Devious Maids: She Done Him Wrong

Devious Maids

How great was this week’s Devious Maids? Well, the opening scene was Adrian getting Carmen to electrocute him. That alone is worth the price of admission. She doesn’t want to do it and he makes a snide remark about how this is why Sebastian will never leave his wife for her. She says that she knows he’s just saying this to get her to torture him. He says that if he wanted her to torture him, he’d have her sing. Then she turns the knob on the electrocution machine so hard it breaks off. Quality content. Adrian goes into shock and Carmen has to call an ambulance.

Zoila’s sister Reina shows up at Genevieve’s house and tells her she’s come to help with the baby. Zoila is clearly not happy with this but Reina insists.

Zoila meets up with Rosie and complains about her sister’s presence. Rosie then brings up the fact that a priest said she’s still married to Ernesto in God’s eyes. Zoila asks her, “Putting aside God for a moment, who do you want to be with?” Rosie says she can’t pick and I get to know a moment’s happiness at the idea she might choose Ernesto, but unfortunately then she says she chooses Spence.

Michael finds Taylor’s pill bottle in Katy’s room and asks what it was doing there. She says that her mom was sad, so she put the pills in her drink to make her happy again. Michael says that she almost killed her mother. Michael says, “Do you have any idea how much we’ve done for you? How much we’ve risked? What’s wrong with you?” Katy runs off.

Rosie tries to have sex with Spence, but when the house is struck by lightning she’s convinced that God disapproves of them being together. God and me are on the same page.

Michael discovers that Katy is missing. She’s run off and is sitting on Evelyn’s front step. Evelyn asks what she’s doing there and she declares that she ran away. Evelyn sits down with her. This scene starts off as a great comedy scene, playing off Evelyn’s generally cold nature, but Katy ends up crying against her while Evelyn holds her and assures her it’s going to be okay. It’s a very touching scene.

Carmen goes to Marisol to tell her that she put Adrian in the hospital. Marisol says that because Adrian coerced her, Carmen’s the one who’s been wronged. Carmen admits she just expected Marisol to yell at her. I really appreciate this interaction. So many shows are upsettingly victim-blame-y about these kinds of things.

When Zoila finds out that her sister has been hanging around because her husband left her, she tries to convince him to take her back. He says that if she knew the full story, she wouldn’t be defending Reina. He tells Zoila that Reina had sex with Pablo.

Evelyn walks Katy back to her house. He tells Michael that she’s lucky to have Katy in her life. Michael says he’s not good with kids and it’s more Taylor’s thing. Evelyn says that she and Adrian have considered adopting, but Adrian is against the idea so they never did. She tells him that children are a gift to be cherished “because you never know when they might need you.” Ugh. Evelyn. My love for you grows every week.

Rosie goes to Ernesto to get him to sign an annulment for the church to ease her guilt about being with Spence. Instead, she ends up kissing him. This show makes me happy on every level.

Zoila kicks Reina out of her house. She says that she was with Pablo years ago, when he and Zoila were “barely married.” Zoila angrily says that all Reina does is take from her. She and Reina fight and Zoila falls down the stairs.

At the doctor’s, Zoila gets a sonogram while Reina hovers near her, worried. The doctor assures her that the baby is fine. Zoila is relieved, then starts crying and admits that she hadn’t been sure if she wanted this baby and there were times when she thought it’d be easier if the baby just went away. But, when she was worried that something had happened to the baby, she realized that she loves her. The doctor tells Reina to stay off her ankle for a while and Reina assures her that she can take care of her.

Rosie tells Spence that she still has feelings for Ernesto and that she never stopped. She totally dumps him and it’s not even my birthday. There is so much beauty and happiness in this world.

Carmen comes clean to Evelyn about what she’s been doing with Adrian. Evelyn fires her, until Marisol says that they could sue for wrongful termination. Evelyn backtracks and says she’d never fire Carmen.

Marisol talks to Jesse after kissing him. She apologizes. He says that he only left because he didn’t want to take advantage of her after she’d had so many drinks and he was trying to be a gentleman. He says he’s been wanting to kiss her since the first time he met her. They kiss again and it’s lovely. He lifts her up onto the counter. Yes, please.

Carmen tells Sebastian that she’s told Evelyn everything so she doesn’t have to hurt Adrian anymore. Sebastian asks, “Can I hurt him?” Carmen says that it’s over. Sebastian says he’s always going to be there for Carmen. Carmen says, “I know you care about me, but you’re married.” He says that he’s thinking he doesn’t have to be married anymore and that he has a plan. You better not be playing with my girl, bro.

Evelyn tells Adrian that she’s not going to fight him on the S&M issue anymore and that he can do whatever he wants. But, she tells him that she wants a child.

Katy asks Michael if he’s going to call her “Katy” forever. He tells her that’s her name now. Rosie arrives at their door and says she’s their new maid.

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