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Gotham is back … Gotham is back! Get excited everyone because Gotham is officially back from its midseason break and the first episode back was a BIG deal. “Mr. Freeze” introduced a new villain, a crazy doctor and sadly a lack of Bruce Wayne. Let’s get started!

The midseason premiere begins with Jim hooked up to a lie detector test talking about the night Theo Galavan was killed. In case you need a refresher, Jim along with Penguin actually killed Theo after Captain Barnes was knocked unconscious. Obviously, Jim lied and said he had nothing to do with the murder, when he in fact pulled the trigger.

Despite lying, Jim manages to fool the test, but both Harvey Dent and Captain Barnes are hesitant to believe his story. He is allowed to go back to work and the charges are all dismissed. Penguin’s fate, however, isn’t so nice or clear. When we first see Penguin (or Oswald Cobblepot), he is hiding out while the who city is searching for him.

While Penguin is on the run, Butch is in charge of the underworld, which sounds good in theory, but is bound to lead to trouble. After torturing one of the many wrongdoers in Gotham City, Butch is visited by Tabitha, who we last saw fleeing her brother’s apartment with Silver, leaving him behind to die. Tabitha wants to be Butch’s partner in crime and Butch eventually agrees. Luckily, Selina sees the whole thing.

Meanwhile, our newest villain is killing people in the city by freezing them to death. After hearing about an abduction, a female police officer approaches a man by a van, who starts acting suspicious. When she asks him to open the trunk he does and it reveals that there is a frozen person in the back seat. The cop then becomes his next victim.

Victor Fries, who is later dubbed Mr. Freeze, flees the scene and heads home. When he gets there he goes in to see his wife Nora, who is sick. He reveals that he is getting close to being able to freeze her so she will not die from her horrible disease. The only problem is he has yet to perfect the reanimation phase, which would bring her back to life.

She then gets sad thinking about all the mice that he is using for the tests who are probably dying in the process. Little does she know, he is actually using real people and is conducting his experiments in his basement, which houses numerous frozen people. When Fries tries to revive his latest victim, he thinks he is succeeding when the body suddenly melts. It is disgusting.

Back at the GCPD, Ed gets a little bent out of shape when Harvey calls him a name. Jim talks him down and then meets with Ed in private to talk about Penguin. Ed claims he only helped nurse Penguin back to health and that they are not friends. Moments later, Penguin is brought in by the police and put in a jail cell. When the captain questions him, he admits he killed Theo and that Jim has nothing to do with the murder.

Ed then goes to see Penguin in lockup but pretends he is reading files. Penguin asks him to take care of his mother’s grave for him and to bring flowers every once and while, which is so sad. Ed agrees, because they are actually adorable best friends. Before Ed walks away he overhears that Penguin is being moved to Arkham Asylum, which is NOT going to end well.

Jim and Harvey do some detective work and figure out that Wayne Enterprises manufactures the liquid helium that is being used to freeze people to death. Why is Wayne Enterprises always involved? Can’t this city and business catch a break?

After working in his lab, Mr. Fries goes to check on his wife. She’s getting worse, coughing up blood, and has run out of the pills to help her. Victor panics and goes to the pharmacist to get her more medicine. Even though he has the pill bottle with him, he doesn’t have a refill order so the pharmacist denies his request and subsequently pisses him off.

Mr. Fries returns to the pharmacy in his freeze suit and freezes both the guard and the pharmacist, after getting the refill he wanted first. He then asks the witnesses to help him load the car with the two bodies, which they do because the man has a freeze gun! Just then the cops come up and he drives off. Harvey and Jim miss him by mere seconds and accidentally run into a frozen body. Yikes!

Switching to Arkham Asylum, Penguin arrives and everyone makes fun of him. They all mock him after he tries to show off how important he is. Later, Penguin goes into his first doctor’s appointment and we meet Hugo Strange, who is ultra creepy. They talk about his adjustment, his love of his mother and that he will eventually be cured of his sickness. Cured? Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

Penguin returns to his cell but stops when one of the other inmates is laughing to himself. He asks him what’s going on and the man turns around with blood everywhere. “See no evil, do no evil,” he keeps saying as you realize that he no longer has eyes! Seriously, Penguin is a villain, but watching him get tested or tortured is going to be rough.

Mr. Fries brings the body of the pharmacist back to his lab and then quickly leaves to grab more things. His wife hears him, so she goes looking for him. She ventures into the lab and discovers his dark secret. At the same time, Harvey and Jim find the prescription bottle on the floor of the crime scene and head to his house.

When they arrive they see Nora just sitting in front of all of the frozen bodies. She is totally stunned. They arrest her and as she is being taken away, her husband comes home, but stays hidden. Nora tells the cops everything she knows, but won’t reveal where he might be. Even though he’s done terrible things, she now knows it was all to save her, so she can’t betray him.

While she is in lock up, Victor comes to the police station to turn himself in, but there are too many loony guys that are also turning themselves in, so he is told to take a seat. As he is sitting there waiting speak with Jim, Ed has the latest body on his autopsy table.

Ed leaves to get a cup of coffee and when he comes back, the body is gone. All of a sudden, the pharmacist is alive and walking into the main lobby of the station. Victor sees him and realizes that it worked! He finally brought someone back to life, so now he can save his wife. He leaves the station before anyone sees him and plans to come back for his wife.

In the final scene of the episode, Dr. Strange from the Asylum heads down to the testing labs and makes notes to himself about Penguin. He then talks to one of his doctors, who briefly talks about Firefly (who is still alive). She then tells him about the man who has officially reanimated a person and Dr. Strange is intrigued. They read the paper and it announces to Gotham City its newest villain … Mr. Freeze!

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