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Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids opened with Adrian Powell coming home to find a crime scene around in his house after Evelyn Powell found a leg in her yard. The police have to ask his whereabouts, so Evelyn finds out that he was out at the S&M club all night. The cop laughs and says, “Why don’t I give you a minute?” Evelyn responds, “No, stay. There’s going to be another murder.”

Zoila wants to tell Valentina that she’s pregnant, but before she can, Valentina and Remi tell her that they’re getting married and that Valentina is moving to New York with Remi. Zoila tells them that they shouldn’t rush into anything. They mention that they haven’t had sex since they were waiting until marriage and Zoila is shocked that Valentina actually listened when she said that it’s a sin. Zoila hugs Valentina and calls her a good girl, but adds, “But, you’re not getting married. Not in a million years.”

Rosie calls Spence on Skype and Miguel shows her how dirty the apartment has gotten. Miguel asks her, “Am I in trouble?” She tells him, “No, but Spence is.”

Carmen wants Marisol’s maid service to help her find a job. When Carmen nags her, Marisol reminds her that she doesn’t have a strong resume. Carmen confidently says, “That’s why I also included a headshot.” Marisol tries to tell Carmen that it’s a tough job market and no one is hiring, but she’s interrupted when another client shows up to thank her for fighting for a job for her. Carmen insists she try harder to find her a job.

Taylor Stoppard told Blanca that the blood all over her living room was from shooting a burglar who then ran away. But, when she finds out about the leg found in the Powells’ lawn she thinks that Taylor killed the burglar. She asks Taylor why she doesn’t just go to the police if it was self-defense. Taylor says that Katie’s adoption wasn’t legal, so she can’t have the police looking into their lives. She tells Blanca that she doesn’t have to keep working for her, but asks her to please not go to the police, for Katie’s sake. Blanca tells her, “Your keys are on the kitchen counter” before leaving.

Spence is struggling to clean when Zoila and Carmen come over with some home cooked food, since they figure Rosie probably isn’t up to cooking. Zoila says, “Anything you need from us, just ask.” He showed them the apartment and tries to guilt them about how hard things have been for him. He says, “There is just so much to do! When Rosie gets home and sees it like this, she’s going to know how much things have fallen apart …” Zoila says they’ll help him clean and Carmen reluctantly agrees.

Carmen confronts Marisol again about how she hasn’t found her a job yet. She says, “I thought you were my friend.” Marisol tells her she’s a bad maid. Instead of trying to deny it, Carmen asks her, “How is it any of your business if I’m good?” Marisol reminds her, “This is a placement agency. It is literally my business. Agencies are built on reputations. If you’re bad, it reflects on me.” She tells her, “Carmen, you’re a diva and we love that, but it can’t always be about you.” Carmen understands now. She tells Marisol that she’s proud of her for starting this business and doesn’t want to mess it up for her. The first two episodes of this season have convinced me that Marisol / Carmen is the best friendship on TV right now.

Evelyn lets Adrian take her to the S&M club. She’s mortified when she sees someone she recognizes. Adrian reminds her that this woman is in no place to judge, since she’s also at the club. The woman asks, “What’s this I hear about a leg? What are you people doing in that house?” Evelyn storms away.

When Blanca asks Marisol to find her a new job, Marisol tells her that when an employer asks a lot of you, it’s okay to ask for something in return. Blanca returns to the Stoppard house, ready to get her blackmail on. She tells Taylor that college costs a lot of money and she wishes she had a scholarship. Taylor tells her, “Well, maybe if you came back to work here, I could give you a raise.” Blanca says it would have to be a pretty big raise. Taylor tells her that it would be and she’d be able to pay all her college tuition. Blanca says, “I would be so grateful for that. I’d be grateful and quiet.” Taylor says, “I’ll get my checkbook.” There’s such a businesslike mutual respect in this scene. It’s wonderful and I really hope the good people of the Internet turn this into a Quinntana AU.

Valentina tells Adrian that she’s engaged and she’s moving to New York. Adrian calls Marisol. Marisol says that she doesn’t know if she has anyone who’s up to Evelyn’s standards. Adrian tells her, “Honestly, Evelyn loves yelling at bad maids. She finds it soothing.” Marisol looks at Carmen, who’s still crashing at her place, and says she can send someone over who can start right away.

Rosie comes home to her apartment and is very impressed with how clean it is until Miguel spills the beans that Zoila and Carmen cleaned. Spence tries to manipulate her and fake crying, but Rosie tells him to knock it off. He says, “I didn’t hire anyone. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She says that what she wants is for him to grow up and start acting like an adult. She brings up her dead husband Earnesto. Spence tells her to stop comparing him to a dead man.

In the final scene, we see a man crossing the border into the U.S. A guard working at the border asks what his business is in America. He says, “I’m here to see my wife,” and then looks down at a picture of Rosie. This Rosie / Spence plot finally — finally — got interesting instead of just making me feel frustrated about how Spence is the worst.

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