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Season 2 of Gotham has been insane and Episode 19 of this season was no different. “Azrael” was all about the return of Theo Galavan and it was crazy.

The episode begins with Theo trying to figure out what all the voices inside his head mean. He is back from the dead, but has no clue who he is and why he is in the hospital room. Despite the fact that he is creepy and crazy, Dr. Strange is very pleased with his work.

Dr. Strange is pulled away from his newest experiment when Jim arrives at Arkham to question him. Even though Jim is no longer a cop, he is determined to help Bruce find his parents’ killer and all signs are pointing to Dr. Strange. When he questions the doctor, Strange gets defensive and claims it was Mr. Wayne who failed to shut down Pinewood Farms before things got out of control.

Jim doesn’t lose focus even when Strange tries to mess with his mind. Jim tells the doctor that he saw Mr. Fries and knows he is alive and then says he has a court order to see the body. Strange quickly says that he was cremated, which is the sign Jim needed to know in his mind that he is the man responsible for all of the strange experiments happening in Gotham.

As Jim leaves, we see Ed in Arkham stopping a fight between inmates. He is somehow the prisoner whisperer and seems to be in control of the inmates. When Jim walks by he threatens to escape and then he tries to stop Dr. Strange and convince him to let him help them take down Jim. It doesn’t work, but it does spark something in Strange … Theo needs a new story to create an identity and regain his focus.

Dr. Strange decides to feed Theo a story from his book of Dumas (his family’s history) to manipulate him into forgetting his past and convince him to start working for him. After talking Theo down, Strange reveals that he is his father and that Theo is a creature (or angel of death) named Azrael. If Theo is Azrael, a creature from the book he grew up reading, then Dr. Strange is his master and therefore he reports to him.

After convincing Theo about his new identity, Dr. Strange shows him videos about the myth (which he believes is real) and then sends in another prisoner to test his loyalty. Once one of the prisoners is brought in and starts talking about Theo’s real identity, Dr. Strange says he is a demon and instructs Azrael to hurt him, which he does. Azrael is now ready for his mission — kill James Gordon!

In Ed’s storyline, he is convinced that Dr. Strange is hiding something and he needs to get to the bottom of it. At one point he sneaks out of the main cage and follows the doctor to a long hallway which leads to nowhere, which makes him think there is a secret way out that he has yet to find. He later seeks the help of his fellow inmates to get different items that will help him identify a secret door in that hallway. When he finally discovers the hidden elevator he takes it downstairs and comes across the experiment rooms. Yikes!

Jim goes to see Captain Barnes and tells him all about the experiments happening at Arkham and that Dr. Strange is behind everything. He also reveals that he thinks Mr. Fries is alive and Barnes does not believe him. Just then Azrael arrives on scene and is dressed in full body armor. He has come to kill Jim. As they begin fighting the Captain gets hurt before Harvey and the rest of the cops come to their rescue.

Barnes then decides to send all of his officers out on a hunt for the masked assailant, who is very fast and seems invincible, but locks Jim up at the GCPD so he can’t go out and help. While Jim is in lockup, Azrael comes to the police station and starts killing people. Jim is let go and as he is trying to flee, Azrael sees him and prepares to attack. Barnes shoots him a lot, but he doesn’t die.

The Captain then runs up to the roof to distract Azrael as Jim goes to find a better weapon. When they are on the roof, Barnes manages to break Azrael’s “magical” sword, which distracts him enough for Barnes to knock off his mask. When he stands up, Barnes realizes it is Theo and panics. Just then Azrael stabs him with the end of the knife and then Jim runs up and sees his face.

Jim starts shooting him and gets him in the leg before he falls off the roof. Azrael falls onto a car below the GCPD as news crews are standing by and catch it all on film. Everyone sees that it is Theo and it is clear he is no longer dead. As the Captain is dying (or at least bleeding out) on the roof in Jim’s arms, all of Gotham City is finding out that Theo is alive, including his sister, Penguin and Bruce.

Penguin is already crazy, now that he broke last week and killed his stepfamily, while Tabitha cannot believe that he is alive. Bruce on the other hand knows he was dead and therefore Dr. Strange must’ve brought him back to life!

Now we’ll have to wait and see if anything can destroy Azrael and if Dr. Strange will continue to bring other villains back to life.

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