An Exclusive Look at Ksenia Solo in Season 3 of Turn

Ksenia Solo Turn

AMC’s Turn is back next week, and Ksenia Solo returns as the captivating Peggy Shippen. We’ll be talking to Ksenia soon about the new season, but in advance of the Season 3 premiere, we have two exclusive first look photos of her in the season’s fourth episode.

Ksenia Solo Turn

Ksenia Solo Turn

Here’s a bit about where Peggy Shippen’s story picks up this season:

Hailing from one of the richest and most distinguished Tory families in the capital of Philadelphia, Peggy is known as “the most beautiful woman in America.” A clever woman with a mind of her own, Peggy disobeys her father’s wishes when she falls in love with Major John André. Instead of eloping at the end of Season Two, André and Peggy decide she should stay in Philadelphia to try and turn Benedict Arnold from the Patriot cause. But the plan has backfired, with Peggy unhappily engaged to Arnold. Now, she must secure Arnold’s loyalty to the British, while postponing her wedding long enough in hopes of André returning to steal her away.

See Ksenia Solo as Peggy Shippen in the Season 3 premiere of Turn, Monday April 25 at 10/9c on AMC. And stay tuned for our interview with her in the coming weeks!

Photos Courtesy of Antony Platt/AMC

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