AKA Jessica Jones: First Looks at David Tennant and Mike Colter on Set

Whether you’ve zoomed through Daredevil already, Marvel’s first Netflix collab, or if you’re pacing yourself (really?!?), we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the next series on the docket, A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

In the past week we’ve got our first on-set looks at David Tennant as The Purple Man, Mike Colter as Luke Cage (who will be headlining his own series after Jessica Jones), and some bonus looks at Krysten Ritter in the title role as Jessica Jones.

With these Netflix series, Marvel is taking a more grounded approach to The Defenders characters, placing them in their own distinct world of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC within the same universe as the rest of the Marvel goings on. So it’s not too surprising that Tennant’s “Purple Man” is decked out in a purple suit rather than sporting purple hued skin. Mike Colter, well, he looks Luke Cage ready.

Check out these first on-set sneak peeks and let us know what you think!

Krysten Ritter on Set of AKA Jessica JOnes

Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter on set of AKA Jessica Jones as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

David Tennant as the Purple Man on AKA Jessica Jones

There’s no news of a premiere date except “sometime in 2015” — but we’re waiting on pins and needles for new announcements. Check back here for all the latest scoop on AKA Jessica JonesLuke Cage and more!

Photos via MTV News, Screencrush

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