Devious Maids: The Awful Truth

Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids opened with Ernesto Falta, the supposedly dead husband of Rosie Falta, showing up at the hospital where she had been staying after reading an article about her coma. Jerry, the nurse working says that she was discharged and they can’t give out personal information. Jerry calls Spence to tell him that Ernesto is looking for Rosie. Spence informs him that Ernesto is Rosie’s first husband and he’s dead. He says, “So you tell whoever this guy is that Rosie does not want to see him. Ever.” When Rosie asks who was on the phone, he says it was no one.

At the Powell house, Evelyn is introducing the newly hired Carmen to Adrian when they’re interrupted by a bus tour driving by. The tour guide tells the group, “And here we have the Powell murder house, which boasts not one, not two, but three gruesome deaths.” Evelyn calls, “No, no, two! Only two gruesome deaths!” The tour guide tells the group about the severed leg on the front lawn. Evelyn calls out, “A leg is not a body!” This show is an absolute gift. She tells Adrian they have to sell the house.

Zoila tries on wedding dresses for her girls. She finds the one they all love. She asks if Javi will love it. Carmen tells her, “In that dress, he’d marry you even if you weren’t pregnant.” Blanca worries that she’ll stick out at the fancy wedding. Carmen immediately volunteers to help, telling Marisol, “She wants to look hot. That’s my thing. Your thing is … something else.” Marisol says that she can also help Blanca find a new family to work for. Blanca insists that it’s fine and everything with the Stoppards was a big misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, in the dressing room, Rosie sees how pregnant Zoila looks and suspects she’s at least four months along. She makes the connection with the fact that Zoila slept with Pablo before he died. She insists that this is for the best. Rosie asks, “Who are you trying to convince: me or you?”

Spence finds the box where Rosie keeps all of the things that remind her of Ernesto. She looks at a photo of him and reminisces saying, “We were so in love” before catching herself and telling Spence, “I’m sorry.” He asks if she knew a lot of Ernestos in Mexico and she says no, just the one. She talks about the day she found out that Ernesto was killed by a drug cartel. He says, “It must’ve been hard, having to bury your own husband.” She tells him that Ernesto’s body was never found.

Blanca confronts Katie about the violent paintings she’s made. She asks, “Is that you, Katie?” Katie nods. Blanca asks, “Why do you have a knife?” Katie doesn’t respond. Blanca asks who the man in the painting who looks dead is. She says, “That’s my daddy.”

Genevieve tells Zoila that she’s found a caterer for the wedding. Zoila says that since her fiance is a chef, he’ll want to be consulted about the food. When the caterer realizes she’s marrying Javier Mendoza, she tells her that she’s his ex-wife. Zoila is surprised because Javier never told her he’d been married.

Carmen and Sebastian start having sex in one of the rooms in Adrian’s house. Adrian knocks on the door and says he needs a drink. Carmen calls out, “Come back later!” He says, “But, it’s my house.” When he tries to walk in anyway, she instinctively slams the door on his fingers. She tells him through the door, “Meet me in the library. I’ll bring you some ice.” Adrian is, uh … not unhappy with what happened.

Blanca confronts Taylor Stoppard. She’s sure that Katie killed Michael. Taylor says that Katie didn’t do anything. Blanca is pretty certain as she says, “She killed your husband!” Michael walks in. It turns out he’s come home from his trip.

Carmen ices Adrian fingers and tells him she’s sorry. He excitedly says that it’s okay: he disobeyed her order and needed to be punished. He happily tells her, “Keep up the good work.” And then asks, “Do I have your permission to leave?” She says, “… sure.”

Blanca attempts to tell Michael that something weird is going on with Katie, but Taylor stops her, sending her away on an errand. Taylor steps outside and makes a call, telling the person on the other end, “It’s me. I’ve got a problem.”

Spence meets up with Ernesto. He tells him that before he tells him where Rosie is, he needs to know more. Ernesto explains that the cartel never killed him, they only kept him prisoner for five years. When Spence says that he needs to stay away from Rosie, Ernesto immediately realizes that Spence is afraid she’ll leave him. I’m already so firmly team Ernesto. Spence insists that if Ernesto cares about Rosie, he’ll stay away from her at least for now. Sure. When he starts driving home, Ernesto follows him.

At Zoila’s wedding, all of the maids are talking when Genevieve walks up to them and tries to make conversation. She asks, “So … what’s new in cleaning?”

Zoila tells Genevieve she doesn’t think she can go through with this, knowing that she’s lying to Javier. But, she decides to walk down the aisle. During the vows, the priest mentions that marriage is based on earnest and trust. Still, Zoila doesn’t crack.

Ernesto walks in on the ceremony. Rosie stands up when she sees him and stares at him for a moment before fainting.

Ernesto tells the other maids that he needs to see Rosie. They’re very protective and say that she’s been through a lot and if he leaves his number, she can call him when she’s ready. Marisol says, “Can you believe that? Poor Rosie.” Carmen says, “I don’t know, for a dead guy he’s really hot.”

Blanca gets home from the wedding and calls out for the Stoppards. No one seems to be home. Someone jumps out of the shadows and puts a bag over her head before dragging her away.

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