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Season 2 is finally here and the Gotham season premiere didn’t disappoint! “Damned If You Do …” was all about controversy and setting up this season for a LOT of drama and evil. Let’s dig in!

Last season, Penguin became the king of the underworld after pushing Fish Mooney off the roof of a building, while Bruce discovered that his father had a secret lair in his house. We met the Joker (at least we think he’s the Joker), Barbara went to Arkham because she is crazy, and both Jim and Harvey got into serious trouble.

Kicking off this season, Jim is on traffic cop duty and Harvey is no longer on the force but rather running a bar … sober, which is actually nice to see. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred are trying to figure out the code to get into the secret Wayne chamber below the house.

Time jump to a month later, and we see a creepy man being called “The Master” who is making one of his followers drink a mysterious blue drink. Once the man drinks this concoction, we see him on the streets of Gotham trying to attack people, and who comes to stop him? Jim, of course! After arresting the villain who calls himself Zaardon, Jim pushes another cop and that’s all it takes for Commissioner Loeb to fire Jim from the force completely, which is outrageous.

In a moment of desperation, Jim goes to Penguin, the new king of all things evil, and asks for a favor. Penguin, of course, agrees to get ride of Loeb and give Jim his job back, but on one condition: Jim must get someone to repay a debt to Penguin. Even though Jim wants to do it, he says he can’t.

Side note: Selina is now working for Penguin, which — we’re not going to lie — is pretty badass. When Jim sees her with Penguin, Penguin says, “It’s like having a cat around the house, but no horrid dead mice.” Catwoman … get it?

The episode also reveals Ed, aka the future Riddler, talking to himself in a mirror giving us the impression that his twisted side is about to come out more often. Ed isn’t the only villain beginning to take shape.

Switching to Arkham, we see Barbara enter the asylum and instantly turn heads. Jerome, aka the presumed future Joker, tells Barbara that the head baddie at Arkham wants to be her friend, and in return he will get her anything she wants. What does she want? A phone to call Jim. When Barbara does get the phone, she calls Jim’s cell and tells him that Lee (who he is dating and in the room with at the time) lied and sent her to Arkham even though she never admitted to killing her parents. When Jim hangs up on her she calls Lee’s house and threatens a terrible death on her, which is SO intense.

Over at Wayne Manor, Bruce will stop at nothing to get what he wants, which is opening that secret door. Bruce has a meeting with Jim, who apologizes for not being able to find his parents’ killer now that he is not on the force. Bruce replies that sometimes the wrong path is the right path. As Jim mulls that over, Bruce takes his own advice and decides to create a bomb to blast open the door! Alfred objects to this idea and Bruce tells him to get on board or just go make him tea. In case you couldn’t tell, Bruce has gotten very ballsy this season.

Back to Jim … the former cop is at his wit’s end. All he wants is to be a cop again, so he goes to collect the debt for Penguin, but it doesn’t go very well. Jim’s life is threatened, he takes a few guys out, steals the money Penguin wants, and runs from the cops. He then kills a man who shoots at him, which marks the beginning of a very different Jim. Penguin talks to Jim and tells him that their deal is now officially on.

Next we see commissioner Loeb waking up to a noise in his house. He goes into the kitchen to see Victor, Penguin’s main assassin, and Penguin waiting for him. After asking for peanut butter to make a sandwich, Penguin explains that he has to kill him because there is no way he’s going to agree to any of the terms that Penguin would need him to agree with. Before shooting him, Loeb pleads for his life and says he’ll do whatever they want.

The next morning Loeb is still alive, but he is leaving the force completely. To honor the outgoing commissioner, a new character named Theo Galavan — who we saw earlier in the episode as The Master — takes the podium to thank Loeb for his work on the police force. Jim is now back on the force and Captain Essen is the new commissioner, which is awesome.

As Loeb is saying goodbye, the creepy villain, Zaardon, is taken to Arkham where he passes out. Blue smoke comes out of his mouth, knocking out the other guys in the cell. A woman with a smoke mask then walks in and minutes later the police receive news that six inmates have broken out of Arkham, including Barbara!

In a quick switch, we see the missing convicts tied up in Theo Galavan’s home, which gives the impression that he’s a prominent figure in Gotham. In walks his sister, Tabitha, who broke all the baddies out. They reveal their new plan: Theo wants these villains to team up and take over Gotham. When one refuses, he is killed in front of the rest.

On a happier note, Bruce and Alfred set off the homemade bomb and the door to the secret lair is now open. On his father’s desk, there is a note addressed to Bruce that reveals that the key code was actually his name. His father writes about being a good person and asks Bruce to choose happiness over truth, unless he feels a calling towards truth. It is very emotional and you can see that Bruce feels the calling for truth.

Although we don’t know the whole plan from Theo and his band of villains, the previews show that Jim is back and ready to stop them, but he’s going to need help. Fingers crossed that Harvey comes back and kicks some serious butt too this season!

What do you think will happen when the villains rise?

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