Devious Maids Recap: Awakenings

Devious Maids

Devious Maids is back! The premiere opened right where last season ended: with Ty McKay driving up to Rosie’s wedding and shooting at people. He hits both Rosie and Pablo.

Rosie wakes up in a hospital bed and finds out that she’s been in a coma for four months and that Pablo is dead. While they’re catching her up on what’s been happening, Carmen and Marisol end up fighting. Carmen says they barely see Marisol anymore because she’s always doing fancy things with Evelyn Powell. Marisol says that Carmen is dating a married man and the way he treats her is degrading.

The Stoppards have moved back into the neighborhood and now they have a small child named Katy, who never talks. When Evelyn asks where they found her, Taylor says Argentina. But, after Evelyn steps out of the room, Michael asks her why she said Argentina. Taylor says, “Well, we can’t tell people the truth.”

Remi gives Valentina pepper spray, to protect herself. She can tell he’s acting weird, but just tells him, “Next time you want to buy me a gift, try flowers.”

Carmen’s words have clearly gotten to Marisol because while she has lunch with Evelyn, she asks, “Do you ever feel like we should be filling our days with something more meaningful than shopping?” Evelyn asks, “Where’s all this coming from?”

Meanwhile, Zoila is pregnant. She tells Genevieve that she’s not sure if it’s Javier’s, it might be Pablo’s. She swears she’ll find a way to test Javier before she starts to show, which is a tight deadline since she’s already stretching her uniform.

The maids all have lunch together and we get our first introduction to Blanca, the new character played by Naya Rivera. As if I needed another reason to love this show. Blanca tells Marisol she’s heard a lot about her. Marisol says, “Nothing bad, I hope.” Blanca glances at Carmen before saying, “No! All good here.”

When Spence visits Rosie in the hospital and they catch up he tells her that he did a movie while she was in the coma, but doesn’t elaborate on it much, saying it was “just for cable.” After he leaves, the nurse working her shows her that it was a softcore movie and Spence was naked in every scene.

Later, Carmen calls Marisol to tell her that they’re all bringing dinner to Rosie in the hospital. Marisol tells her that she has a party for her book at Evelyn Powell’s house.

Zoila gets the paternity test back and finds out that it’s not Javier’s baby, it’s Pablo’s. She asks Genevieve, “What am I gonna do?”

The next time Spence visits Rosie, she confronts him about the movie. He tells her that it’s just softcore porn and he wasn’t really having sex. He says that it was the only job he could find and Miguel needed him. He says, “I did the best that I could. For Miguel. He’s my son now too.”

After she accidentally sprays him with pepper spray because he’s been putting her on edge, Valentina confronts Remi about his overprotective behavior since the shooting. He tells her he feels guilty because he ducked during the shooting, rather than protecting her. She tells him that everyone ducked because there was gunfire. She reminds him that she doesn’t want to lose him anymore than he wants to lose her. She tells him, “That day was the worst day of my life. I lost my dad. I couldn’t imagine losing you too. I’m glad you ducked.”

Carmen has had enough of Sebastian and is leaving him. She says she loves him and he says he loves her, so I think this is supposed to be a powerful moment, but I feel like we haven’t seen enough of this relationship to be invested. On the other hand, the fact that she tells him, “I’m better than this” and walks off is pretty rewarding since, regardless of how much I care about this relationship, I am very invested in Carmen. Maybe showing us very little of the appeal of the relationship and only showing him treating her badly was a deliberate choice, a reminder that sometimes awesome ladies get really swept up by mediocre dudes.

At Marisol’s party, Adrian Powell meets a dominatrix. After his encounter with her, he finally gets hard and hurries to take Evelyn to the bathroom for a quickie. Meanwhile, Marisol hears a bunch of rich white ladies complaining about how stupid maids are. When Marisol stands put o them, they claim she should agree with the conversation because it’s what her entire book is about. She reminds them it’s not what her book is about and that they shouldn’t feel better than their maids, then tells Evelyn that she’s leaving the party.

Marisol arrives at the hospital where they’re having dinner with Rosie. Carmen asks her, “What about your big party and all your fancy people?” Marisol tells her, “They’re not my people. You are.” Carmen tells Marisol that she was right about her relationship with Sebastian and that they’ve broken up. Marisol invites her to stay in her guest house.

When Evelyn finds out that what finally got Adrian excited was another woman, she’s not happy, saying, “Oh my God. I had sex with another woman’s erection?” He explains that it wasn’t about the woman, it was about the pain. Evelyn doesn’t like him asking her to be cruel to him and she says, “I’m going to bed. You can sleep on the couch tonight.” He reminds her that they have nine other bedrooms and she repeats, “Couch.”

Blanca arrives at the Stappords house to move in and discovers the living room is covered in blood. Katy watches from around the corner. It definitely looks like she killed Michael, since he’s not around. Blanca asks Taylor what happened but before we get any answers it cuts away. Then, y’all, Evelyn discovers a human leg in her garden. So, this should be a pretty good season.

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