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Devious Maids

This week’s Devious Maids opened with Evelyn bringing Adrian home from the hospital. He’s immediately suspicious because she’s being nice. She tells him that she has a surprise for him. She introduces him to Deion — their new son.

The maids have lunch and Carmen tells them about Jacklyn kissing her. Carmen asks, “Do you think she’s in love with me?” Rosie reminds her that she thinks everyone is in love with her.

Carmen asks Jacklyn if the kiss meant something. Jacklyn says she feels curious for Carmen and they should explore it. This is a disappointing scene from the bi erasure (“I can’t be gay. I’m married to a man”), to the fact that of course Carmen is horrified for comic effect to the way Jacklyn emphasizes that they’re not gay, they’re just curious.

Carmen leaves Michael Stappord a message trying to get in contact with him. She sees Jesse watching sports and eating snacks. She suggests they go upstairs and polish his resume. She insists that helping people find work really turns her on and that she could help him get a few meetings. He says that she has to trust him to find a job. She agrees that she believes in him, but then takes one of his resumes. She’s clearly got plans for it.

Carmen tells Sebastien about Jacklyn. Sebastian says that she must be a lesbian and it explains a lot, like why she’s bad in bed. Carmen says, “Papi, you’re amazing in bed.” This interaction is not my tempo. When Jacklyn invites Carmen to come over on Friday night, Sebastien tells Carmen that she should accept. He can walk in on them and this will be a violation of their prenuptial agreement. He would finally be able to leave her without losing all of his money and then they could be together. Carmen says, “Fine. I’ll seduce your wife. But, I won’t enjoy it.”

Rosie finds a dirty magazine in Miguel’s room. Since Ernesto is gone, she asks if Spence can talk to him man-to-man.

Marisol takes Jesse’s resume down to the country club. She finds out that Jesse used to work at the country club, but was fired after an unpleasant incident with Louie Becker — the tennis pro who was recently murdered.

Zoila complains to Marisol and Rosie that Christopher is going behind her back and re-doing her housework. She says that when Christopher and Genevieve leave on her day off, she’s going to go in and scrub every inch of their house to show them that she’s good at her job. Marisol arrives and tells them that Jesse had an incident with Louie and never told her about it. They all remind her that Jesse is the one who found Louie’s hand. Marisol says that’s just a coincidence. Zoila asks how much she really knows about Jesse and Rosie reminds her they all agreed that Blanca didn’t really kill Louie, so they don’t know who did. Zoila says, “You wrote a whole book about snooping around other people’s houses, just Marisol his ass.”

Adrian tells Deion all the scary stories about what’s happened at the house, to try and spook him so he doesn’t want to live with them anymore.

Zoila arrives at Genevieve’s house and is in the middle of cleaning when she runs into another woman in a maid’s uniform. When she asks, “Who the hell are you?” the woman responds, “I’m the maid. Who are you?”

Evelyn can’t find Deion. He’s hiding in the closet, under a blanket, scared.

Miguel is playing with Katy. Rosie leaves them alone for a minute to make lunch. Miguel tells Katy that he likes her and then tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and says, “Touch me again and I’ll kill you and dance in your blood!” Rosie overhears this and asks Katy what’s wrong with her.

Marisol surprises Jesse at his place to make him dinner. She starts taking ingredients out of her bag and then says that she forgot the chicken. She asks him to run out. He says there’s a supermarket down the street and she says that she needs the organic free range chicken from the place near her place. He asks if she’s sure, since that’ll take at least forty minutes. She says, “Perfect. My sauce needs time to simmer.” As soon as he’s gone, she starts looking through the apartment.

While Marisol is searching, she finds a box under Jesse’s bed. Inside, she finds his gun. While she’s looking at it, he walks in and asks what she’s doing. She points the gun at him.

Jesse asks why she’s pointing a gun at him. She counters, “Why do you have a gun?” He says that after he found the hand, he felt nervous and wanted to protect himself. Marisol asks about Louie Becker. Jesse says that he caught Louie getting handsy with women at the club and when he called him out on it, Louie made up some lies to get him fired. Marisol hands over the gun. Jesse tells Marisol that she has PTSD from all the bad guys she’s been with and that her exes have made her crazy. He tells Marisol that she should go.

In the final scene, Rosie asks Spence if he told Miguel to kiss a girl. She says that Miguel said he was acting on Spence’s advice. She complains that if Ernesto was here, this wouldn’t have happened. Spence, true to his personal brand, decides to do the most terrible thing and yell at her about how he “stood by you while you were in a coma for months.” What? He really says it like she did something wrong too. Like he expects her to say, “I’m so sorry. If I’d realized me being in a coma would be hard for you, I wouldn’t have done it.” As soon as she’s gone, Spence opens his bedroom door to reveal Taylor Stappord. She asks, “Do you think she knows about us?” Spence says that she doesn’t know anything. Okay … this seems like they’re moving towards being aware that Spence is the worst, which is definitely something I can get behind.

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