Devious Maids: Anatomy of a Murder

The Devious Maids Season 3 finale was a satisfying ending that answered all of the season’s questions, but also created some huge new cliffhangers. Let’s get into it!

The episode opened with Carmen asking the other maids what’s going on. Marisol and Rosie say that they’re close to cracking the case of who killed Blanca and Louie. Carmen asks, “When did we become maids who solve murders?” She brings up the fact that they broke up with Sebastien. Everyone says they never liked him. Sebastien walks in and Carmen announces that they’re back together and getting married. The other maids badly attempt to act happy for her. We’ve all been there.

Adrian and Evelyn sit at the club together. Adrian says he’s gone to social services and asked for another boy like Deion. Evelyn says that he can’t just replace Deion. Adrian gives her the good news that Sebastien has finally found a buyer for their house. He wants to get drinks to celebrate, but instead he gets served divorce papers. Evelyn tells him, “I’m starting a new chapter and you’re not in it.”

Carmen visits Marisol and tells her to tell the Powells that she’s quitting. Since Sebastien is getting a big commission for selling the Powells house, she doesn’t need the job anymore. Marisol says that she’s moving too quickly. Carmen reminds her she’s been dating Sebastien all year and Marisol replies, “You’ve been breaking up with him all year.” Carmen says the only problem was that he was married but now it finally feels right. Marisol asks, “If he cheated on his wife, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you?” Carmen accuses her of only being jealous because she can’t keep a man. I love Carmen, but c’mon.

Rosie visits Spence, who’s in the hospital after Hector beat him badly. She asks if he can forgive her. He tells her, “Can I ask you something first? Who are you?”

Zoila tells Genevieve she’s not going to go to couples’ therapy with her anymore. Genevieve says they were making progress and Zoila points out that she spent the whole hour flirting to make the therapist like her. She says, “I wasn’t flirting. I’m naturally adorable. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.”

Sebastien gives the Powells the papers to sign to sell the house. Adrian refuses to sign. If they can’t sell the house, it’s impossible to divide the assets in their divorce. Sebastien tells him, “If you don’t sell, I don’t get paid.” Adrian responds, “I’m terribly sorry about that. No wait. I don’t care.”

Marisol goes to Taylor’s house and threatens to tell the police everything she’s learned. Taylor asks why she’s doing this. Marisol says, “You’re my friend, Taylor. But so was Blanca.” This is a great moment and Ana Ortiz delivers the line with great conviction. So many shows drift away from their central themes or forget the heart of the show as they go on, but three seasons into this show it’s still so strongly based in the maids understanding that they need to protect each other. Taylor says that she didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Marisol says, “Tell me the truth. Who is he?”

Taylor explains how lonely she was and how she just needed someone to talk to. And there he was … Sebastien!

Meanwhile, Zoila is about to give birth. In the hospital, she and Genevieve finally reconcile. Before Zoila is taken into a hospital room, she and Genevieve say “I love you” to each other.

Sebastien takes Carmen, Marisol, the Powells and Michael all hostage because the know his secret. He admits to killing Louie but insists he had to do it to keep his wife from finding out that he cheated with Taylor. He says he’s not a bad guy. Carmen angrily asks, “Then why did you kill Blanca?”

Marisol explains that Blanca was in the wrong place at the wrong time, since she walked in on the murder scene after Sebastien killed Louie and Sebastien was worried she’d talk.

Michael tells Sebastien, “You’re dead, do you hear me? As soon as I get out of here, I’m gonna kill you.” Sebastien shoots him. He tells them that now that they all know the truth, he can’t let any of them go. He starts to let the house fill with gas and says he’s going to blow them all up.

Taylor arrives at a motel. She’s now wearing a wig and glasses. She leaves Marisol a voicemail saying, “You’re a good friend and I’m really going to miss you” before throwing her cellphone in the trash. When they check into the motel, Taylor says her name is Abby Parker. Katy introduces herself as Rosie.

The real Rosie brings photos to Spence to remind him who she is. He tells her, “I don’t need photos. I know exactly who you are. You’re Rosie. How could I ever forget you? You’re the best maid my wife and I ever had.”

Peri Westmore walks in. Spence says he called her and she sorted everything out. Peri says, “Now that I’m here, sweetie, I’m not leaving your side. I’m right where I belong.”

Zoila is giving birth when there’s a serious complication. A nurse goes to Genevieve and tells her that they’re doing their best to save them both, but that Genevieve needs to tell them whether to prioritize Zoila or her baby. Oh no. I really don’t want Zoila to die. She’s a great part of this show.

In the final moments of the show, Carmen, Marisol and Evelyn manage to escape the house Sebastien had them trapped in. Police officers arrive on the scene and Evelyn warns them that the house is filled with gas because of Sebastien’s plan to blow them all up. Evelyn can’t find Adrian.

Back in the house, Sebastian hears that he’s surrounded and gets up, only to find Adrian’s shocker sex toy, with the wires exposed. He knocks it over and there’s an explosion. Evelyn looks back at the house, which is now in flames, and screams Adrian’s name. Ugh, I don’t want Adrian to die either. What a stressful finale.

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