Five Reasons to Watch the New Season of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 10

Season 10 of Doctor Who premiered April 15th and this Whovian was ready, but not ready at the same time. Look, I’ve been hurt before. The regenerations of Ten and Eleven were so painful for me that I was inconsolable for a few days. And a new companion? After the bad taste that Clara Oswald left in my mouth I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to seeing who the new person was.

But you know what? I like to have an open mind about things, especially TV shows. So here are five reasons why you should be watching the new season of Doctor Who.

Pearl Mackie Bill Doctor Who

1. Bill Potts

Bill (Pearl Mackie) is an average person with no special reason why the Doctor chose her. It seems as though every companion after Donna had to have some mystery reason for the Doctor to take her along. “The Girl Who Waited” and “The Impossible Girl.” Don’t get me wrong, I loved Amy, but there doesn’t need to be some grander scheme for a person to come aboard the TARDIS. Bill is just a girl who works in a university canteen (aka the cafeteria for those of us in ‘Murica). She sits in on the Doctor’s lectures, even though she’s not a student. She’s simply fascinated by his wisdom. She experiences her own mystery with the disappearance of her new crush and seeks out the Doctor’s assistance since he’s the smartest and most open person she knows. Not to mention that she’s the first ever gay companion (I don’t count the pansexual Jack Harkness as he wasn’t a full-time companion). She’s such a breath of fresh air and is ridiculously happy. Seriously, her smiles make *my* cheeks hurt.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

2. Peter Capaldi

This is Peter’s final season as the Doctor and some of us are sad about that, while others couldn’t care less. Personally, I love Capaldi’s incarnation. The Scottish accent, the Attack Eyebrows, the IDGAF attitude. I was hesitant at first when he came aboard (that’s the usual reaction to regenerations, amirite?) but he quickly won me over.

Matt Lucas Nardole Doctor Who

3. Nardole

The character of Nardole, played by the hilarious Matt Lucas, made his debut a couple of Christmas specials back in “The Husbands of River Song.” I admit right off the bat: I was ecstatic to see Lucas listed in the billing. I became a fan when Comedy Central aired Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, a six-part mini-series (not to mention Bridesmaids, Pompidou, and Alice in Wonderland). Nardole is like a sassy puppy; he’s very loyal (first to River, and now to the Doctor) but will quickly let you know how he feels about things.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

4. A Major Throwback to the Third Doctor

Back in the days of Classic Doctor Who, the 3rd Doctor was sentenced to Earth by the Time Lords. No TARDIS, no leaving the planet. So far this season, we’ve seen the Doctor reluctant to leave the university’s basement. Even Nardole has made the comment that the Doctor isn’t allowed to leave the planet. Is he in trouble again? Is his punishment to guard “The Vault?” WHAT’S IN THE VAULT?

Steven Moffat Doctor Who

5. Steven Moffat

Okay yes, when Season 5 premiered I was on Team Moffat, having been ready for Russell T. Davies to move on. Well here we are, five seasons later, and I’m once again ready for the new showrunner. Moffat was a breath of fresh air, but his storytelling quickly became repetitive. Two episodes into the new season and I’m already noticing similarities with previous stories. I feel one of the reasons people didn’t give Twelve enough of a chance is due to Moffat’s writing. Here’s hoping our new showrunner will treat our favorite Time Lord better.

So there you have it. What do you like about the new season?

Doctor Photos Courtesy of BBC America. Steven Moffat Photo by Melissa Girimonte

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