Devious Maids: The Turning Point

Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids opened with Zoila accidentally dropping groceries all over the floor. She calls for Reina to come help her, but Reina doesn’t respond. She finds her hooking up with a UPS guy. She reminds her that Reina is supposed to be helping her and, since she’s not, she needs to leave. Reina says that someone needs to be there in case Zoila falls. As soon as Reina leaves, Zoila calls Genevieve to say she needs to come home right away due to an emergency.

Rosie tells Ernesto she’s broken up with Spence. She’s still worried that she’s not ready to be with him yet because they might be completely different people now. He agrees to take it slowly. I love them together and am also very nervous. Now that she’s dumped Spence and is starting this promising new relationship, I feel like I’m at the end of a horror movie, staring at the villain and thinking he’s dead when he’s actually about to open his eyes and jump at me one more time.

Marisol and Jesse have a scene snuggling together in bed, barely dressed. Every time there’s a Jesse scene I am shocked to remember how sexy he actually is. Jesse says he’d like to go out with her because he wants this to be more than just sex. She hesitates and then says she thought a guy his age would want to keep it casual. Their dynamic is wonderful.

Rosie teaches Katy to play a game, but finds out that Katy already knows it. She’s surprised because it’s a Mexican game.

We find out where Blanca has been: she’s being kept alive in a basement. She screams that she doesn’t know anything and she won’t go the police, but the person keeping her doesn’t listen.

Carmen overhears Evelyn on the phone saying that she’s looking for a home that’s child-friendly since she’s considering adopting. Carmen asks her why. Evelyn asks, “Is this because you don’t want extra housework?” Carmen tells her it’s going to be really hard. She says that Zoila is having a baby and now her life is over. Evelyn says, “How sad for her. Thank you, Carmen, you’ve given me a lot to chew on.”

Carmen performs a show for a mostly empty house. She complains to the bartender that she doesn’t know why she even comes here when there’s no one in the audience. Someone tries to get her attention, but she’s busy complaining about the lack of industry people at these showcases. She finally looks over at the guy, annoyed, and asks him what he wants. He tells her that he’s a talent scout. This is a perfect scene.

The maids all have lunch and Rosie mentions feeling like the Stoppards are hiding something because Katy knew a Mexican game despite the Stoppards claiming that she’s from Argentina. When she sees their looks, she asks if they think she’s being stupid. Marisol assures her that no one’s saying she’s stupid. Carmen says, “I’ll say it. That’s her thing. I’m the hot one, she’s the dumb one, Zoila is the mean one and you’re the other one.” I’m so torn between finding Carmen’s complete lack of tact charming and feeling protective of Rosie.

Because she’s having a relationship with Jesse after hiring him to be her maid, rumors start that Marisol’s maid business is actually a prostitution service. She finds this out when a woman comes to her asking to hire someone for her needs. This show is an absolute gift.

Reina tells Zoila that, instead of asking her to leave like Zoila asked her to, Genevieve has offered Reina a job.

Rosie has a romantic dinner with Ernesto. He notices something is bothering her and she tells him about her friends calling her stupid. Ernesto tells her, “You see things other people don’t.” Then he tells her, “Tell me what you were talking about with your friends and I will tell you why they are the stupid ones.” This is the exact moment they became my OTP. Rosie feels similarly about it and tells him she doesn’t need to go slow after all. Get it, girl.

Carmen has a meeting with the President of a record label. Everything seems great until the woman introduces herself: she’s Jacqueline Dussault, Sebastien’s wife.

Carmen tells Sebastien that she’s told Jacqueline she has to think about it. She doesn’t feel right about taking an offer from someone whose husband she’s screwing. Sebastien tells him that this is his plan. He says that Jacqueline will turn her into a star and then he won’t need her money anymore because he’ll have Carmen’s. Sebastien is a sleaze bucket but I respect that he’s straight forward about it. Carmen says that if she’s working with Jacqueline she’ll figure out that she’s with Sebastien. Sebastien says it’s the only way they can be together. Carmen says, “I hope that’s not true because your plan is terrible.” Carmen is wonderful.

Blanca manages to get untied and escapes from the basement. She enters a living room where she sees what seems to be a shrine dedicated to tennis pro Louie Becker, with newspaper clippings about his murder and other events of his life taped everywhere. Someone comes out from around the corner, chloroforms her and drags her away.

Zoila comes home from getting dinner with Genevieve. Just as Zoila knew they would, they catch Reina with a naked man over. She told him that it’s her house and she’s wearing one of Genevieve’s fur coats (and nothing else) and drinking her champagne. Genevieve tells Zoila she’s sorry that she didn’t believe her about her sister and then asks Reina to leave. This scene is so deeply satisfying.

In the final scene, Sebastien takes Evelyn to see a house. During their inspection, they walk into a room and find Blanca hanging dead from the ceiling. Well damn. It’s a bummer that Naya Rivera’s arc wasn’t longer, but this has definitely been an exciting ride.

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