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Bates Motel

If you expected a “wedding episode” of Bates Motel to involve romance and sentimentality, then I have to question what show you’ve been watching all this time. There are moments of lightness here and there, but knowing this show, the episode title “Til Death Do You Part” is going to be prophetic.

The show starts with Norma looking in at Norman’s empty room, while he’s at Pineview being taken to orientation by a nurse. Romero meets Norma at City Hall, and because this is Norma, she’s wearing a black suit to her wedding and not white. He asks her to at least pretend to be into him a little, and it’s awkward, but Romero assures her they’re doing the right thing. They go in front of the justice, and Norma wants to skip to the end, but Romero wants her to proceed as usual. They share a short kiss, at which Norma lingers, then go outside where she thanks him. He tells her he’ll bring his stuff over after work, and she’s surprised, but he reminds her that it has to look real since he’s an elected official and what they’re doing is illegal.

Emma and Dylan are taking a walk outside the hospital, as she pushes an IV pole and says nothing has changed since she’s still dragging medical equipment around (for now). Dylan talks about a guy he worked with who had phantom limb after a leg amputation and she jokes that she’ll have phantom tank syndrome. He tells her he wants to fire Gunnar and get out of the weed business because he wants to do something better with his life.

The Pineview nurse talks to Norman about schedules and rules and mentions that he’ll be going to therapy daily. He asks how long he’ll be here, and she says it’s up to the doctor. When he meets with Dr. Edwards, the doctor tell shim that Norma is worried about not knowing how to help him and Norman implies that Norma is the one who needs help. Norma calls the hospital and finds out that new arrivals are not allowed outside contact for the first 72 hours. She asks the receptionist if she can get a message to Norman, telling him that she loves him, and the receptionist says she’ll try her best. After the call, Romero rings the doorbell and reminds her that he’ll need his own house key.

Norma is in the kitchen listening to Romero moving around upstairs, and when he comes downstairs, he tells her that word has gotten around that they’re married and a friend has offered him a free dinner at his restaurant to celebrate. Norma is uneasy, saying she’s too worried and telling him that this is the third time she’s been married and she’ll never be any good at it. Romero jokes that’s what alcohol is for and insists they go out.

Norman sits at a table in the cafeteria by himself until he is joined by a young man named Julian (Marshall Allman). Julian has a turkey pot pie, which reminds both us and Norman of last week’s dinner with Norma. Julian is excited to meet another patient close to his age and asks Norman what he’s in for, but Norman says he isn’t sure. Julian says he’s there because his parents think he’s annoying and he thinks they may be right.

Norma and Romero are out at their wedding dinner, a little tipsy off of wine and Romero points out that he was right about the alcohol making it easier. He admits that this is his second marriage and tells her the first happened when he was in the Marines, and it only lasted six months because he was too immature. She explains her own history (leaving out the incest parts, of course), then asks who around town he’s slept with and he alludes to seeing people, but won’t name names. They come home drunk later and Romero helps her up the stairs and to bed, before heading off to a separate bedroom. He calls her Mrs. Romero as he tells her to sleep well, and Norma yells back that she’s keeping her name.

The following morning, Norma goes to the kitchen and finds a note from Romero telling her he got some guys to fill in the pit outside as a wedding present. She goes downstairs where the crew is filling it in and one of the workers hands her an earring that he thinks is hers, but Norma knows it probably belongs to Audrey. Over at Pineview, the nurse asks Norman if he would like to go the yoga class but Norman would rather stick hot pins in his eyes. (Don’t ask him to do hot yoga, you don’t want to hear that response.)

Dylan goes to fire Gunner, but Gunner quits first, telling him he’s leaving town because he isn’t sure this venture is going to pan out long term. Dylan calls Emma to tell her and is a little mad because he actually wanted the satisfaction of firing him. Chick shows up so Dylan says bye to Emma, and Chick says he’s surprised he didn’t hear from Dylan after what happened with Caleb. Dylan tells him that’s between him and Caleb, but he should probably leave. Chick replies that he just wanted him to know what hi father is capable of and he’s there to see if Dylan knows where Caleb is, but Dylan has no idea.

Romero shows up at his own house and a woman named Rebecca (Jaime Ray Newman) is there, claiming she’s looking for a pair of socks she left behind. She kisses him, but he pushes her away, explaining that he got married. She’s shocked, and he says they were never serious, but she seems to think they could have been. Rebecca mentions Bob Paris, and how the DEA came to the bank where she works to seize his accounts so she’s worried she could be in trouble for money laundering. He tells her he’s never heard her name mentioned, and the DEA want Bob or the people above him, so as long as she doesn’t call attention to herself, she should be fine. She gives him his housekey back and leaves, so Romero goes to check his money in the fireplace and finds it hasn’t been touched. But not taking any chances, he loads it into a duffle bag and takes it with him.

Norma comes home from wherever she was and hears a noise in the basement so she goes to check and it’s Romero. He claims he’s looking for a place to do his laundry (but we all know he’s hiding the money). He actually does tell her he was hiding money, but they both play it off as a joke. At some point later, Dylan comes home and Norma tells him the news about Romero. Dylan implies that Romero isn’t doing it just to be nice, but Norma swears she doesn’t like him like that and she can’t think of anything but Norman right now anyway. She feels like she’s abandoned him and is worried that he’ll spill family secrets. Dylan assures her that she’s doing the right thing and that it will all be okay.

Norman is in another therapy session and still doesn’t want to talk, he just wants medicine for his blackouts. Dr. Edwards tells him that Norma has told him he talks to people who aren’t there and sometimes gets violently angry, while Norman says she gets that way too. Edwards sincerely wants to help him and tells Norman he can’t do that if he won’t let him. Norman hedges on the reasons, but admits that his mother makes him angry and he’s tried to be a good son but she does bad things and then blames him. When Edwards presses for more, Norman storms out of the room.

Norma goes over to Pineview and tells the receptionist that she knows she’s not allowed to see Norman, but she just wants to know that he’s okay and the receptionist lets her talk to Dr. Edwards. Edwards tells her they have their policy for a reason and that he’s having a hard time establishing trust with Norman. Norma proposes that it might be good for Norman to see her, that way he’ll know everything is okay and he can focus on getting better. Edwards relents and Norma goes to see him, hiding her wedding ring to avoid that conversation. She assures him that this isn’t forever, and everyone is just trying to help him. He fires back that she’s the one who needs help and since he can’t tell them the truth, that people have died, then no one is going to get help. He essentially tells her he won’t forgive her for what she does and walks away.

Norma returns home and Romero asks what happened, and she explains what Norman said. Romero tells her he’s just a kid and he’s mad right now, but he’ll get over it. He holds her while she cries and tells him that if he says the things he needs to say, she could lose him forever. Romero assures her she’s doing right by him, and they kiss. He stops because he’s feeling unsure and doesn’t want Norma playing games with him, but she swears she’s not and he carries her upstairs.

Norman goes to Dr. Edwards’office, but he’s in session and his assistant won’t him in. Norman struggles with the assistant and then the orderly, and we cut to him locked up in a “special” room. Edwards comes in and apologizes that he couldn’t see him earlier. Norman tells him he has reason to believe his mother is insane and might be killing people. Edwards warns him that if he makes that accusation, then he has to report it to the authorities, and Norman very calmly answers, “I do know.”

  • Is White Pine Bay really such a big town that at least three couples are getting married on the same day?
  • Poor doomed Romero. DOOMED.
  • Criminal endeavors and all, Dylan is the very definition of a beautiful cinnamon roll. Too good. Too pure.

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