Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot


This week’s episode of Gotham really turned up the heat. “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” shows the return of Harvey Dent and a whole other side to corruption. Let’s get started.

The episode begins with Jim visiting Bruce and Alfred at the hospital. Luckily, Alfred is awake and recovering after his stabbing incident, but when Jim asks who did it he lies and says he doesn’t know. When he leaves, Bruce confronts him about the lie and Alfred reveals that even if he knows who did it, he doesn’t rat out friends. Alfred then tries to leave the hospital but Bruce orders him back to bed, which is adorable.

In a switch to Fish, she wakes up in a hospital bed after poking her eye out and finally gets a chance to talk to the doctor who runs the insane place she is imprisoned in. After talking, Fish proposes she become his right hand worker and then he reveals she has a new eye … but it’s blue. So creepy, but at least she has two eyes now.

At the police station, Jim gets terrible news that Detective Flass has been cleared of all charges, which he previously worked so hard to make stick. Harvey Dent reveals that the commissioner came up with a witness that proved Flass was not a murderer, which he is. Even though Jim is pissed off, the captain tells him that the commissioner is also backing Flass for president of the policeman’s union.

Jim can’t handle the news and heads straight to commissioner Loeb’s office and asks why he let Flass off? Loeb shows Jim a confession from his partner Harvey, saying that Flass was innocent! Jim is furious and calls Harvey out for lying to get Flass off. Harvey tells him that Loeb forced him, which is uncool.

Harvey explains that “everyone has a Cobblepot” but his didn’t walk back into their lives. At least half of the cops in Gotham City have killed someone to keep their jobs or save their own life and Loeb knows about all of them. This makes Jim even more upset and he vows to take Loeb down, but he turns to Dent for help instead of his partner.

Dent has a lightbulb moment when they are talking and brings in Loeb’s old partner to see if he can shed some light on where the secret files that Loeb has on all the cops are hidden. His former partner doesn’t say much, but he gives them a name to try.

In Kristen and Ed news, the two have an adorable interaction where Ed tells Kristen to watch out because Flass is out of jail. He wants to protect her from him and she is actually really happy about how much he cares. Sadly, when Ed takes it a step further, he learns that Kristen already has a new boyfriend and he is heartbroken.

Switching back to the case, Jim and Dent track down the name Loeb’s partner gave them to a Chinese restaurant. The man who goes by the name Xi Lu tells them he has no idea who they are talking about and then sends his men after them with knives. Dent and Jim are stuck in an alley when Harvey pulls up and saves them. Yay, Harvey!

Once Harvey learns about what they are trying to accomplish, he steps in to help. He figures out (through physical persuasion) that the only people who know where the files are hidden are Loeb and Falcone! Harvey and Jim decide they are ready to take on the two powerhouses, but they will need a little help from Penguin.

Back to Fish … she makes a deal with the doctor. He will give her a trial run as a helper, if she can make the organ delivery from the basement start again. If she does this he will keep her alive and possibly make her part of his team. She then returns to the basement and says she is still in charge. They give back the guard that was being held hostage and then she orders the guards to take two people on the list to the doctor. She claims their sacrifices will be good for everyone, but the prisoners aren’t buying it.

Over at the hospital, Selina comes to visit Bruce and make sure he is okay. It is adorable how smitten he still is with her. After Selina hugs him, Bruce tells her the truth about Alfred’s stabbing. He thinks it has to do with him since he threatened to expose Wayne Enterprises. He is now set on tracking Reggie down and getting answers. Selina offers to help, but he quickly says no.

Jim makes a deal with Penguin in order to get his help. If Penguin helps them track down the secret files, Penguin will get five minutes to look at the files and a favor from Jim in the future. Penguin then does a little digging and takes the detectives to a farm where he thinks the files are hidden.

When they arrive at the house, the tenants of the house meet them and it is clear there is something fishy going on there. After some small talk, the woman of the house, Marge, comes out of the kitchen with two shotguns and she and her husband start shooting at them. After taking them down (not killing them), they leave Penguin to guard them as they explore the house.

Harvey and Jim unlock a door upstairs where they heard music coming from and discover a woman. They ask her who she is and she reveals that she is Miriam Loeb, daughter of Commissioner Loeb. It is obvious that Miriam is a bit on the insane side. At first, the two cops think she knows that Loeb killed his wife (which is what is floating around the rumor mill), but soon they realize that Miriam was the killer.

In a creepy voice, Miriam tells them that she kills birds by crushing their skulls and makes their bones into jewelry. She then admits to killing her mom with a candlestick after she started singing on the night she was supposed to perform at dinner. This woman is crazy.

Just then they all hear a noise downstairs, and Penguin tells them that the two homeowners got away. In a fast switch, Jim goes to the commissioner’s office and drops his daughter’s door keys on his desk. Jim explains he doesn’t want the commissioner to resign; he wants him to prosecute Flass the way he deserves.

He also reveals that he will keep his daughter’s past a secret if he hands over all of the files on the police members that he has, including Harvey’s file. He only agrees to give him Harvey’s file and in addition he stays on as commissioner and backs Jim for president of the policemen’s union.

Jim then gives Harvey back his file, so Loeb no longer has anything on him, which is what a good partner should do. Harvey doesn’t thank him but he does offer him some advice … be careful of what Penguin asks for as his favor, because one bad choice can haunt you forever.

Speaking of Penguin, the villainous man has Marge and her husband Jude at his bar. He tells them he has one ticket for someone to escape to Arizona so Loeb doesn’t find out they failed at hiding his daughter. Marge doesn’t hesitate for a minute and she kills her husband. When she’s done, Penguin kills her, which is great and evil at the same time.

In the final moments of the episode, Fish meets with the doctor again and he is very impressed with her. He offers her a spot on his management team and then shows her why he trusts her … she cannot escape, because they are on an ice island!

Tune in on April 13, when Gotham returns for its final four episodes of the season.

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