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This week’s episode of Gotham was full of riddles, new relationships and regret. There are always twists and turns when it comes to this show, but this week the tricks ended with someone in jail and it wasn’t a bad guy (well he’s not totally good either). Let’s get started.

“Made Grey Dawn” begins at the Gotham Museum of Art as random art lovers roam around the area. As many people are staring at a giant bomb, which is real, a man in the corner sets it off and all of a sudden the bomb looks as if it is going to explode. The citizens of Gotham flee as smoke fills the room and Ed walks straight through it.

He goes to one painting, cuts off the canvas and then spray paints his increasingly iconic green question mark on it. He quickly leaves the museum as we switch to Jim and Harvey at the GCPD. The detectives are officially on the case even though the bomb was only a diversion and didn’t actually explode. Before Jim leaves the office, Captain Barnes tells him that Internal Affairs is trying to reopen the Theo Galavan case based on a new eyewitness testimony. Jim is panicked, but he knows no one saw him there besides Penguin.

Speaking of Penguin, now that he is “sane” and has been released from Arkham, he decides to pay Butch a visit. Tabitha is currently with Butch and she wants to kill Penguin for everything he’s done, but Butch can tell that he has been changed and tortured at Arkham and says they are good. Even though he gives Butch cupcakes, which is adorable, Tabitha still wants to hurt him and Butch agrees.

Back at the museum, Harvey and Jim are looking at the crime scene, when Jim finally tells Harvey about the Theo case possibly being reopened. Harvey says he will have one of his friends at the IA office figure out exactly what they know and from whom they received this new information.

Meanwhile they discover that two other paintings were defaced with the question mark. Because the villain could’ve taken many valuable items and didn’t, they figure out that he must be sending a message. Jim then discovers that two of the paintings artists’ names put together mean, “Market Street” and the painting he took was called “Bloody Monday” which is a painting of a railroad bomb. They all freak out when they realize it is Monday and that Market Street is where Union Station is located.

When the cops arrive at the station, they have everyone exit as quickly as possible. Jim spots a locker with a question mark and can hear the bomb inside, which Ed just triggered from somewhere else in the station. Jim breaks it open with a crowbar and since there isn’t any time to wait for the bomb squad he throws it into an open area and only receives minor injuries.

Ed eventually comes out of nowhere, and pretends he is there for his job. Jim asks him to be the lead on forensics for this case and Ed is very happy about it. We then see him ask one of the cops for his signature for a “chain of custody” item, but it seems very fishy.

In Bruce’s storyline, he is officially on his own and living on the streets with Selina. The two kids go to pay Ivy a visit at a seedy location where she is currently cultivating magical mushrooms for one of the gangs in town. Selina is going to steal money from the bad guys after Ivy puts them to sleep with a special mushroom. Bruce is totally into it and agrees to join in.

Bruce and Selina go upstairs and find all of the guys asleep and dreaming. One of them has a coffee can full of money in his hands and when Selina goes to grab it, he starts to wake up. Bruce talks him down and makes him think it is all part of the dream. They are on their way out when a car pulls up and a man named Sonny Gilzean shoots at them before capturing both of them.

Sonny is holding them captive, and Selina starts spouting off and calling Sonny names, which pisses him off even more. Bruce steps in when Sonny hits Selina and then he obviously gets beat up. Bruce begins to hear Alfred’s guidance and lessons in his head and manages to get back up and fight for a while. He fights long enough for Selina to create a quick distraction, and then Bruce hits Sonny just hard enough so they can escape with the money.

Penguin pays a visit to Ed, and when Ed opens the door, Penguin is covered in tar and feathers, clearly from Tabitha “punishing” him. The two catch up and Penguin tells him that revenge isn’t the answer and that violence is bad. Ed then tells Penguin to go because he is acting strange; Ed likes the path he is on and is very grateful for all of the things Penguin told him about Jim in the past.

Penguin leaves, and with nowhere to go he decides to visit his mother’s grave. While talking to his mom and apologizing to her, a man walks up with lilies — which were her favorite flowers — and puts them on the grave. He introduces himself as Elijah Van Dahl and when Penguin says his name is Oswald Cobblepot, Elijah starts to piece things together. He is actually his father, but he had no idea that he ever existed!

In Jim’s world, Harvey has discovered that an anonymous tip came in saying that Penguin was beating Theo up when Jim stepped in and shot him. Even though Jim knows no one was there, he begins to panic because the case is officially being reopened and he is the number one suspect. Jim eventually tells Lee about the case and she is not happy, mostly because she is scared she is going to lose him, which is a valid fear.

As Jim is trying to figure out what he is going to do about the Theo case, Ed is working on his plan to eliminate Jim and therefore protect himself from anyone finding out about him killing Kristen. Ed visits the cop who signed the chain of custody form the day before, and pretends he is there on business. He then makes a corny joke and hits him with a crowbar until the cop is dead.

Around the same time, Harvey calls Jim with some news about the museum case. He discovered which payphone was used to trigger the bomb in at Union Station, and Jim says he will go take a look since he can’t sleep anyway. When Jim arrives at the payphone location, he hears a noise and sees a door open, so he goes in to investigate, which in all honesty isn’t the smartest move.

When he opens the door, he sees a man on the floor dead and then figures out it is one of his fellow GCPD cops. He then hears another noise, and the Captain strolls in and sees him standing over the body with his gun. Obviously this looks really bad, and before arresting Jim, the Captain tells him why he was there in the first place.

The Captain received a message from the now dead police officer that he wanted to talk in private about Jim. He also tells Jim that this is the man who sent in the random tip about Theo’s murder, which makes his death look like it was Jim settling a score or silencing a witness! Jim says he is innocent, but he is arrested anyway.

When Jim is at the precinct, the Captain loses it and tells him to finally tell the truth, but he can’t say anything without admitting to Theo’s murder. Even though he didn’t kill this other cop, they have a motive and a murder weapon with his fingerprints on it. Yep, that crowbar he used to pry open the locker at Union Station and retrieve the bomb was the some one used to kill the cop. Wow, Ed thought of everything!

Penguin is at his dad’s house — who happens to be a millionaire — and they are talking about his mom. He reveals that his mom was a cook for his parents and the two were in love, but they were forbidden to see one another. Sadly, he didn’t go after her when she left and that’s why he never knew Oswald existed. The next thing we see is Elijah’s wife and two children welcoming Oswald into their family, but they seem very stuck up and really creepy.

Jim continues to insist that he was set up, but the Captain doesn’t believe him. Since Jim can’t prove his innocence, he is officially arrested and taken away. On his way out of the GCPD he yells at Harvey that he was framed, and the entire museum case was to set him up!

In a crazy turn of events, the next time we see Jim is when he’s leaving the courthouse after his trial … and he has been found guilty! He’s sentenced to 40 years in prison, or until one of the bad guys he put away kills him. It is all over the news and as Selina and Bruce watch, Bruce knows it’s not right or at least that it can’t be right.

When Jim is transferred to prison, Harvey is the cop who takes him. He vows to find out who framed him and tells him they are still partners. Before he is put into his cell, Lee tells Jim they must fight the conviction, but he tells her to leave town and never look back, which makes her cry and really made his jail sentence feel real.

As the rest of Gotham City is listening to the verdict, the story comes over the radio in Barbara’s room at Arkham. She suddenly wakes up from her coma after hearing Jim is going to jail. Just when you thought you’d never see Barbara again, she pops up at the most interesting time.

Tune in next episode to see what happens when Jim has to face all the criminals he’s put away over the years. Plus, will the Riddler stop his dark side or just give into even more?

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