Gotham: Knock, Knock

This season of Gotham is already heating up and it’s only week two of Season 2. The villains are definitely coming and they aren’t afraid to take out anyone in their way. “Knock, Knock” is all about evil rising and boy is it scary! Let’s get into it.

The episode begins with Theo (the new baddie in town) holding the mayor hostage in his house with a cage on his face. He gives him two choices. One, have a spider thrown into the cage over his face or two, call his assistant and tell them he was having an affair with someone and leaving Gotham City. He obviously chooses the latter.

Meanwhile, the team of escaped convicts begins their take over of the city. As the head of Gotham City’s newspaper is complaining about lack of news, claiming the mayor’s affair doesn’t matter, there are people being thrown off the roof to their death. Jerome and the rest of the escapees are on top of the newspaper building, spray-painting victims and throwing them to the ground. When the bodies are all on the street, dead, their bodies spell out “Maniax” aka the name of the bad guys who are now on the loose.

Back at Theo’s penthouse, he is very pleased with his Maniax team and is now prepping them for their close up. Since they are going to be famous, they need to know how to address their fans, or victims, or whoever will listen. Jerome obviously has the best voice when it comes to demanding attention and Theo LOVES his wicked laugh. In another area of the house, Barbara is with Tabitha (Theo’s sister who is a very evil person), and are torturing the mayor as they wait for their next assignment.

In a switch to Bruce, he is very happy about finding his dad’s lair, but he isn’t done with his search. He wants to turn on his father’s computer to hopefully unlock all the secrets he has on Wayne Enterprises, but Alfred doesn’t want to open that can of worms. As Bruce is about to turn on the computer, Alfred starts smashing it, which causes Bruce to freak out. Even though Alfred is trying to protect him, Bruce is pissed so he tells Alfred to leave and never come back! It is a horrible moment for Bruce and Alfred fans.

Over at Theo’s place, Jerome and Robert Greenwood — one of the convicts who was in prison for killing and eating his victims — are battling it out to be named captain of the Maniax. They play a game of Russian roulette, and Jerome with his twisted personality and no-fear attitude wins. Meanwhile Barbara agrees to tell Theo anything he wants about Jim, which cannot be a good idea.

Speaking of Jim, he is now the lead of the investigation into the escaped convicts and the murders of all the men from the shipyard (the ones thrown off the roof). Jim goes to see Harvey and ask him for his help, but Harvey’s girlfriend, Scottie, yells at him and tells him to leave Harvey alone. Harvey does however ask Jim why the bad guys chose the shipyard as a location to take victims in the first place before he sends him away.

Jim looks into that question and discovers they stole an oil truck from the shipyard too. He tells the new commissioner, aka the former chief, and she is ready and willing to do anything to take these crazy people down. She is basically a total badass and fearless, which is why we love her so much.

As the cops are trying to locate the stolen oil truck, the Maniax are sitting in it deciding what group to attack next. They decide to follow a school bus full of cheerleaders and kill them for the publicity. The men of the Maniax stop the bus, lock all the teens to their seats and spray oil all over them before preparing to burn them! Jerome even makes them do a cheer before he takes a lighter to the oil … it is SO twisted.

Luckily the lighter doesn’t work the first time and a bunch of police officers get to the scene before the bus lights on fire. Jerome starts shooting more oil on the bus as he prepares to escape, leaving one member of his crew to light the bus on fire and take the fall. Jim takes the guy out and then jumps into the bus and drives it away from the oil on the floor, which is now on fire. It is a very intense moment for everyone, but they all survive, thank goodness.

Jim begins to question the only member of the Maniax who they could arrest. Before he can tell him anything, Tabitha shoots him dead from another rooftop and Jim is NOT happy. Clearly there is no love lost within the Maniax killers either.

In Bruce’s world, he lets Alfred walk out, but goes and finds him at the train station later. He tells him he is sorry for banishing him, but he isn’t going to stop his research into his dad’s life. Alfred understands and agrees to help train him again and get him ready to face anything and everything evil. Bruce then agrees to go to school and really train if Alfred can fix the computer he destroyed. They have a deal and all is right in the world.

After Alfred returns to Wayne Manor, he goes to see a mysterious man … Lucius (or Mr. Fox). Last season, this was the Wayne Enterprise employee who sparked Bruce’s interest about his father’s secret life by saying Mr. Wayne was actually a good guy no matter what anyone else said. Alfred tells Lucius some crazy tale about a friend who lied to him and then tells him he is going to trust Lucius with a secret. Before he enlists his help with fixing the computer and Bruce’s mission, he threatens his life if he breaks his trust. Alfred proves once again that he is a badass.

In the most intense and horrifying scene all episode, we see Jim in the police station when he gets a call from Barbara. As he talks to her, her voice gets closer and then he notices that she is in the station. When she runs out, he follows her into an alley before another Maniax member attacks him. Barbara tells Jim that she isn’t sick, she’s actually free and that he should probably worry about what happens when he leaves the police station more than about what she’s doing. She runs away as he passes out from the attack.

Inside the police station, the rest of the Maniax crew has stormed in, dressed as cops, and they start shooting anyone in sight. Jerome goes to the commissioner and ties her up as Ed manages to hide and protect Kristen (the love of his life) and Lee hides under a body in her office.

Jerome talks to the commissioner and tells her of their plan to take over Gotham City, but she stays strong. He describes them as a disease taking over the city because “There’s nothing more contagious than laughter!” Jerome then tells the commissioner its her turn after she spits on him and tells him that he will be dead soon.

Jim wakes up and stumbles into the station to find Lee, Ed and Kristen alive, but everyone else is dead. He sees the commissioner bleeding and holds her hand as she dies on the floor. It is horrible.

In a quick switch we see Bruce talking to Lucius as he is fixing the computer. Alfred barges in and tells him about the shooting at the station.

They arrive at the station and find Jim looking beaten and bruised. Bruce apologizes for any fights they’ve had in the past and is SO happy that he is alive. Jim then walks into the commissioner’s office, clearly distraught, to figure out to what to do next. Just when it looks like all hope is lost, in walks Harvey. He is back baby and ready to help Jim take down all the evil villains who are now in Gotham.

The final scene shows Jerome on the news. It is footage from the killings — a warning that the villains are coming and the people of Gotham haven’t seen anything yet!

Tune in on Monday to see what insane thing the Maniax do next and if Jim and Harvey have any luck stopping them!

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