Gotham: By Fire

Deceit, death and fire, oh my! With another episode of Gotham comes another jam-packed hour of TV full of danger and downright evilness. This week’s episode further proves that no one is safe in Gotham City. Let’s jump right in.

“By Fire” begins with Butch talking to Theo about Penguin going crazy. He is telling Theo and Theo’s right hand ladies how Penguin called him a traitor and chopped off his hand, which we still can’t believe happened last week. Theo questions him, but after the girls agree to let him join their crew, Butch is officially a double agent.

After hearing Butch’s sob story, Theo asks the congressman — who has been balancing on a stack of books behind Butch — if he is now ready to back Theo for mayor. As soon as he agrees, they cut him down from the noose he was barely hanging from and Theo puts a supporter button on him … Yikes.

In a quick switch to Jim, we see him going after a suspect in an alley. Once he captures him he asks him all about the Fire Bugs and says he knows nothing about a female Fire Bug and Jim is pissed. He beats him up a little before walking away. The two other members of the Strike Force are NOT okay with Jim’s actions and say they have to report him, which Jim obviously doesn’t care about.

When he returns to the station, the captain is mad at him for using force, but Jim doesn’t really care. He tells him that in Gotham there is a grey area, but the chief won’t listen to him and tells him they have rules to follow for a reason. An annoyed Jim agrees with the captain and is then shown video footage of Firefly (aka Bridgit) and Selina together leaving the scene of a crime. Jim automatically knows it’s Selina and he is not happy about it.

In Firefly’s storyline, she is bunking with Selina after accidentally killing a cop with her flamethrower. Selina tells her that she needs to leave town, but she doesn’t have money. Selina then thinks up a plan to get them money, because she always has a plan. They go to an underground black market auction where dirty, gross men are selling women for sport. Bridgit wants to save the women, but Selina reminds her they are only there for the money.

All of a sudden Selina jumps onto the cage of women and knocks out the auctioneer. She tells the bidders that it is a robbery and when someone yells at her, Bridgit comes out with her flamethrower and everyone complies. The two flee the hotspot and get out with a LOT of money.

The next day, Selina is telling Bridgit how to get to the bus station and what to do next when Bridgit’s evil brothers come up in a van and kidnap her! Selina is so pissed that she goes home and prepares to get enough ammo to take them out and save Bridgit. As she is getting her guns from her place, Jim storms in. He wants to talk.

Selina eventually gives in and tells him he knows who the Firefly is, but she is doing it because her brothers are forcing her to. He claims he will do everything to keep her safe, but he needs more information. She gives him her address, but she doesn’t say who hired the Fire Bugs to begin with.

Back at the Pike house, where Bridgit and her brothers live, she is chained up while her brothers yell at her for leaving them. They have all the money she stole and they tell her she needs to come back to the family business. As her brother Joe starts throwing lit firecrackers at her you can see the fear on her face. She agrees to do whatever they say.

After they remove her cuffs, they yell at her to make them dinner. Her stupid brothers then tell her if she tries to escape again they will not only kill her, but they will kill Selina too. That’s all she needs to have the fire lit within her (pun intended). Bridgit goes into her room, puts on her fire suit and walks towards her brothers with her flamethrower and torches them! Bridgit is no longer herself she is all Firefly.

When Harvey and Jim get to the apartment, they find the two bodies on the ground and Bridgit is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Selina finds her on top of the old building they used to live in and she has made an even more intense fire pack. Bridgit says she is free and ready to take out all the people who ever hurt her or others. Selina tells her to stop, but she has already made up her mind. Selina hugs her and then runs off.

Back at Theo’s place, Butch is looking around to see if he can find anything on Penguin’s mom when Theo comes in. Butch quickly turns off the TV, where he saw Penguin’s mother, and talks to Theo. Theo says that Butch is loyal to a fault and then reveals he knows he is still under Penguin’s control. Butch admits he does anything and everything Penguin wants, which is what Theo thought, but not a good answer.

In walks Tabitha, who is becoming more and more twisted each week, and she has a giant whip with her. Theo tells her that Butch is brainwashed and asks her to help with that. Tabitha loves to torture so she attacks Butch and strangles him.

