Devious Maids: Terms of Endearment

This week’s Devious Maids opened with a Spence and Rosie scene because the Lord is testing me. Spence was eating all the cupcakes Rosie had baked for Miguel’s birthday party because he is the worst. They end up kissing. Bleh. Just then, Ernesto comes home. Spence says that he was just helping with the party. Ernesto says, “That’s nice. But I’m here now.”

Carmen wakes up and sees that Deion is in her room, touching all of her things. She brings him to Evelyn and says that Deion has been creeping in her room, touching her stuff. Evelyn says, “Thank you for bringing Deion’s behavior to my attention.” She immediately changes the subject and says that they’re going to Disneyland. Carmen says she should punish him. Evelyn says, “I can’t punish the child and then take him to Disneyland. It would send a mixed message.”

Marisol is still suspicious of Olivia. She stops by the house and tells Jesse she’s there to see him. But, as she’s catching up with Jesse, she keeps looking around at Olivia’s stuff. Jesse points out that she’s snooping. Marisol says, “We’re just having a casual conversation. But if you saw her doing anything suspicious, you would tell me, right?” Jesse tells Marisol that Olivia has cancer. He tells her, “She didn’t kill your friend. She’s been too busy fighting for your own life.”

The maids all have lunch and Marisol tells them about Olivia’s cancer. Carmen says, “Trying to pin a murder on a woman with cancer? That’s low. Like, you’re going to Hell.” Marisol says, “Thank you, Carmen.” Marisol says she thinks Olivia is probably milking the cancer for all its worth. Zoila says, “Marisol, that’s horrible. Go on.” Carmen says that if she had cancer, she’d milk it. Marisol says, “You milk it when you break a fingernail.” The conversation shifts to Zoila’s problem: she knows that Dr. Neff is leaching off Genevieve’s money but she doesn’t want to interfere in their relationship anymore.

Carmen tells Evelyn she has to punish Deion. Carmen concedes that Deion could use discipline and asks Carmen to take care of it. Carmen asks, “Why do I have to do it?” Evelyn says, “ Well, I don’t care if he hates you.”

Dr. Neff is about to propose to Genevieve. Zoila pretends to be going into labor to interrupt before he can finish asking.

Jesse talks to Olivia. When he asks if he can make her anything to eat, she says that the only thing she can keep down is broth. She happily tells him that her ex-husband is moving in. She says, “Please make up the guest room. That’s where he’ll be staying … for now!” She giggles happily and walks away. When Jesse takes out the trash, he sees a bag from a burger place in it.

Evelyn finds Deion cleaning the floors. She asks what he’s doing. He tells her, “Bitch made me do chores.” She says that a Powell never uses that word. He asks, “Bitch?” She says, “No. ‘Chores’.”

Jesse calls Marisol over and says he’s been looking through Olivia’s house. Marisol asks, “Am I hearing this right? Were you snooping?” He asks, “Do you want to bust my balls or do you want to know what I found?” They are such an adorable pair. He shows Marisol that one of Olivia’s most visited websites on her tablet is a site called, I kid you not, “How to Fake Cancer.” This honestly is one of my favorite things that has happened on television.

Spence arrives at Miguel’s birthday party and brings him a PlayStation. Spence and Ernesto bicker and Rosie reminds them both that today is about Miguel. Ernesto’s partner from the cartel arrives, disguised as a clown, so they can check out the house and formulate a plan for abducting Katy.

Ernesto’s partner sneaks into Katy’s room to scope it out and take pictures. Spence catches him. Everyone is singing the Mexican birthday song back in the living room when Spence runs into the room, chasing the clown. They start fighting and then Ernesto punches Spence.

When they’re home from the hospital, Dr. Neff starts his proposal over. She asks if what Zoila said about him not having money is true. He said that he just had to move things around because he just made a large donation to a hospital. He figures out that Zoila must’ve told Genevieve that he was broke. He says that Zoila is always trying to interfere with them. He tells Genevieve, “I want nothing more in the world than to marry you, but you are going to have to make a choice. It’s me or your maid.”

Olivia knocks on Marisol’s door and says she’d like a chance to explain herself. Marisol says she has some questions for her and let’s her in. Olivia says that she thought they were friends and Marisol shouldn’t have tattled on her to Michael about the cancer. She says, “I worked for months on this plan.” She said the first thing she did was break up Michael’s marriage by paying a man to approach Taylor and convince her to have an affair. Marisol asks, “Who was she cheating with?” Olivia reaches into her purse and says, “I have his name in here somewhere … Here it is.” She takes out a knife and tells Marisol, “Such a shame when friendships have to end.”

Marisol asks her to put the knife down. Olivia asks, “You just had to get involved, didn’t you?” Marisol asks, “Is this why you killed Blanca? Because she found out what you were up to?” Olivia is genuinely surprised and says that she doesn’t know anything about Blanca. She’s about to kill Marisol when Jesse jumps out to protect her. He ends up being the one stabbed by Olivia.

In the final scene, Spence answers his door and Ernesto’s partner is standing there. He says, “It’s me. Bobo.” He punches Spence hard, then walks in and closes the door behind him.

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