.

In an interesting storyline, Selina and Ivy continue to take advantage of Barbara’s hospitality. After one too many drinks on Barbara’s end, she tells the girls to take any of her clothes that fit them. She also tells Selina that her beauty could be used as a weapon, which is weird and seems liked she might be hitting on her. Selina doesn’t listen to anything she says and actually calls her out on the fact that her beauty hasn’t really gotten her anywhere so she shouldn’t be talking. It was mean, but needed to be said.

Switching back to Fish, she comes back to meet with the manager of after getting a pair of clean clothes. In her sassy tone she tells him that she still wants to meet with the doctor or else her friends in the basement won’t cooperate any longer. The manager takes that threat and counters with two choices. Fish can either have her eyes taken from her (and then try to run the basement without her sight), or they can kill her right now and end her reign as leader altogether.

In a crazy turn of events, Fish offers a third option. She then grabs a weapon and pops one of her eyes out of her head and steps on it! It is insane and disturbing and further proves that Fish doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to. I cannot wait to see what she does next week!

Switching back to Bruce and Alfred, Bruce brings Reggie and Alfred drinks and they start to tell him stories about their past together. Although we didn’t hear many of the stories, it is clear that one time they didn’t finish their mission and two men were left behind … one of which was Alfred. After that story, Alfred stops talking and sends Bruce to bed. As Bruce listens in the hall, Reggie asks Alfred why he hasn’t told Bruce about his past as a cold-hearted killer.

Later that night, Alfred wakes up to find Reggie stealing from them. He tries to talk him into giving back whatever he has in the bag, but Reggie pulls out a knife and stabs Alfred! Bruce runs in and calls 911 after Reggie flees. This episode might be one of the most intense so far, especially when it comes to shocking violence.

The next day, Harvey and Jim prepare for the final robbery in hopes of capturing the rest of the Red Hood Gang. The three final thieves (one with a red hood) start to walk into the bank as the police pull up. The red-hooded leader starts charging the cops and shots go everywhere. Magically the red-hooded man remains unharmed but as soon as he pulls out another gun he is shot and killed.

After the shootout, Jim receives a call and heads straight to the hospital to visit Alfred. Alfred is alive, but Bruce doesn’t know if he is going to make it. Jim comforts him as he cries about possibly losing the only person he has left.

In the final moments, we see a meeting at the Wayne Corporation with Reggie sitting at the head of the table. Everything he stole was for the board of Wayne Corp and they are very pleased with his work. Reggie reveals that Bruce doesn’t know as much as he claims and that if Alfred survives he will be weak. He suggests this is the time to move on the kid! The group pays him for his time and tells him to leave.

Tune in next week to see what happens to Bruce and if Alfred survives. Plus, see how Fish lives without one of her eyes.

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