Countdown to Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter as Marvel's Jessica Jones in Netflix Teaser Jessica Jones Goes to Work

The countdown to Jessica Jones is hitting a critical point. We’re less than a week away from Marvel’s follow-up to Daredevil, led by Krysten Ritter, landing on Netflix. And we’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

From the time the epic abstract teaser landed with the premiere date we’ve been itching to see more. After a series of vignettes that showed, but told very little, from a Kesha-inspired wake-up call, grabbing a rather destructive night cap to the tunes of Joan Jett, going to work at Alias Investigations, and culminating with our first spine-tingling experience of David Tennant’s Kilgrave it quickly descended into a can’t hardly wait situation.

Personally, when I’m ultra-excited for a thing I try to avoid too many sneak peeks, teasers, and set pics – I like to up the anticipation and dive into the thing  head first when it arrives.

But let’s just dig into the latest two trailers because let’s face it — with a week to go — we deserve to treat ourselves to some kick-ass Krysten Ritter, just to whet our appetites before the Thanksgiving feast that will be the Jessica Jones binge next week!

First up: Meet Jessica Jones in the series’ first full length trailer

This trailer hits like a punch from our eponymous hero. It’s violent, and abrasive, more so than the vignettes, but very much in line with the tone we’ve seen with Marvel’s previous Netflix series,  Daredevil. We also meet Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Trish “Hellcat” Walker (Rachael Taylor), getting an idea of how they fit into Jessica’s story, while simultaneously introducing Kilgrave, providing some insight into how he has shaped Jessica’s past, and what his return might mean for her present.  What I do love about this trailer is how much the story feels like it’s being told from Jessica’s perspective, something I hope to see continue in the series.



And the final Jessica Jones trailer before the series premieres

While the first trailer seemed to set up mood and personal relationships between Jessica and the supporting characters, this trailer continues in that vain, focusing even more on action, Kilgrave’s influence, Jessica’s powers and it doubles down on her affinity for whiskey.


So … how many times have you watched the trailers? What are you hoping to see more of in the series? Stay tuned to this space for Jessica Jones recaps once the series hits Netflix next week!

Image and Videos Courtesy of Netflix

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