Devious Maids: Suspicion

This week’s Devious Maids opened with the Powells being adorably nervous as they ask Deion how he’d feel about them adopting him. Before he answers, they get a phone call and send Carmen to get it. Deion agrees and they all hug. Carmen pulls Adrian away, saying it’s important. The phone call was from his private investigator, who tells Adrian that he’s managed to track down Deion’s birth father. Adrian says he no longer wants anything to do with him. The private investigator says, “Well, that’s unfortunate because he’s sitting right across from me and he’s eager to meet you.”

Rosie has a plan to put hydrogen peroxide on the stain in Taylor’s couch to test if it’s blood. But, she finds that the couch is gone. When Taylor comes home, Rosie asks about the new future. Taylor says that after Rosie pointed out all the stains, he realized it was time for a clean start.

The maids have lunch and Rosie tells them about Taylor getting new furniture. She wonders if it’s possible Taylor’s a murderer. Marisol remembers that she went over to Taylor’s the day after Louie Becker was killed and her living room was a mess. Marisol says that whoever killed Louie also killed Blanca and there’s no way that Taylor could’ve done that by herself. The others suggest she might’ve had an accomplice since she was having an affair. Zoila says that Marisol has to find out who she was having the affair with. She asks her, “How would you get it out of one of us?” Carmen says that she would give them alcohol until they opened up.

Ernesto tells Rosie he thinks they should move away. Rosie says that she has a life here. Then, she tells him that she’s going to babysit Katie while Marisol takes Taylor out. Ernesto suggests that he came over. After Rosie goes into the bathroom to shower, Ernesto makes a call. He says, “Hector, it’s me. The plan is on. Tomorrow night we’ll take the girl.”

Adrian sends Evelyn and Deion away on a surprise trip to Europe. Once they’re gone, he joins Carmen in the house. They’re auditioning young boys to play Deion.

Marisol tries to get information from Taylor. Taylor realizes she only asked her to hang out to get information and says, “I can’t believe that I fell for this again.. For a year, you pretended to be my maid and my friend so that you could snoop around my house and write a best-seller. Forgive me, Marisol, if I don’t want to be the subject of your next book.”

Ernesto and Rosie snuggle on Taylor’s couch. Ernesto says, “You know I would do anything to be with you, right?” Hector slips into the backdoor. When Rosie asks what the noise was, Ernesto assures her he didn’t hear anything. Hector sneaks into Katy’s room, covers her mouth and asks her, “Remember me?”

Katy struggles against Hector. She gets free and screams for Rosie. She runs into Rosie’s arms. Ernesto finds Hector and tells him to get out through the window. He returns to Rosie and tells her that the guy got away. Rosie tells Katy, “It’s okay. You’re safe. Ernesto’s here to protect us.”

Marisol goes to the used furniture outlet where Taylor’s stuff ended up. She claims that Taylor is her boss and she sent her because she thinks her wedding ring fell in between the couch cushions. The man working lets her go look through all their furniture.

Adrian and Carmen’s plan to have an actor pose as Deion is actually working. Deion’s biological father Wallace is about to leave when Evelyn and Deion come home. Evelyn says they missed their connection in New York. She can tell Carmen is acting weird and they head into the living room. The actor introduces himself as Deion. Deion says, “I’m Deion.” Evelyn says, “Adrian, why are there so many Deions?”

Rosie tells Ernesto that she knows the man who broke in was from the same cartel that held him prisoner. “You let him in, didn’t you?” she asked. Ernesto asks, “Why would I do that?” Rosie says, “Because you were never a prisoner of the cartel.” She tells him that she deserves to know the truth. He says, “Maybe you should sit down.”

Carmen tells Wallace that the Powells really do love Deion and letting him stay might be the best thing for him. Wallace says she has no idea what he’s going through. She says, “Actually, I do. I was pregnant once a long time ago. I couldn’t even take care of myself, let alone a kid. So I gave my baby away.” She tells him, “It was the right thing. They were a good family with lots to offer, like the Powells.” He’s considering it when Adrian walks in and says he’s willing to offer him anything in exchange for Deion. He says, “Name your price.” Wallace says, “I might have considered leaving Deion with a good family but you are not a good family.”

Ernesto tells Rosie that the cartel threatened to kill Rosie and Miguel so he did whatever they told him to. He tells her that the cartel tracked him down and wanted to pull him back in, so he proposed a trade. Rosie is shocked as she asks, “Katy’s life for your own?… She’s just a little girl. She never hurt anyone.” Ernesto admits he wasn’t thinking of Katy and Rosie says, “You’re a monster.” She tells Ernesto, “I never thought I’d say this, Ernesto, but I really wish you’d stayed dead.”

Evelyn says goodbye to Deion. After Deion drives away, Evelyn falls down sobbing.

Ernesto tells Hector that he’s out. Hector says that he doesn’t have a choice unless he wants to end up like Spence. Ernesto says his threats mean nothing to him and he can’t hurt him anymore. Hector asks, “Are you sure about that? Would it hurt you if I paid your wife a visit?” Ernesto chokes him to death.

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