Gotham: All Happy Families Are Alike


Season 1 is actually over and we are still reeling from the Gotham finale! “All Happy Families Are Alike” was full of action, killing and a lot of twists and turns. Let’s get started!

The episode begins with Selina watching a mysterious boat arrive in Gotham City. Who is on this boat, you ask? None other than Fish Mooney! She gets off the boat and talks to Selina about the change that is about to come and then walks away.

We quickly jump ahead two weeks, where Bruce is trying to figure out his father’s secret but having no luck.

Meanwhile, the gun war is still happening in Gotham City and it is getting violent. As Falcone is visiting one of his many businesses, he is attacked and his car is blown up. Back at the police station, the whole place is a madhouse and no one knows what to do. As Jim walks in to see Lee, he discovers Barbara sitting there for her final checkup following her attack.

Lee tries to convince Barbara that she still needs to talk to someone about what she went through, but the only way Barbara will do that is if Lee is the doctor she talks to. This is clearly a bad idea since Barbara saw Lee kissing Jim last week and she’s crazy, but Lee agrees. Jim leaves the two ladies to talk to Harvey who tells him that Falcone is in the hospital and about to be killed. The police and lawmakers of the town have switched their allegiance to Maroni, so Falcone is alone at the hospital.

At the hospital, Falcone wakes up chained to his bed with no one else in sight. All of a sudden Penguin shows up with Butch by his side. He brings him flowers and then tells him that he is going to kill him before Maroni’s men show up, because it was actually his plan to take him down and become the King of Gotham. Falcone tells him he will never run the town and just as Penguin is about to stilt his throat, Jim walks in and arrests him and Butch.

Jim has decided to save Falcone because he believes he is the only mobster who can bring peace back to Gotham. Falcone agrees that he can do it and then Jim calls Harvey for backup. After he hangs up the phone, Maroni’s men walk into the hospital and Jim refuses to leave. Jim quickly goes back to Falcone and tells him he needs to be able to walk and that he will let Penguin and Butch live, since he owes Penguin a favor.

When Maroni’s men return, Jim’s ready for them and they have a crazy shootout. Jim is a total badass as he takes out all of Maroni’s men on his own. After the gunfight, Harvey shows up and tells him their getaway ambulance is in the basement. They leave with Falcone, Penguin and Butch in tow. They head for Falcone’s safe house where they arrive without getting hurt, but as soon as they get out of the car Selina appears with Fish and her crew!

Fish quickly hangs all the men up by their wrists except for Butch who she obviously still loves. She is very upset by what they did to him when she was away and she vows to make Penguin pay for his torture of Butch. She then calls Maroni to make a deal with him … her old territory back for Falcone’s head. The most interesting part is that Selina is now a bad girl who looks like a mini-me of Fish. It is creepy and awesome at the same time.

In a switch to Barbara and Lee, they are talking about her traumatic experience when Barbara brings up Jim. She reveals she knows that Lee and Jim are dating and Lee is totally thrown off by her comments. She tries to change the subject, but Barbara is acting very odd.

Back to Fish … she lets Harvey down from his handcuffs but tells the remaining three men that they will all die. When Maroni arrives, he is very pleased with Fish and starts to compliment her. Penguin then speaks out and tells Fish not to trust Maroni because once Falcone is dead he will have no use for her. Maroni quiets him and tells Fish that she is a great member of his team, which she doesn’t like. She wants to rule, but after Maroni keeps talking, she agrees to be his number two.

He then calls her a few pet names, which really pisses her off. Maroni gets cocky and keeps making fun of Fish, calling her feminine names, and you can tell she is about to lose it. All of a sudden, she pulls out her gun and kills Maroni! That causes another crazy gunfight, which allows Falcone, Jim and Harvey to escape. As the run for cover, Falcone reveals that he wants to leave the mafia and retire once and for all, which doesn’t please Jim.

The three of them decide to hide in a cargo crate, but Selina and her men find them. She then says, “Cat got your tongue?” marking the beginning of her Catwoman actions. She brings them back to Fish, who is very happy with her. Falcone tells Fish that he is retiring so she can just let them go, but she isn’t falling for it. Just then, Penguin comes in, guns blazing, and kills almost all of Fish’s men causing her to run. This distraction allows Harvey, Jim and Falcone to actually escape.

Over with Barbara and Lee, they are having tea when Lee finally gets Barbara to talk about her horrible experience with Jason. She talks about killing her parents and then Lee points out that Jason killed them, not Barbara, but Barbara just looks back at Lee and says she is the one who really killed them! Yikes, she is so crazy.

After she admits to being a murderer, she grabs a knife and gets really close to Lee. It is terrifying, but Lee manages to make it to the bathroom where she tries to call Jim, but it doesn’t go through. As Barbara is trying to break down the door, Jim, Harvey and Falcone are on their way up in the elevator.

Barbara breaks through the bathroom door and Lee attacks back with a piece of the mirror she just broke in the bathroom. They get into a serious fight with hair pulling and punching. Finally, Lee gets the upper hand and hits Barbara’s head into the floor a few times until she dies. Jim walks in and sees Lee on top of Barbara and she tells him that Barbara went crazy, which she totally did. Harvey simple replies, “I told him that girl was crazy!” Harvey clearly knows all!

We switch to Penguin, who is chasing Fish onto the roof. They start a battle that doesn’t look like it will end well. When they are fighting, Butch shows up with a gun, but he doesn’t know who to save and who to kill. He has been brainwashed so he shoots at both of them! He quickly apologizes to Fish who obviously forgives him because they really were best friends.

As they are talking, Penguin comes up and knocks Butch to the ground. He  attacks Fish and throws her off the building into the river! It is very intense and Butch cannot handle it. Penguin stands on the edge of the building screaming, “I am the King of Gotham!”

In Ed’s storyline, Kristen pays him a visit and tells him that she saw the hidden message in her ex’s letter to her. The first letter of every line spells out his name, but she doesn’t know why. He claims he has nothing to do with it and she leaves. Once she is out of the room he starts to laugh, and switches between happy and sad and mad personalities. It’s like he has a split personality, which is very creepy but totally makes sense for the future Riddler.

In the final moments, Falcone talks to Jim and gives him his knife as a parting gift. It was actually Jim’s father’s knife, which is really cool.

The final scene has Bruce talking to Alfred, and the boy hears a clue in something Alfred says. He goes to a book in his father’s office and finds a recorder-type device. Against Alfred’s wishes, Bruce presses the button and music begins to play. As the music continues, the fireplace moves and shows a pathway to the basement. It’s a hidden tunnel that leads to Bruce’s father’s secret. As Bruce looks down the stairs, you hear bat sounds and then the screen goes black!

What did you think about the Gotham Season 1 finale?

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