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Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids had even more stuff with Adrian and Carmen and had Rosie being told that God himself wants her to dump Spence. I am a very happy viewer. Let’s get into it.

The episode opened with Genevieve being interviewed by the police. Michael Stoppard is present as her lawyer. When asked about her relationship with Louis, she refused to elaborate on the break up. After assuring the detective she has an alibi because she was at Marisol’s book party, she refused to answer any more questions about the break up. She tells the investigator, “I have said all I’m going to say.”

Jesse comes over to Marisol’s to do the laundry and the rest of the cleaning. The sexual tension is palpable and these two hot ass, adorable people should just kiss already. That’s my hot take!

Carmen is living the dream of hanging out and texting while Adrian cleans the floor with a toothbrush. He calls out, “Mistress, I seem to have missed a spot.” She’s busy texting Sebastian. He says again, “Mistress, I deserve to be punished.” He asks, “Excuse me, am I paying you to text or to abuse me?” She tells him, “You know, for a slave, you’ve got a real attitude problem.” He calls out the safe word (“argyle”). She asks why he’s using the safe word when she’s not doing anything. He says that Evelyn will be home soon and they don’t have time for “smiley faces from your married paramour.” She says that he’s really mad about her doing this with him. He pries about who the mystery level is and she snaps, “It’s none of your business!” then apologizes. He tells her there’s nothing less appealing than an apologetic dominatrix. She says she’s not sorry but she’s also not talking about him. He keeps prying and she keeps yelling at him to stop. She grabs a paddle and shouts, “Shut it, dog!” He says, “Now that’s more like it.” I love every character on this show (except Spence because I’m a person with taste), but man do I wish we got 40 minutes of The Carmen and Adrian Show every week.

Later, Zoila tells Genevieve she’s worried about her being a person of interest in a murder investigation and asks her what happened between her and Louis. Genevieve says she can’t tell her, but Zoila says, “It can’t be worse than murder.” Genevieve says that she and Louis made a sex tape. She says they tried something different. “It’s called the blooming orchid. It’s a sex position and you have to be quite limber to do it.” Zoila says, “You’re right. This is worse than murder.” Zoila tells Genevieve she should tell the full story to the police to clear up any suspicion. Genevieve says that Zoila needs to be her friend and take this secret to her grave.

Marisol visits the Powell house, just in time to see Carmen dominating Adrian.

Zoila spills the beans about Genevieve to Carmen. Evelyn finds Carmen and yells at her for ruining her favorite dress with her ironing. She demands Carmen give her one reason she shouldn’t fire her. Carmen blurts out, “Genevieve Delatour made a sex tape!”

Evelyn heads to the country club. A man named J’Abulani greets her and says, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Powell.” She says, “Hello …” After looking at his name tag, she says, “… you.”

Adrian tells Sebastian he wants his new house to have a secret room Evelyn won’t notice. A sex dungeon, if you will. I love Adrian so much. After their meeting, Adrian sees Carmen kissing Sebastian.

Evelyn finds Genevieve sharing a drink with Christopher at the club. She tells her she’s disturbed about being questioned over Louis’s murder. She says, “I’m surprised anyone would want to spread vicious gossip about me. Considering my position.” She explains that because of her position on the country club board she has easy access to all the members. She takes out her phone and says, “It would be so easy for me to retaliate.” She sends everyone Genevieve’s sex tape.

Rosie feels guilty about having fantasies about Ernesto. She goes to confession to explain the situation and ask if it’s okay that she’s having sex dreams about Ernesto. The priest tells her that because Ernesto never died, she’s really still married to him and that in the eyes of God, her second marriage is invalid. God and I don’t always agree, but in the matter of “Rosie should ditch Spence for Ernesto”, he is right.

Michael confronts Taylor after finding out that Blanca is missing and never went home. Taylor asks if he thinks she murdered Louis. He tells her no, but that he thinks she knows what happened the night Louis was killed. He tells her to tell him the truth so he can help her. She says, “I don’t trust you.” He tells her, “Taylor, you’re in a world of trouble.”

Genevieve confronts Zoila. “What happened to maid-employer confidentiality?” she asked. “That’s not a thing,” Zoila reminds her, but she assures she is sorry. Genevieve says that Zoila has ruined her life even though all she does is help her. Zoila reminds her that she is the one who told her to lie to Javie. Genevieve says that she can’t bare to be in the same house as Zoila right now and that she’s going to Greece with Christopher.

Katie hears Taylor yelling on the phone and asks if she’s sad again. Taylor brushes it off and says she’ll tuck her in soon. Since Taylor told Katie earlier that she needs to take her pills when she gets sad, Katie sneaks extra pills into Taylor’s wine.

Carmen wants to stop dominating Adrian, but he threatens to tell everyone about her affair with Sebastian, which would ruin Sebastian’s marriage. He tells her, “I’ll see you tomorrow. The safe word will be blackmail.” Everything about this is a gift.

In the final scene, Marisol comes over to talk to Taylor. Katie tells her that Taylor won’t wake up. Marisol rushes in and calls an ambulance. Taylor isn’t moving at all. Yikes.

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