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Season 2 of Gotham is in full swing and this episode was really intense. “Into the Woods” brought the real Kristen Kringle killer to light, showed a different side of Bruce Wayne and re-introduced a few old characters. Let’s discuss.

The episode begins with Bruce and Selina stealing from a crook. When the two are safely away from the man, Bruce decides to pour out all of the money so that the people of Gotham City can have it. When Selina gets angry, Bruce reminds her that he doesn’t steal from people and he’s simply using this time to figure out how the people of Gotham live.

Harvey returns to the GCPD after helping Jim escape from prison (in the previous episode). The Captain pulls Harvey aside and tells him if he finds out he is helping Jim in any way he will arrest him. Harvey swears he has no clue where Jim is and then returns home to Jim, who is obviously staying with him.

The two put their heads together to try and come up with a plan to clear Jim’s name in the cop murder (which Ed actually did) and everything that came along with Theo’s murder. Jim decides he needs to get his hands on the anonymous call to Internal Affairs, so Harvey takes one for the team and sleeps with one of his friends who has access to the recordings.

After Jim steals the file he sees that there is a woman in distress in the alley so he fights off the bad guys, but before he can leave the crime scene a cop stops him. The cop recognizes him, so Jim has to punch him and run. Unfortunately everyone now knows they he is still in Gotham.

In Oswald’s world, he is mourning his father’s death. After the funeral, his stepmother tells him that since everything was left to her that he was no longer welcome in their home. Oswald then begs for to let him stay and she agrees if he is okay being their maid. Ugh, she is the worst.

Meanwhile at Arkham Asylum, Barbara is awake and claiming that she feels remorse and is sorry for killing her parents and attacking Lee and Jim. Dr. Strange doesn’t know if he should believe her or not, but decides to let her leave the asylum anyway, which can’t be a good idea.

Back to Harvey and Jim … they are listening to the recording of the tip call, but can’t figure out who it is. They think they hear a bird in the background, but they need help cleaning it up. When Harvey goes back to work, Jim pays Ed a visit hoping he will help them figure out what the caller said and who they were.

Oswald isn’t doing well as the servant to his stepfamily. After he gets yelled at by his stepsiblings and stepmother, he tries to get better at cooking, but it is not going well. The next time we see him making drinks for his stepmother, he stumbles upon the alcohol decanter that had the poisoned alcohol that killed his father. He has the dog test it and once the dog dies, you can see that Oswald has a plan to deal with his new family.

Jim and Ed they are talking, and Ed starts to help Jim figure out what the tape really says. While they are waiting for the tape to clear itself up, Ed gets Jim tea and then asks him about the case and if he has any leads. Ed seems a little off and Jim starts to get a weird feeling from him when he talks about Theo’s murder. Jim asks if Penguin ever told him anything about that night and Ed says no, but you can tell he knows something.

Finally the tape is ready to listen to and although they still can’t make out the voice on the recording, Jim realizes that it wasn’t a bird sound in the background, but an alarm clock sound. Jim then pulls out his gun and tells Ed he knows it was him. Just then Ed’s cuckoo clock goes off and the jig is up. Before Jim can do anything to take out Ed, his chair shocks him and Jim passes out.

Ed drags Jim’s body outside, but before he can force his body into the trunk, Jim wakes up and makes a run for it. Ed shoots Jim in the leg, but Jim still runs. While Ed is looking for Jim, he starts to talk in riddles and Jim finally understands that this was all about Kristen. Jim somehow escapes, but he has no proof that Ed was the one who framed him just yet.

In Bruce and Selina’s world, the two are talking when Jim comes hobbling in. He passes out on Selina’s couch from the injury. When he wakes up, Alfred is there, because Bruce called him for help.

Selina comes in asking for her jacket and Bruce said he was fixing it. He can sew. Aw. All of a sudden Jim walks in and tells him he found the guy who framed him and then he passes out. As Alfred cares for Jim, he asks him how he plans to prove what Ed did and he claims he has a plan, but he needs help from someone who would believably betray her … so he needs Selina’s help.

Oswald finally puts his revenge plan into action. He serves his stepmother dinner and then he reveals that he knows what she did to his father. She starts to panic and asks where her children are and he says that she ate them for dinner! Right then he stabs her and begins to laugh. Penguin is back to his old self in the creepiest way.

Selina arrives at the GCPD yelling about Jim. She says she knows where he is going next. Harvey tries to stop her from talking, but she keep spouting off. She talks all about Jim going to see Penguin in order to find out where the body is buried, but won’t say what body. Ed listens to the whole thing and takes the bait.

The next thing we see is Ed in the woods digging up Kristen’s body. Jim walks up behind him and then Ed pulls a gun on him. Ed starts to ramble and finally admits to framing him and killing Kristen. Ed gets ready to pull the trigger after one final riddle, but the GCPD comes up behind him and arrests him instead. They heard everything, so Jim’s name is clear!

Jim returns to the GCPD and tells the Captain that he isn’t ready to come back just yet. The Captain hands him Lee’s new card with her contact information and tells him to call her. Surprisingly that wasn’t the thing he needed to do before coming back; he needs to find out why the Waynes were killed and fulfill his promise of catching them that he made to Bruce all those years ago.

In the final moments of the episode, Bruce and Alfred have a serious talk. Alfred tells him that his father’s computer is working, which is really exciting. Alfred tells Bruce that in order to find out more about his father’s past, Selina cannot be included. Even though Selina is trustworthy, Alfred doesn’t think it’s safe to keep her involved. Bruce agrees and then tells Selina he isn’t going back to the city with her, which really hurts her.

The last thing we see is Jim calling Lee. When she answers he doesn’t say anything and then hangs up. Just then there is a knock at Jim’s door. He opens it up to find … Barbara! Yikes.

Tune in tonight to see what happens next for Jim and the rest of Gotham City!

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