Devious Maids: Cries and Whispers

Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids opened with a series of news reports showing that people believe Blanca was the one who killed Louie Becker.

Carmen is meeting with Jacklyn when she gets a call from Sebastien. Jacklyn overhears her saying, “I love you” to Sebastien and wants to know about Carmen’s boyfriend. She suggests that they double date. Carmen asks, “You mean, you, me, your husband and my boyfriend? All … four … of us?”

Marisol tells Jesse about a big account she’s trying to land from a guy who needs several maids for his properties. She says that she can’t focus right now because she’s still thinking about Blanca. She says that she doesn’t believe there’s any way that Blanca could be a murderer. Jesse points out that Marisol didn’t really know Blanca and that, under the right circumstances, good people are capable of some pretty bad things.

A guy named Hector is waiting for Ernesto. Ernesto asks how Hector found him and Hector says that it wasn’t hard. He’s been watching Ernesto. He asks if Ernesto’s wife knows the truth. Hector says that before Ernesto ran away he was one of the best man. Ernesto says he’s not working for the cartel anymore and Hector says that the cartel doesn’t take no for an answer. He tells him that he may want to reconsider “or that pretty wife of yours may not be so pretty anymore.”

Zoila wakes up in the middle of the night and hears Genevieve and her boyfriend Christopher having sex. He keeps yelling, “Ooh la la!”

Rosie tells Ernesto her concerns about the Stappords. She says that she thinks she has secrets, but she doesn’t think they’re responsible for any murders; they don’t seem like killers. When Hector walks up to them, Ernesto hurries Rosie away.

Marisol meets with her prospective client. He continually hits on her despite her trying to politely brush it off. When he touches her after she told him not to, Jesse runs at him and physically throws him out before calling out, “Come back here again, I’ll kill you!”

Taylor is in bed, crying over Blanca’s death. Michael comments that he’s surprised she’s this upset. He shows her Blanca’s broken necklace and says that Rosie wants him to give it to the police. Taylor doesn’t want him to. She says this is just because they might ask about Katy and how they got her. Michael tells her that if she knows something about what happened to Blanca, she should tell him. She denies knowing anything.

Marisol tells Carmen about Jesse’s aggressive behavior. Carmen says that she should give him a break, saying, “Sexy people get second chances.”

Ernesto tries to get Rosie to stay home from work. He says that it’s not safe, claiming this is because the Stappord’s last maid was murdered. He says that she should quit, after all, she never worked when they lived in Mexico. He could just be her wife and take care of Miguel. She says that she’s not the same woman she was five years ago and she works now. He says that he forbids her from leaving the apartment. She laughs. He says that he’s trying to protect her and she needs to just do what he says. She says that he can’t tell her what to do and he says, “Yes, I can, I’m your husband!” She says, “I’m going to work and that’s that.”

Zoila brings Christopher breakfast. When she hears him say “ooh la la” over her food, she decides to speak up. She suggests that he not say that so much. When he says that Genevieve finds that phrase endearing, Zoila sets him straight. This makes him realize that Genevieve has discussed not liking what he says in bed with Zoila.

Carmen goes out to dinner with Sebastien, Jacklyn and a barista named Doug who is posing as Carmen’s boyfriend. They get into a fight when Sebastien flirts with a waitress and Jacklyn brings up all his affairs. When they both walk away, Doug turns to Carmen and says, “Wow, is that guy a jerk or what?”

Taylor sees an intruder in her house and tells Michael. Rosie asks if she should call the police and Taylor quickly says no. Michael goes after him and it turns out to be Ernesto.

Michael asks why Ernesto was sneaking around their house. He apologizes and says he just wanted to make sure Rosie was okay. Since he can’t say the real reason he’s worried, he brings up Rosie’s concerns about what happened to Blanca. Michael says that if Ernesto ever sneaks around again, they’ll call the police. Rosie says she’ll make sure it won’t happen again. Ernesto recognizes Katy and asks her, “Violeta?” She nervously says, “My name is Katy,” and then walks away.

Marisol admits to Jesse that she feels like she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. He reassures her and they kiss. She suggests they take a shower together. He says he’ll be right in. When she’s no longer in the room, he takes a gun out of his pants and puts it in his bag.

Genevieve tells Zoila that she’s had a fight with Christopher. She’s mad that he accused her of being too close to Zoila. Zoila says that he may be right. Zoila says, “We’re really wrapped up in each other’s lives and it keeps getting us in trouble.” Zoila says it’s time for her to move back to her own house. Genevieve worries she’s quitting. Zoila assures her she’s not. She’ll still be her maid during the day, but at night she’ll go home and Genevieve and Christopher will have their house to themselves.

In the final scene, Ernesto meets up with Hector. He says he wants to make a deal. He says he wants his freedom. When Hector says the leader of the cartel would never give it to him, he says, “Tell him I’ve found the little girl he’s been looking for.”

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