Gotham: A Legion of Horribles

This episode of Gotham got even more twisted, if that’s even possible. With only one episode left before the end of Season 2, it was bound to be a good one, but there were a LOT of things we didn’t see coming.

“A Legion of Horribles” begins with Selina about to get burned by her former friend Bridgit, who now thinks she is Firefly, the goddess of fire. Selina manages to not die, and stay alive for now, by jumping onto her and knocking her out. As she fights for her life, Bruce goes to meet her and realizes that something must’ve gone wrong since she is late for their check in meeting.

At the GCPD, Harvey has taken over as the current Captain and he doesn’t like his new role. After he tells the press that Azrael is dead (thank goodness), he returns to his office to talk with Jim. Jim wants him to arrest Hugo Strange, but there is no real evidence so he can’t. Jim doesn’t take no for an answer and sort of storms out of the office. He then runs into Bruce who has come to tell him that Dr. Strange has Selina!

As Dr. Strange brings another man back to life, a hidden figure makes a call and says they need to deal with Strange, now that he has clearly gotten out of control. All we hear is her voice and an eye mask sitting on a table. Despite the fact that Strange’s employers aren’t happy with him, he doesn’t care and continues to wake up dead people.

The next person he plans to reimagine is Fish Mooney. This time around he injected a certain type of fish’s DNA (unlike the first man we see in the episode, who has been injected with octopus DNA), in hopes of it helping her to remember who she is. The nurses begin the process of bringing Fish back to life with more electricity than normal as we switch to Bruce.

Bruce is at Wayne Manor as he tells Alfred about his plan with Selina. Alfred is pissed because his actions have directly put her in danger and in order to get her back he will be in danger as well. Despite his concerns, Bruce puts a plan into place. Bruce is going to go with Mr. Fox to Arkham to look for clues of the underground lair where they think Dr. Strange is performing his experiments, while Jim sneaks in behind them and saves them if anything goes wrong. Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong!

Back at Arkham, Ed tries to make a deal with Dr. Strange and Ms. Peabody in order to get out of his new cell situation. Since he tried to escape, he has been placed with an inmate who has previously eaten people, so he will do anything to help them with Jim Gordon if he gets out of there.

Before accepting his offer, they have bigger things to deal with. Fish Mooney is awake! Dr. Strange asks her is she knows who she is or her name and after she stays silent he begins to give her a new backstory, which he has done with every other person he’s brought back to life thus far. When he begins to talk, she stops him and says, her name is “Fish Mooney, Bitch!” She’s back and pissed off that she is being held captive.

Even though they don’t know if it was the fish DNA injected into her body, the amount of electricity they used or where they found her that helped her remember, Dr. Strange is very pleased. His original task was to bring people back to life with their memories and now he has.

Just then Bruce arrives at the gates and asks to see Dr. Strange. When he greets him outside he gives condolences for his parents’ deaths and even though Bruce clearly hates him, he fakes a smile and shakes his hand. Bruce wants to have a meeting with Dr. Strange, while Mr. Fox gets a tour of the asylum guided by Ms. Peabody. Before they go inside, Mr. Fox leaves his trunk ajar so Jim can follow.

Jim sneaks into the asylum by wearing a guard’s uniform and starts to look for any markings that Mr. Fox is going to make. Meanwhile, Mr. Fox is on a tour and getting creped out. He eventually finds the entrance to the laboratory by using a radar tool and marks it with an arrow.

Around the same time Bruce is having tea with Strange and their conversation is very intense. They talk about his parents’ death and Strange says Thomas is the reason why he was killed. He was too confident, like Bruce and it led to his demise. Bruce says his father was a good man, who fought for what was right and that’s what he plans to do.

As soon as he says that it pissed Dr. Strange off, so he says over the intercom to take them all. The moment that happens two men grab, Bruce, Mr. Fox and Jim and take them away. As Bruce is taken away he yells asking for Selina, but Dr. Strange doesn’t care.

In a quick switch to Selina, Firefly wakes up and is ready to kill Selina once and for all. Selina shoots the fire at her, but since she is Firefly, flames can’t hurt her. She does however remember a little bit of her past, when she killed her brothers, which seems like a good thing, but then she tries to hurt Selina again. In a moment of desperation, Selina tells her she will be her servant, because all goddesses have servants and she agrees, buying her more time to figure out an escape.

Fish is still upset about being in a cell when one of the men brings her lunch. She grabs his hand and asks for a grilled cheese and her arm lights up as she does so. Moments later, the man brings her a grilled cheese as ordered, which makes Fish think she might actually have a power of some sort now.

At the GCPD, Alfred storms in and tells Harvey what is going on. He explains that he hasn’t heard from Bruce, Jim or Mr. Fox, which is a HUGE issue. Harvey decides to use his new title to send in all of the GCPD to get the three of them out of Arkham.

As the cops head in to save everyone (ideally), Dr. Strange starts making serious changes. After he gets yelled at by his employers, and then proves his experiments are working, he is instructed to destroy everything at Indian Hill and move everything out to protect the progress.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fox is placed into a room with Bruce and as they try and figure out what happened to Jim, Ed comes over the loud speaker. He tells them that they have to tell Ed everything they know about Dr. Strange and who they told before he releases gas into the room and kills them.

Jim on the other hand is dealing with Dr. Strange. He puts a giant masked cage on his face and then pours some kind of liquid into it. Once they remove the cage, the first man, Basil — who was brought back to life during this episode — is sitting there. They put the same mask on his face and then they open it up, his face is Jim’s face! When Jim freaks out, the man learns his voice and begins to sound like him. There are two Jim Gordons in Gotham City!

Next up is the season finale of Gotham. What will happen when the real Jim is kept captive and will Bruce make it out of Arkham alive?

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