Gotham: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

This week’s episode of Gotham set us up for what is yet to come and from what we can tell it involves a lot of bloodshed. In “A Bitter Pill to Swallow,” Jim becomes the target of a ring of hit men, while Bruce gets in deep with the mystery of his parents’ killer. Let’s dig in!

The episode begins with newspapers hitting the streets of Gotham City that have headlines about Theo being arrested. As the newspapers get delivered, Tabitha heads to a bar with a secret room of illegal gaming. She talks to the head assassin in the room and hires her to kill Jim Gordon at all costs. She agrees and says it will be done by that day.

Switching to Jim, we see him at the hospital looking in on Barbara, who is in a coma and may never wake up. When he gets to work, Lee wants to talk to him about what happened the day he accidentally almost killed Barbara, but he doesn’t want to talk about it just yet. He heads to Theo’s house to meet the captain and collect evidence to hopefully incarcerate him.

Meanwhile, Penguin wakes up with Ed staring at him. He panics and Ed drugs him so he falls back asleep. He later wakes up and Ed is again looking at him, this time with water for him. Penguin is pissed about being drugged, but Ed only did it so he would sleep and therefore heal. Ed then tells him that he needs his help in his new journey. He reveals he is a murderer and wants Penguin to guide him through his transition to a full-time killer!

Penguin is super depressed after his mom was killed that he doesn’t want to help Ed at all. In fact all he wants to do is leave, but he is too weak and stumbles to the ground. When he wakes up he is surprised to see a man tied up with a sack on his head. Ed has brought him a gift, but Penguin is not in the mood. All he wants to do is rest and then move out of Gotham forever.

In Bruce news, he invites Silver over because he hopes she can help him figure out what kind of information Theo had about his parents’ killer. Alfred walks in and sees her and tells her to leave the premises, which makes Bruce mad. Silver leaves, but she sneaks Bruce the key to her hotel before she does. Bruce yells at Alfred and then Alfred forbids him from seeing Silver again or pursuing the Theo lead any further.

Jim arrives at Theo’s building and when he gets on the elevator, a strange man starts talking to him. All of a sudden the stranger starts to strangle him! Jim fights with him as the captain waits at Theo’s place. Jim eventually wins the fight and drags the assailant out of the elevator. When he wakes up, Jim starts threatening him and even holds him out of the window, which he later gets in trouble for.

Since the first hitman has not succeeded, his boss has ordered the rest of her assassins to take Jim out. While they are still trying to figure out who sent the killer, the cops (there are three total) see that they’re a LOT of hitmen coming to the building to get Jim. As one comes from above, the poor forensics guy is killed. They three cops, including Jim end up taking out the rest of the men, which is great.

The captain orders them to leave the building, but Jim wants to stay there because Theo’s place is the best spot to find evidence against him. As they are arguing about what to do, Jim sees something in the wall, but before he can look closer, one of the men gets up and lunges at him with a knife! The captain jumps in front to protect him, but and kills the assassin, but not before being stabbed. The cut hit an artery, so now they can’t leave or else he will die!

In another part of town, a man is being tortured by a hitman named Eduardo. Eduardo then gets a call from the head honcho asking for his services. He was previously fired because he is a cannibal, but now she needs his services to kill Jim once and for all and he is happy to help.

Penguin wakes up to music being played by Ed. It is the song his mom used to sing him every night before he went to bed. Ed heard him humming it and knew it must have special meaning. Ed then proceeds to tell Penguin that his weakness of loving his mom (which is what Penguin blames her death on) is not his true weakness instead his mother was his weakness. As soon as he says this, Penguin loses it and pulls a knife on him. Ed continues saying that without his mother he is free; he is a free man and therefore has no more weaknesses, which makes him strong.

Penguin drops the knife and the two look to be getting along. When we return to Ed’s lair, the two are singing and eating together. Penguin then asks where the man he brought to him earlier is and Ed opens the door to the closet. Penguin is happy and Ed is happy. It’s a match made in evil heaven.

Jim is still with the injured captain. He is bleeding pretty badly when they get word that the ambulance is on its way. While they wait, Jim reveals that when Barbara told him he had a monster within, and Lee seemed to agree, it started to mess with him. He is having a hard time not giving into the darkness. The captain then tells Jim that there is no such thing as a line and that he has killed someone in the past that ended up haunting him, because even good men can do just about anything at the right moment. There is no line; there is just the law.

After their deep talk, they hear one of the cop cars on the radio say they are outside and are sending in the backup they requested. All of a sudden, there are shots fired and Eduardo comes on the radio. He is there for Jim and he is coming up. Jim stops him and tells him he is coming down. Jim leaves the captain and the other cop and heads to the elevator.

When he gets outside, Eduardo, who has killed all the cops outside, quickly attacks him. They get into a dirty fight and when Jim starts to win he beats him pretty badly. He then pulls out a gun and sticks it in his mouth, but stops himself before pulling the trigger and instead arrests him. Eduardo is taken back to the precinct by the young female cop who helped Jim survive earlier.

Bruce comes in to say goodnight to Alfred, but he actually intends to go see Silver. Before he leaves, Alfred tells him he sent the taxi he ordered away and that he actually has the hotel key that Silver gave him. Bruce is pissed, but Alfred is right and he needs to calm down when it comes to Silver and his parents’ murder. Bruce tries to sneak out of his house yet again, but this time Selina stops him. She has proof that Silver is bad news and all he has to do is follow her!

At the station, Eduardo is being brought to his cell when he acts like he is choking. The arresting female officer leans in to get him and he bites her and drains her blood. He kills her as the rest of the police try to get him off her. It is absolutely disgusting. While the poor cop is dying, Jim and Lee are finally talking about their issues. They make up and then Jim gets the call about the young officer’s death and he is very upset.

At the end of the episode, Tabitha goes to see her brother, who scolds her for hiring hitmen to kill Jim. He tells her that their plan has already been set in motion and if she messes with their success again he will kill her himself. In the final moments, we see the creepy monk meet a group of monks at the docks. When the security guard tries to question them, they kill him and just continue to walk. This is about to get way more interesting.

Tune in on Monday for an all-new episode of Gotham.

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