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This episode of Gotham had so many twists and turns that we could barely keep track! From an old love resurfacing to not one but two villains coming back, there was SO much going on. Let’s dive right in.

“Pinewood” begins with Barbara standing at Jim’s door making him incredibly uncomfortable. She claims she isn’t the bad person she used to be and that she has changed, so Jim invites her in and listens to her speech. As she is talking to him she notices the Wayne murder case on his desk and tries to ask him about it, but he shoots her down. Before leaving she says she wants to help him, but he just shuts the door on her.

As Barbara leaves, Harvey walks up totally perplexed by the fact that she’s not in Arkham. The two detectives talk about Jim’s next plan to help solve the Wayne case. Jim has figured out that The Lady is the one who hired the assassin to kill Thomas Wayne, but she is currently in hiding. She must know who hired her and therefore who wanted him dead, so that’s his next mission: to find The Lady.

Meanwhile Bruce is going through his father’s computer with Alfred and Mr. Fox by his side. Once Bruce stumbles upon a meeting in his dad’s calendar the week he died he decides he has to go find this woman that he met with. Alfred tries to stop him, but eventually gives in and takes him to the lady’s house. Her name? Karen Jennings.

When they arrive at Karen’s house it seems like no one is home, so Bruce picks the lock (courtesy of Selina’s street lessons). Once the lock is picked they hear a noise inside so Alfred pulls his gun before the head into the house to investigate. You can see something lurking in the shadows and then all of a sudden something cuts Alfred.

In a quick jump, we go to Arkham where Dr. Strange is trying to reimagine (aka bring back to life) another patient. This time he is working on Patient 44, but Mrs. Peabody isn’t so sure it’s going to work. While they are working on the experiment, Mrs. Peabody alerts Dr. Strange to the fact that someone is looking for Karen Jennings. He talks about her being their first experiment and wonders if anyone knows who she is or what they turned her into!

Back at Karen’s house, Bruce has the gun, but once he sees the woman in the shadows, he puts it down hoping she will talk to them rationally. As he tries to talk to her, he notices all of the claw marks on the furniture and Alfred gets a little nervous. Once Bruce says who he is, she comes out of the shadows, but she tells Alfred she can’t drop her weapon, because it’s not a knife. Her left arm is actually an animal claw!

The two befriend Karen, who was clearly an experiment of Dr. Strange’s in the past, and they ask her about Pinewood Farms, which they found on the calendar in Mr. Wayne’s things. She finally admits that Pinewood was a bioengineering plant that was off the books, but owned by Wayne Enterprises.

As we learn more, it becomes clear that Pinewood was initially good, but quickly turned bad before Thomas Wayne knew what was happening. Karen was actually a child of abuse, but when she fought back against her abusive father, she killed him and instead of it being a case of self-defense she was sent to Blackgate. While she was there a few men came and told her they would fix her arm (she was born with a crippled arm) and that’s when they took her to Pinewood and gave her a claw instead.

Bruce knows that his father must’ve found out that someone had started up Pinewood Farms again, or something like it and that’s why he came to visit her before he died. Karen admits that Mr. Wayne actually shut down Pinewood when he discovered what was going on there and paid to have all the patients put into hiding that he could, including Karen. He was actually a good man, who was screwed over by his mysterious partner. No one knows his name, but Karen claims she can never forget his face. The trio then decides to go to Pinewood so Bruce can learn more about his father’s death.

Over in Gotham, Jim has tracked down The Lady to an all-female club, which is invite only. The woman at the front desk won’t allow him in when Barbara shows up and pulls him to the side. She looked into the picture she saw in the Wayne case file and wants to help. Jim reluctantly agrees and then Barbara goes in and sits down with The Lady.

Barbara reveals that she is looking into becoming an assassin herself and that she needs a partner who is connected. As the two are talking Jim sneaks back into the club, but is stopped by the front desk lady. She tells him that The Lady is expecting him and then Barbara jumps up behind him with a knife. Ugh, she is the worst.

As Jim is tied up, Barbara starts talking about her plan. She decided to deliver Jim to The Lady to make herself look better. Once The Lady finds out that Jim only wanted to see her to talk about who hired her for the Wayne murder she just laughs, because she never met the person. Barbara is ready to kill Jim, but asks The Lady what the guy’s nickname was who hired her, so she says it was The Philosopher. Barbara begins to laugh, because she is crazy and then tasers both the front desk woman and The Lady and then releases Jim.