We cut to Bruce’s storyline of the week. He is training with Alfred when he asks if Bunderslaw has figured out how to fix his father’s computer yet. Alfred tells him it’s not done yet and that even if it were, he isn’t ready to fight. Alfred then reveals that Silver invited him to dinner and Bruce loses focus. Ugh, Theo’s niece can’t be a good person, can she?

When Bruce goes to dinner, he is so smitten with Silver. Tabitha comes to dinner late, because she was busy torturing Butch and she makes dinner totally uncomfortable, because duh she’s the worst. Theo has a serious conversation with Bruce after the meal and tells him that he heard that Bunderslaw is missing. He then tells him that he is looking into Wayne Enterprises and that he has learned that Bruce’s father was actually a good guy.

Bruce is a little taken aback by this, but he continues to engage. Theo tells him he will need help and guidance fixing Wayne Enterprises and offers up his help to Bruce. He is faking Bruce out and tells him he knows Bruce is good, so when he is mayor he will help him figure everything out. They shake hands and instantly our stomachs began to ache. This is NOT good.

Switching to Ed’s storyline, Kristen is talking to Lee all about how much she likes Ed when Ed overhears her. She reveals that she doesn’t like how he is almost too nice, but he is so sweet and so much better than her ex. Later that night Ed makes Kristen dinner and she is clearly falling hard for him. He starts to open up to her about his past when she stops him and kisses him. She asks to see his bedroom and things get pretty heated.

As Kristen is lying in bed, she tells Ed that she is scared about what her ex, Tom, will do when he finds out that they are dating. She doesn’t want Tom to hurt Ed or her, but Ed is not worried. He tells her she is safe because he actually killed Tom. She starts to laugh and then he pulls out his badge to prove it. Obviously Kristen panics and starts calling him crazy as she begins to leave. He stops her after she keeps calling him a stalker and a terrible person.

Ed puts his hand over her mouth and pins her up against the door. He tells her that he only killed him to protect her from him and that he loves her. After he is done talking, you see Kristen’s eyes go blank and as he lets his hand move from her mouth she slides to the floor. He killed her! Ed starts to cry as he holds his dead love in his arms. Okay, we know Ed is the Riddler and evil, but why did Kristen have to die?

Back to the Firefly, Selina calls Jim and tells him where she thinks she is going. She asks him to keep his promise and protect her and he says he will try. When the police arrive at the scene, which is the black market auction house, Bridgit has already freed all the captured women and killed a lot of people with her flamethrower.

Jim tries to talk her down outside as the rest of the police have their guns pointed at her. One cop shoots at her and tears her fireproof suit. She starts to panic and lights all the cars on fire around her creating barricade. At the same time fuel begins leaking from her suit and she lights herself on fire! It is so intense.

When Jim returns home he finds Selina with a gun pointed at Lee. She isn’t going to hurt her, because she usually doesn’t kill, but she does have her gun. She asks Jim what happened and Jim says she didn’t make it. Selina loses it and yells at him for breaking his promise. She’s now super pissed at herself as well for trusting a cop. She guilt trips him before storming out crying.

Butch shows up at at Penguin’s place after somehow escaping from Theo’s and has intel about where Penguin’s mom is. Penguin is very pleased and happy to see Butch alive, which, let’s face it, is the best thing that happens in this episode. He prepares to get his mother back. He gathers his troops and with Butch by his side, they get ready to attack and save Penguin’s mom.

In the final scene, we see a burned body being rolled down the hall of some sort of hospital. The nurses are talking about the fact that the police said she was dead, but she is actually alive and her fireproof suit burned to her skin. As they continue to roll Bridgit’s not-dead body through the halls, one guy explains since she is not dead they are bringing her to the Indian Hill facility at Wayne Enterprises, which is a secret place where they do testing! Poor Firefly.

Tune in on Monday to see if Penguin saves his mother and what happens to Firefly. Plus, when will Bruce discover Theo’s twisted plan to kill him as revenge for his family’s removal from Gotham City history? We’ll have to wait and see!

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