Gotham: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Last week’s episode of Gotham was high in intensity, but cold in temperature. The real creation of Mr. Freeze was finally born, but not before more pain and heartache for the city of Gotham. Let’s get into it!

“A Dead Man Feels No Cold” begins with the GCPD being called to a chemical plant that manufactures the materials Victor Fries needs for his freeze gun. After realizing the previous week that his gun actually worked and people could come back to life after being frozen, Fries is set on getting his wife out of jail and freezing her before she dies a horrible death. It’s creepy, but oddly charming.

When the police arrive on scene, it is quiet which draws suspicion. As they search the plant for Fries they discover one frozen security guard and policeman after another. They eventually locate the room that Fries was searching for and there is a message written in the ice … “Free my wife.”

In order to trap Fries once and for all, Captain Barnes decides to transfer Nora, Victor’s wife, to Arkham so they can lure him there. Lee is totally opposed to the idea, since she is now her doctor and Nora is way too sick. Lee eventually agrees, but insists she goes with her, which pissed Jim off, but makes us like Lee a lot more.

When the whole group arrives at Arkham, Jim and Harvey both notice that Penguin looks drugged out of his mind, but Dr. Strange says he’s just sedated. After Jim gets Nora and Lee settled in the infirmary — where Barbara Keen is being held (she’s in a coma) — Jim goes outside to prepare for Fries’ attack. Before Fries shows up, Penguin screams at Jim.

Jim has a little conversation with Penguin, who tries to tell him that he is being tortured at the asylum, but Jim doesn’t really care or believe him. Penguin starts yelling that he owes him and that he is really the one who killed Theo, but he’s then taken away. Little does Jim know, but Dr. Strange was watching the whole thing from his office. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Bruce is back (yay) and is more pissed off than ever. He is determined to find his parents’ killer if it’s the last thing he does. While Bruce is continuing his fight training, Alfred walks in and questions his motives. Bruce agrees that they are still in this fight together and then Alfred reveals he did some digging and found a name. Patrick “Matches” Malone is the person Silver was talking about before she escaped out of town.

Bruce is SO excited that this could be the man he’s been searching for, which scares Alfred. Because Alfred is the man he makes Bruce promise not to kill the guy when they find him. Instead he vows he will do the killing and Bruce reluctantly agrees.

The next thing we see with Bruce is Selina paying him a visit. He cuts right to the chase and asks Selina to get him a gun. She tries to ask why and he tells her that it doesn’t matter what Alfred thinks, he is going to kill Matches. Selina obviously tries to talk him out of it, but his mind is set. She eventually gets him the gun, but again tries to convince him to let it go. Unfortunately, Master Bruce is ready for bloodshed no matter what anyone else says.

Back at Arkham, a truck comes storming through the gates. When the police stop the vehicle they see that at man is actually frozen to the steering wheel and can’t put his hands up. Just then, Jim figures out that it was all a diversion and heads into the hospital. Fries is in the building searching for Nora, while Dr. Strange begins a game of his own. As the police try to chase through the asylum, Dr. Strange traps them so he can have some time with Fries.

He comes over the loud-speaker in one room where Fries is and offers him a deal. If he leaves one vial of his serum, he can have his wife and a getaway car without the cops getting him. Fries agrees and then heads to the infirmary. Dr. Strange has his assistant quickly retrieve the serum as Fries finds Nora next to Lee.

Jim was just about to move Lee and Nora to safety, when Fries comes in and blasts Jim’s gun out of his hand. When Fries goes to get Nora it is clear she is very sick, so Lee tells him that she can’t move. She reveals herself as her doctor, so Fries says she will come with them as well. Lee agrees and Jim goes crazy. After Lee talks him down he goes into the closet as Fries instructs him to and is then sealed inside by the ice.

When Jim finally breaks out of the closet, Dr. Strange lets the rest of the police out of the gates and they meet up. He tells Harvey that Fries has Lee and brainstorm about where he could be. The only place he can go is back to his house, even if there is a police presence there.

Meanwhile, Fries, Nora and Lee have arrived at their house and Nora is getting more and more sick. Nora tells him that if she is frozen she’ll wake up to him in jail or dead, which she doesn’t want. He reassures her that when she does wake up he will be there no matter what, so she agrees to the freezing plan. Before he freezes her she asks him to run upstairs to get her favorite necklace.

Lee stays with Nora and they have a heart to heart about how much Nora still loves her husband even if she wishes she could’ve changed his actions. Lee totally gets it, because she knows Jim has done some shady stuff behind her back (you know killing Theo and all that).

Nora then asks Lee for some water and while she has her back turned she switches out the serum vial in the freeze gun she’s holding. The serum that was in the gun initially was the perfected version that meant she would eventually wakes up. This new serum vial is wrong, so she will die when he freezes her!

Fries comes back downstairs and the couple says their final goodbyes before he freezes his wife. As she lies on the table, frozen, he tells her how much he loves her again and then all of a sudden she cracks! He discovers that Nora switched the vial and freaks out. After yelling at Lee, he realizes she didn’t know and he is so sad. He tells her to go tell the police, who are now outside; that he will cooperate with whatever they want.

When she leaves, he injects himself with one of the cartridges and freezes himself to death too. It is a very tragic love story! Jim finds the two frozen bodies and then later reports that according to Dr. Strange, Fries died at Arkham. Fries dying, however, is the least of Jim’s worries. He is beyond mad at Lee for putting herself and the baby in harm’s way. When he confronts her about it she calls him out for always putting them at risk and for lying about Theo. She knows there is more to the story then he is letting on.

In the final moments of the episode, we see Penguin undergoing another round of shock therapy, because Dr. Strange is NOT happy with his progress. Poor Penguin. Further down the hall we see Fries wake up in a frozen room … he’s not dead. Dr. Strange goes to the window and tells him that when he shot himself with the freeze gun, his body must’ve been somewhat immune to the serum. His core body temperature is now really low and if he goes anywhere with a temperature above freezing he will die.

Dr. Strange tells him he needs his help with a project, so they will alter his freeze suit so he can walk around in any temperature. Fries is mad he didn’t die, but he doesn’t object to helping the doctor. As Dr. Strange leaves the blue-eyed, white Fries who is now officially Mr. Freeze, all you see is bodies in water. So gross!

Tune in tonight for an all-new episode of Gotham and see if Bruce can pull the trigger. Plus, Mr. Freeze is alive and well, so who will his next victim be?

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