Bruce arrives at Pinewood Farms with Karen and Alfred, but they aren’t alone. There are two men waiting for them that follow them in. Once the three of them get inside it is clear that nothing has started up again at Pinewood and Bruce gets angry because he knows Karen is hiding something from then.

Just then they see the two henchmen and start running. Karen stays behind and kills one of them before Alfred comes back and shoots the other. The three of them run outside to flee, but the cops are there and arrest them.

Barbara and Jim leave the club and Barbara is very happy with herself. Jim, on the other hand, is pissed off about the entire incident. Even though she explains that she did it all for him, Jim isn’t buying it. He doesn’t care if she has changed or not because he can never forgive her for trying to kill Lee. Before she can say anything else Jim gets a call from Bruce about them getting arrested.

When Jim arrives at the GCPD, Harvey tells Alfred and Bruce that they are free to go. Karen has to go back to Blackgate Prison, which is not good. Jim leaves with Alfred and Bruce and they tell each other everything. Bruce explains all about Pinewood, while Jim talks about the Philosopher. As they come up with a plan to save Karen — because she won’t last a day back in prison — Alfred enlists Mr. Fox’s help in looking into scientists and doctors who worked at Wayne Enterprises in the past.

Dr. Strange learns that Karen has been arrested and decides he needs to eliminate her once and for all. Instead of going himself, he chooses to send Mr. Freeze, who is more angry than normal. Now that they have the freeze suit perfected he can go outside no matter what the temperature.

As Mr. Freeze is sent out, Jim’s plan is set into motion. The good guy trio sets a bunch of money in the street so that the car transporting Karen will stop. The cop in the driver’s seat gets out and grabs the money. Jim knocks on the back door of the car and then takes out the cop inside. When the driver comes around the back, they give them a choice … take the money and leave the car, or get hurt while trying to take back the vehicle. They choose keeping the money.

The three of them start driving away to safety when Karen admits that she does know more than she was letting on. She opens up about the fact that Bruce’s father was a good man and that he always kept an eye on her once she was saved from Pinewood. In fact, he was like a father to her. She also says that since Thomas started Pinewood (with good intentions) it was his burden to fix anything that went wrong.

She tells Bruce it’s not his problem, but Bruce says it’s not a burden at all; he wants to do good. Jim then asks her about The Philosopher and she recognizes the name as the man who tortured her and performed all the bad experiments. Before they can get all the way out of town, they are stopped when Alfred sees a giant sheet of glass.

They get out of the vehicle and see that Mr. Freeze is back. Even though they try to fight him off, his anger at life has made him stronger than ever. Karen knows he is after her, so she tells Bruce to run and save himself. Bruce won’t leave, so Karen runs towards the freeze gun.

Mr. Freeze doesn’t waste a second and shoots her with the gun, then kills her by shattering her iced body. It is terrible. Jim and Alfred grab Bruce and run away. Meanwhile, Tabitha is at home (where Butch lives) and is holding Barbara. She has come back to stay with Tabitha, who still loves her, which is very interesting.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce is very upset about what happened to Karen. Alfred tells him that more people are going to get hurt along the way, which doesn’t help the cause. Jim tells him to have faith and then says that he doesn’t care that his career as a cop is basically over now that he has joined forces with them on this case.

As they are all talking, Mr. Fox comes in and says he’s found something. He has a picture from Pinewood of the team that worked there. In the photo each person has a nickname listed next to his or her real name. The one named The Philosopher is none other than Dr. Strange, which we obviously knew, but now everyone else knows too. Bruce is even more upset now that he knows it was one of his dad’s friends who betrayed him.

In the final moments of the episode, we head back to Arkham where Dr. Strange is very pleased that Karen is dead. He also now knows that Jim and Bruce are working together based on what Mr. Freeze told him. Just then an alarm goes off from Patient 44’s room. He is alive! Who is the mysterious patient they brought back to life, successfully? It’s Theo!

Tune in on Monday, May 2 for an all-new Gotham. With Theo alive, Jim’s secret might finally come out. Plus, what will happen when Dr. Strange comes into contact with Bruce? We can’t wait to find out!

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