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Gotham is continuously getting deeper and darker, but this episode was more straightforward and simple. “Prisoners” was all about Jim Gordon and his new life in prison. Let’s get started!

We begin with Jim in prison, repeatedly going through a boring routine until the warden calls him into his office. He is told he will be moving into the “World’s End” wing, which he can only leave in a body bag or if he gets parole.

Meanwhile, Oswald is now living with his father, Elijah — who reveals that he is actually dying. He has a heart problem, but he is confident he will beat it. While eating dinner with his new family, Oswald learns that his father’s other children are not his blood relatives, which makes him the only person actually related to Elijah. This does not sit well with Elijah’s wife, Grace. In fact, Grace as been replacing her husband’s heart pills with mints so he will die sooner and she will get all of the money and his mansion. Oswald’s presence is throwing a wrench in her plan so she has her children do some digging on him. Before they can rat him out and reveal his murderous past, Oswald tells his father about who he really is and he forgives him.

The next day, Oswald’s new family tells Elijah about the fact that his son is a murderer, but Elijah doesn’t care. The creepy family goes to Plan B, which involves Oswald’s stepsister seducing him, but it doesn’t work. Maybe Oswald really has changed? The only thing left to do is kill Oswald, now that his father has taken a turn for the worse.

We switch over to Harvey, who is pissed off when he discovers that Jim has been moved into general population in prison, so he pays Jim a visit. When he talks to Jim, Harvey reveals that Lee left town because she lost the baby, which clearly breaks Jim’s heart.

After his visit with Harvey, an inmate comes to Jim and threatens to find Lee and show her what she’s missing. He punches Jim, who falls to the ground. A young kid comes to Jim’s rescue but is quickly beaten up as well. When Jim returns from the infirmary with his new friend, Puck, the same thug tries to get under his skin. This time he goes for Puck and beats him until he’s almost dead. Two cops hold Jim back so he doesn’t get himself into trouble, but he is also forced to stay out of the fight and help the kid.

Harvey is trying to figure out who framed Jim, but he is having no luck. He then reaches out to a man in a bar and when we finally see his face we see it is Falcone! He asks Falcone for help saving Jim from his doomed fate in prison.

Back to Oswald … he is talking to his father who was recently told his heart problem has gotten worse. Elijah asks his wife to call their lawyer just in case things do get worse and he dies. He later has a heart to heart with Oswald and tells him that his father was tormented like Oswald is and killed himself to try and stop his inner demons. He tells Oswald never to give up and that he will get everything when he dies.

Oswald is happy to learn that his father believes he can overcome his inner demons. Just then, his father decides to drink to their future even though he usually doesn’t drink. After finishing the glass of alcohol, he tells Oswald he will talk to the lawyer tomorrow about his will adjustments. Sadly, Elijah starts to feel some pain. He drops to the floor and begins to foam at the mouth. Grace runs in and sees that he drank the alcohol, which was meant for Oswald! Her son quickly knocks over the remaining alcohol and they call 911. Oswald begins to scream as his father dies in his arms.

Back at the prison, a prison guard who has befriend Jim tells him that he needs to visit Puck, adding that the boy will most likely die in prison one way or another. Jim goes to see him and after wishing him well, he tells him not to hangout with him once he gets better. Puck tells Jim not to give up and to choose life.

The guard then tells Jim that it is movie night and he needs to be on high alert. When Jim walks into the room with all of the other inmates, he is clearly looking every way possible to avoid being attacked. When he sits in the middle of the room, the man next to him stares him down, but it’s when the original mean inmate sits behind him that Jim tenses up. The inmate behind him gets a knife of some sort and then jumps Jim. Before he can stab Jim, another inmate grabs the knife and starts stabbing Jim in the side. He tells him “stay down, you’re dead” as he continues to stab him. Jim’s guard friend comes over and then calls for a body bag.

The next thing we see is Jim being transported in a body bag to an ambulance. Before the body is put in the car, he wakes up and gasps for air. Just then, we see that Harvey is one of the guards waiting outside for him. He reveals that they used a dummy blade and fake blood to get him out safely. The guard was also in on it. Before Jim can leave, he says that he needs one more favor.

Jim goes back for Puck, who is still in the infirmary. As he is about to leave with him, the warden comes in. Jim explains that he escaped with the help of friends. The warden is ready to kill Jim when the good guard knocks him out from behind allowing him to flee safely.

When Jim and Harvey get far enough away they meet Falcone on a bridge. Jim thanks Falcone for all of his help and then has to make a decision. He can flee forever or hide out in Gotham. He wants to find Lee, but the only way he can do that is by clearing his name, so he has to go back to Gotham. Jim asks Puck his opinion, but Puck is now dead. He made it out alive, but his injuries were too severe to survive, which is sad. Jim turns back to Falcone and Harvey and chooses to stay in Gotham and fight.

Tune in April 11th to see what happens when Jim returns to Gotham City!

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