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Gotham is back and better than ever! “Beasts of Prey” marks the first of four more episodes this season and it’s a really intense episode — from Jim getting tricked to Bruce taking a walk on the dark side. Let’s get started.

The episode begins with Fish walking outside the crazy hospital she is trapped in to see the reaction time of the guards. She then meets “The Catcher” who threatens to kill her if she ever actually tries to escape. Obviously, Fish is NOT scared by this and returns inside.

In Gotham, Bruce talks to Jim, who still doesn’t believe him about knowing who stabbed Alfred. The positive is that Alfred is home, but Reggie is also in town, which is really bad! Alfred says he is going to find him, but his stitches rip, so he is forced to stay home. Bruce on the other hand decides to get answers and turns to Selina for help.

Jim is asked by a younger officer to look into an unsolved case of a girl named Grace, who was missing for four months and then murdered. Since Jim can’t say no to someone who says he is trying to become a part of the “good cop movement,” he agrees to take the case even though Harvey is not happy about it.

Jim talks to Lee about the case and discovers that it happened in her neighborhood. She suggests a few bars that are undercover to check for any clues to the cold case. When Harvey and Jim talk to one bartender, they figure out that Grace was there the night she went missing and she was with a charming guy named Jason. There is then a flashback to the night the victim went missing, and from the looks of it she left willingly to go to the hot and super dashing man’s house.

Switching to Penguin, he has his heart set on buying a random bar, but the only way the owner will consider his offer is if Penguin brings her granddaughter home. Penguin goes to the granddaughter’s boyfriend (who is keeping her from her family) and he has him tortured until he agrees to leave the girl. When the granddaughter returns home, Penguin gets his bar and he couldn’t be happier. But what is he going to do with the bar? It’s where he plans on killing Maroni!

Fish is planning to escape once and for all from the ice island. When she goes into the doctor’s office, she is caught and has to quickly think up a lie in order to save herself. She pretends to be in his office for a weapon to kill herself. She claims she would rather kill herself than become one of his creepy creatures. He lets her leave, but he isn’t one hundred percent falling for her story.

Bruce finds Selina and tells her he cannot find Reggie, and she figures out that he is actually in a drug den. When they do find him, he refuses to answer Bruce’s questions prompting Selina to steal his drugs. Reggie finally tells Bruce that he was only supposed to steal some paperwork, but Alfred came in at the wrong time.

After Reggie reveals who hired him (one of the Wayne Corp. employees) to uncover what Bruce had actually learned, Selina throws his bag of drugs outside the window. Reggie then threatens to tell the bad guy that Bruce is onto him so Selina pushes him out the window! Even though Selina killed him, Bruce was tempted to do the same, which totally freaked him out.

Back to the case … there is another flashback, which shows the morning after the young girl went missing. As Grace goes to leave for work, the dashing man pulls her in and won’t let her go. She thought he was normal and safe, but he was NOT going to let her leave, which is scary. At this point she becomes his prisoner and is handcuffed and forced to cook him dinners and be his perfect love.

Meanwhile, Ed finds a replica of a hand-painted heart that was left at the original crime scene. As soon as Harvey sees this, he panics. This is not a random killing; it is the work of a serial killer, who no one messes with. Harvey proceeds to tell Jim that no cop has ever looked into the serial killer, known as “The Ogre,” because if they do he takes their loved ones and kills them!

Harvey then tries to tell Jim to drop the case, but Jim is pissed off and says no. They then realize the cop who brought the case to Jim’s attention was told to do so by the Police Commissioner, which is crazy.

In another flashback, we see Grace making dinner, but when it doesn’t go well, the serial killer decides it is time to end their relationship. Jason takes a picture of her hanging from the ceiling, and puts it in a box full of pictures of other women, which is terrible. He then kills her, because he hasn’t found the right person to love yet. It is totally twisted.

Meanwhile, Fish is ready to set her escape plan in motion. She has convinced six big guys to be her new team and tells them to head for the boat, claiming the gate is unlocked, while she goes back for her friend Kelly, who is hurt and cannot really walk on his own. When she returns for him, the doctor jumps out and prepares to beat her up and make her his newest experiment. Luckily, Fish thought about this possibility and already unlocked the dungeon behind the doctor.

The rest of her real team then escapes and beats the doctor. They then flee and head for the helicopter. The six big men reach the gate and see that it is actually locked. They were set up by Fish to be the distraction while she actually escaped. After The Catcher kills the first six escapees, he comes for Fish who is already flying. He does however shoot the helicopter and it gets Fish, but she doesn’t stop.

In a final switch to Jim, he goes straight to the Commissioner and tells him that after he finds The Ogre he is coming after him! He then calls Lee, because he is terrified that the killer will go after her, but she doesn’t answer the phone!

Tune in tonight to see if the killer does go after Lee or if he attacks Jim’s first love, Barbara!

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